22nd October 2012

Hugo Cabret

Hugo could see a small object, a bit like a key out of the corner of his eye on the rails of the train station. He climbed down onto the rails and picked up the object, it was a key but not like any ordinary key, it had a heart shape end. 'This could be the key for the automaton' Hugo thought to himself. Hugo heard a mans voice "So lad what are you doing down there and have we got an orphan?" said the station inspector, trying to grab Hugo's shirt, as he did this Hugo began to run but tripped up on a rail…

Then there was another shout, but this time it wasn't the station inspector, it was a man on board an on coming train shouting "There's a boy on the tracks pull the brakes" he repeated this over and over. Hugo wanted to move but it was as if he was glued to the floor, he couldn't move, the train was getting closer and closer and now everyone on board the train and in the station was shouting at him to get up.

The train was so close now that if Hugo reached out he could touch it. Even if he was able to get up he couldn't get out of the way in time. Could this be the end of Hugo Cabret.

The rails were vibrating everyone was shouting but it was too late the train was thundering towards Hugo at a high speed although it had it's brakes welded down. At impacted it would have killed Hugo. But then, Gorges Mêliés performed one of his magic tricks, which made Hugo move from where he was to next to Gorges just as the train past where Hugo just was. Unfortunately, Gorges couldn't do anything for the train as it went crashing through the walls of the station and out of the big stain glass window and onto the path outside.

Hugo awoke with a start, it was just a dream, or was it…..