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Phil Coulson x Higurashi Kagome x Clint Barton

I'm finally climbing out of my dark place :D

"You had a God in your custody and you didn't think to call me?"

Agent Phil Coulson raised his brow at the pouting girl, who was sulking as she tucked herself on the chair and began to spin herself around, "You made it quite clear that it was your vacation," He said, almost smiling at childish actions as it only served to remind him of her young age.

"I think a God trumps any sort of vacation," Kagome huffed, placing her boot on the ground to stop her spin, "Do you even know how rare it is for any God to come to the mortal realm?" She glared, annoyed that she had missed such an opportunity, "I haven't even seen Amaterasu-sama in person and I serve her."

"You stated that you weren't to be bothered no matter what," Coulson calmly said, eyeing Kagome as she slowly inched towards him on her chair by toeing the floor, "I was merely respecting your wishes."

"A God!" Kagome stood up and grabbed his tie to pull him down to her shorter height, "You're evil, Agent Coulson, absolutely sadistic. I can't believe Hawkeye actually likes you!"

"I'll treat you to oden later on," Coulson simply said and Kagome was suddenly hugging him around the waist, "As an apology for my... blunder."

"You're the best handler ever!" Kagome almost drooled at the thought because she knew she would be able to order as much oden as she wanted to and wouldn't have to pay for it, "I forgive you, Agent Coulson."

Kagome then squeaked when a strong arm was slung around her neck and she was forcibly pulled back from Coulson, "I'll have you know that I personally recommended Agent Coulson not to call for you." The familiar voice of her mentor sounded in her ear.

"Why the hell would you do that?!" Kagome easily knocked the arm loose from her person and spun around on her face, "I had a chance where I could have met a God, Hawkeye!"

Clint tilted his head as he stared down at his small apprentice, "And then what?" He asked, ruffling her hair and messing her ponytail, much to her irritation, "You're a Priestess, Higurashi. I'm not going to have some 'God' whisk you away." It was bad enough that she had been forced to join S.H.I.E.L.D just because she was his apprentice.

"That couldn't happen," Kagome rolled her eyes, "I'm already in servitude to Amaterasu-sama. I can't serve more than one God at one time," She grinned suddenly, "Master Barton, are you jealous that I would rather see a God over you?"

"You made an oath to serve under me, does that make me your God on Earth?" Clint retorted back in a playful tone.

"You can only wish," Kagome bluntly turned her back to him, grabbing Coulson's arm, "Hawkeye, you're spending way too much time with Stark," She said before forcibly dragging Coulson to who knows where, "I want that oden now, Agent Coulson!"

At least S.H.I.E.L.D was a much more amusing place with his apprentice around...