So, one day, when I was bored, I came up with this little beauty: drumroll...

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The character of Kyrie was borrowed from my online bestie, The Lady Avaritia. You want details, go to her profile :3

Itachi's eyes don't see as well as they used to. They've become dull, and unfocused, as the world around him reduced itself to a blur of color. A dead man's eyes.

Kyrie absolutely hates those eyes of his. She hates his flat, emotionless voice. She bites him, claws at scarred, pale skin, and kisses him until there's feeling in the sounds he's making. Until there's some spark of life in his fading eyes.

She never asks him if he's sure, never gives him a chance to wonder if what they're doing is wrong. She drags him down into the darkness where the air is a hot and heavy shroud, dragging him down until they're seeing eye to eye.

Itachi can't bring himself to fight against her, no matter how many times he promises himself that he'll never go back to her again. One rough mission, a bad dream, a day alone, was all it took to send him right back into her arms, fighting against emotions that he doesn't understand.

There is no kindness or gentle with the two of them. There is only room for brutality, a vicious battle for control that leaves them both bruised. Because they both so desperately need control.

This time, Itachi wins their struggle for power, and forces a rough kiss on red painted lips. He tastes like blood- she tastes like alcohol.
It's always like this- lips and tongues and teeth and blood and a desire that neither of them wanted to fight against. All other concerns- Akatsuki, Madara, Orochimaru- flew out the window for a few wonderful hours.

She screams out, and he moans her name as he fucks her roughly into the mattress, gripping the ebony headboard for leverage.
It takes longer than usual for him to find his release- his illness has taken its toll on his body.

When they're both sated, they lay in a heap of tangled limbs and heavy breathing, not quite ready to separate just yet.
Itachi presses a kiss to her pale neck.

"You'll be the death of me."

Kyrie hisses, an ugly smile twisting her lips.

"As if you'd have it any other way."


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