Title: Cold Spot

Rated: Uh, T? Probably not even that high, I'm just nervous and my mind makes everything sound dirtier.

Summery: Due to a freak Zeta Beam accident, Wally and Robin end up in northern Alaska in the middle of winter.

Part 1/2

Robin held on tighter to the figure in front of him as the cold snow bit into his hands where he had them locked around the Speedster's neck. Wally had suggested that he could hold Robin 'bridal style' while he ran, but Robin had smacked him once before climbing on his back.

Of course, they wouldn't be stuck in this situation in the first place if the Zeta beam hadn't disengaged randomly and spat them out in a frozen wasteland. From his best guess, it was the Northern Hemisphere, but since he hadn't planned on going somewhere frozen, he hadn't packed his cold-tech and none of his electronics were working.

So without a way to call for help, he grumbled his way on to Wally's back, ignoring the smug "Aren't you glad you have the fasted kid alive with you" taunts.

It wasn't that Kid Flash hadn't carried him before, but lately Dick had been going out of his way to avoid being physically close with his best friend.

It had all started on his fifteenth birthday when Wally had tackled him to the floor singing "happy birthday" at the top of his lungs.

Unfortunately, what Dick had noticed was his friend's body pressed up against him. Unlike his own reinforced suit, with every advanced material made to minimize damage to his body, Wally's was pure spandex, and he could feel every muscle under the material.

Dick was brought back to the situation at hand at a sudden deceleration. As he moved to ask Wally why, he felt them beginning to fall.

Using his acrobatic skills and position, Dick pulled the both of them into a tumble rather than crash, rolling against the hard packed ice for a moment before coming to a stop.

"Wally? Wally!" Robin patted his best friends cheeks, trying to bring him around. Wally groaned once, and Robin sighed a little out of relief before moving to check Wally's food compartment on his arm, only to find it empty.


"Mmr?" Wally grunted as he pulled himself up, supported by Robin's arm.

"Do you have any food on you?"

"Nope, was going to replenish when we got back to Mount Justice." Wally rubbed the back of his head and winced.

Robin resisted the urge to hit his already injured friend out of frustration. "Kid Idiot! How could you be so stupid? We're in the middle of a frozen wasteland and carrying me is going to burn twice as much ener-"

"Yeah, yeah." Wally cut him off, using Robin's shoulder to push himself up. Robin quickly moved to help him, still muttering vague insults under his breath.

Wally's stomach grumbled loudly, and he looked at Robin with a shrug, "I don't think I'm going to be able to run any further, but I think we're somewhere in northern Alaska."

"Alaska? How'd you figure?" Robin looked around. All he could see was white. White ground, white sky, and a light, but steady, falling of snow.

"The direction the sun is moving, plus the fact there was water to our left and ground density. It's that or the Yukon." Wally shrugged, "Barry won't let me go any farther North than Alaska without him, afraid I'll stop on the wrong piece of ice and fall into the ocean."

"Ookay," Robin said, feeling particularly whelmed by his friends observation. He reached over and pulled Wally's goggles off of the top of his head.

"Hey!" Wally complained halfheartedly reaching to take them back, but before he had a chance, Robin had pulled his mask off with a wince as the spirit gum snapped and pulled Wally's goggles on instead, switching them into heat-vision.

Unlike his gadgets and both of their communicators, Wally's goggles had been made to work in extreme temperatures. It added extra weight, but it did not throw off Wally's movements like it would have thrown Robin's,

And Robin was glad it didn't. Making sure Wally was capable of standing on his on, Robin stepped away to turn in a slow circle, looking for any signs of life or building.

"I think there is something that way," Robin gestured towards a blip he noticed in the foreground.

Robin handed Wally his goggles back. He glanced at his mask for a moment before shoving it in his pocket, not wanting to bother with cold spirit gum on his face.

"Woah, Dickie boy! No mask? But what would Bats say, there are polar bears out here, and they might see you!"

"Shut it," He wound his arm around his best friends waist to help support the weaker boy before starting off in the direction of the blip.

They walked on in silence, though Robin could hear the chattering of his best friends teeth and could almost swear the boy felt thinner around than he had when they had started. Robin mentally berated himself for not noticing before his friend was running low. He sometimes forgot that even though Wally was meta, it didn't make him indestructible, and without constant sustenance his power became more dangerous than beneficial.

"LOOK!" Wally shouted, using his arm that wasn't wrapped around Robin's neck to point at the cabin that was becoming visible in front of them. He sped up, pulling Robin with him towards the door.

They hurried to the door, where Wally pounded loudly on the door. Robin took a moment to look around.

"Wally, I don't think anyone's here." Wally stopped pounding and looked at Robin, "No tracks of any kind or smoke coming out of the chimney. And the heat reading wasn't high – possibly just some residual from the sun earlier."

Wally slumped up against the wall next to the door dejectedly. Robin rolled his eyes, before pulling out his lock picks from his utility belt and getting on his knees next to the lock.

It took him just a moment before the door popped open into the small cabin. Wally followed him into the cool room.

Robin flicked a nearby light switch, but nothing happened. "Probably a summer fishing cabin, and they turned off the energy when they left."

Wally just grunted and flopped down on a dusty looking love-seat The room they were standing in was tiny, with a stove against the wall and an unplugged refrigerator next to it. Robin noted the one door, figuring it was the bedroom and the restroom was likely an outhouse outside.

Hopefully they wouldn't have to find out.

Robin glanced again at his best friend, who had now pulled his legs up to his chest and was shivering ominously. "You okay?"

His friend opened his eyes for a moment, meeting his gaze before he shrugged, "Just hungry and cold."

Normally Wally was never cold, he would naturally vibrate to keep himself warm. But as low as he was on energy, he could barely keep his eyes open.

Robin went back to pull the front door closed, cutting off their only source of light. Pulling two glow sticks out of his belt, he cracked them both and tossed one towards the couch next to Wally and used the other to head towards the make shift kitchen, desperately rummaging through for some food.

The first cupboard held a plates and a bowl, plus a single frying pan and mug. He moved on to the next, finding a first aid kit and emergency kit. Taking note their location, Robin moved on to the last cupboard.

Finding long shelf-life food supplies, he sighed in relief before grabbing a few packages of beef jerky before running back towards Wally. Climbing up on the couch next to his friend, he shook him sharply. "Wally?" He shook harder when his friend still didn't respond. "Wally!"

The speedster blinked sluggishly, and Robin ripped the beef jerky package open and ripped one of the pieces into smaller bits before putting them in Wally's mouth. When it became obvious his friend was too far out of it to chew, Robin moved so he was straddling his friend and force feeding him small bits of beef jerky.

It was slow going with the tough meat, but eventually Robin got Wally to eat enough, without choking on it, that he started to regain consciousness.

Realizing the position they where in, him straddling Wally, Robin stood up quickly with a blush. He shoved the beef jerky packages back into Wally's hand before moving back towards the make-shift kitchen. He could feel his cheeks burning and he cursed himself for being so foolish.

His best friend was practically on the edge of starvation, and he was crawling all over his lap like some pervert.

"You okay?" Wally asked after finishing off the last of the beef jerky packages. Robin shrugged before grabbing a bag of vacuum packed oatmeal and tossing it at his friend. "Hey! I know I need food, but dry oatmeal? That's disgusting!"

Robin flipped Wally off over his shoulder before grabbing a energy bar of some sort out of the cupboard. Wally moved over on the couch slightly, making more room for Robin to sit next to him. Robin did so with a blush, opening his energy bar as well. They settled into a quiet, but awkward silence.

Alright, this is my first YJ fanfic (although certainly not my first fanfic!), so I hope the characters came off alright. There will be a second chapter, which is already half written. I was basing this off the idea of Blanket Scenarios I used to read constantly when I first started reading fanfiction, but it kind of took off on its own after that.

Uhm, it's un-beta'd so please point out any mistakes or plot holes. And expect the next chapter in a day or two.