After the practice of the Warblers, Kurt went to Blaine, who was sitting in the sofa.

"B...Blaine." Kurt called Blaine's name, shyly.

Blaine looks at him.

"Yes? You need anything?" Blaine asked, but his gaze wasn't friendly.

"C...Can we talk privately? In the garden." Kurt said, still avoiding Blaine's eyes.

"Is it important? I have many things to do."

"Well for me, it's... it's important. So, please? Can I take your time for a while?"

Blaine didn't answer Kurt. He stood and went outside of the practice room. Kurt follows him, but the two weren't talking to each other. Blaine wasn't too friendly at Kurt, and he didn't know why he was always asked to paired up with Kurt during their practice and recitals. On the other side, Kurt was contented by this situation he was having with Blaine. Blaine was a snobber – that's the truth, but even so, Kurt was still in love with him.

They reached the garden. There are no other students in the garden that time. Only the two of them.

"Here we are. So, what is it you want to say?" Blaine asked.

Kurt went facing Blaine. He took a deep breath before speaking. It's time to confess to Blaine.

"We are on our final year in high school, Blaine. I transferred here since my sophomore years, and shortly, I began liking the Dalton Academy. When I had a chance to enter the glee club, it's my most memorable day. I began meeting all of the Warblers. Wes, Nick, Thad, Trent, Jeff, David, Sebastian... and of course, you. You know what? When I was paired up with you in the first time, I was too happy. It made me felt more confident. Before that first duet, I practiced a lot; I memorized my lines well... 'cause I want to impress you. Since it was just a month before we graduate, I have to tell this. I love you, Blaine Anderson. I really, really love you. You are special to me." Kurt said, looking at Blaine's hazel eyes.

Blaine couldn't react for a while, but quickly revived.

"What? You... love me?" Blaine asked, looking at Kurt from head to toe.

"I... I was." Kurt answered.

"Oh, okay. Let's be honest," Blaine said, walking a few steps around Kurt. "

I don't like you. Well, you might get misinterpreted by this. I might say that I don't feel any affection to you like what you feel for me. But, yeah, even a little; I was happy to be paired with you." Blaine added.

Kurt couldn't find himself anymore. He should be happy because he's with the guy he loves – but he can't. Blaine was with him, turning him down, turning his heart down into pieces. It was his 3rd chance for love confession, and another 3rd chance of rejection.

Blaine was standing in front of him, watching him.

"Anything?" Blaine asked, looking at his wrist watch.

Tears were forming to Kurt's eyes now. He can't look at Blaine because of this. He just shook his head to answer Blaine.

"Okay. I thought it was important. Another ten minutes wasted." Blaine said, leaving Kurt in the garden. When Blaine wasn't around now, Kurt couldn't control his tears from falling. He was rejected by the third time now. And those really marked Kurt. Back in his freshmen years in McKinley, he tried to confess to Finn Hudson, which quickly turned him down. Another one was Sam Evans, his classmate. He was rejected, too. And lastly, Blaine Anderson, the Warblers' lead singer. Among those love confessions and rejections, Kurt was overly hurt and affected by Blaine's rejection to him. But he didn't know why.

Does this mean that he loved Blaine most?

He cried, and he didn't care if anybody would hear him.

"Excuse me, do you need this?" a familiar voice asked him.

When Kurt looked at the stranger, he saw Sebastian smiling at him.

Sebastian was holding a white handkerchief and he was looking at Kurt. Back in the academy gossips, all of the students know that Sebastian like Kurt. But Kurt didn't like Sebastian after all. But then, Sebastian was like a heroine to Kurt. He was always there whenever Kurt needed someone. And this time, Sebastian was eager to be Kurt's superhero.

"I have my own handkerchief." Kurt said firmly.

But when he was about to get his handkerchief from his pocket, it was none.

"Oh... I forgot my handkerchief in the practice room..." Kurt murmured.

Sebastian smiled warmly.

"C'mon, use this instead. Please wipe your tears now." Sebastian said calmly.

Kurt took Sebastian's handkerchief and he wiped it in his eyes. Sebastian was still smiling at him while Kurt doing wiping his tears. Sebastian offered his hand to Kurt – for him to stand.

Kurt held Sebastian's hand and he stood, facing Sebastian.

"Thank you." Kurt said, but he wasn't smiling.

"You're welcome." Sebastian answered.

"Don't worry about your handkerchief. I'll return it to you."

"No, it's okay."

Sebastian noticed Kurt's sad glance.

"Kurt? What's wrong?" Sebastian asked, worriedly.

"That's none of your business." Kurt answered.

"Please. I just want to know, Kurt. Let me catch you, just now. I want to be your savior. I want to comfort you."

After this, Kurt leaned on Sebastian's chest and he began crying again. Sebastian embraced Kurt as they sat on the grass.

"Now, tell me everything." Sebastian said, calming Kurt.

"Blaine... Blaine turned me down just now. He said that he didn't like me." Kurt said, sobbing.

"Blaine? Again? Why he's always turning you down?"

"That's not the big deal, Sebastian. I can accept that. I love Blaine."

Sebastian felt hurt. When it comes to Blaine, Kurt can accept anything. Sebastian always witnesses Blaine's turning down words to Kurt every day. And it was making him angry at Blaine. He wants to fight with Blaine, but he didn't know what Kurt will say if he will see this. It might be causing a lot of trouble.

"Why you are kept telling that you love Blaine? He's just turning you down every time. Every time I see him doing that to you, I was affected. I was hurt. Why you are just finding a right guy at Blaine's identity? Why don't you open your eyes Kurt? I'm here. I understand you, I always support you, I love you – and I will never hurt you." Sebastian said, seriously, looking at Kurt's eyes.

Kurt looked back at Sebastian.

"You didn't know what you are talking." Kurt said.

"I know what I am talking." Sebastian insisted.

"You didn't."

"I did."

"You didn't."

"I did."

"You..." Kurt said, but was quickly interrupted when Sebastian kisses him on his lips. It was long and passionate kiss. It was Kurt's first time to be kissed by someone.

"Trust me, Kurt. I know what I am talking." Sebastian said, after he sat down, facing Kurt.

Kurt couldn't react. He didn't know if he will get angry at Sebastian or not. Because he began liking it.

"I love you, Kurt." Sebastian added.

Kurt looks at him without answering.