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I was planning on writing a complete story in Scorpius' POV. However, at the risk of repeating too much material (also I'm really lazy) Sweet Temptation will just be a sample of scenes. Although, as the chapters progress (they'll probably be nine as with Sweet Corruption) more and more will be whole new scenes.

I would most definitely suggest you read Sweet Corruption first. If you remember it well enough there shouldn't be a problem, I'll explain how the scenes compare with that first fic. (Look for the notes in bold like the one starting below.)

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The reason James never got the opportunity to tell Scorpius he was gay personally was because Scorpius was on holiday right up until the 31st of August. Kelly – who gets a few mentions Sweet Corruption – wrote him a letter before he returned to school. This would be it with Scorpius' reaction as follows.

The letter Scorpius held was a good page long and it was late so he thought only to scan it. He climbed into bed and lit a candle, leaning close to the flame. One paragraph caught his attention. Kelly wrote:

Now you can't return to Hogwarts without the best gossip of the summer. Louis and Sophie broke up and it was extremely bitter; so prepare yourself for that. Brian and Olivia finally did it. If you ask her, however, it wasn't entirely worth the wait. Careful not to take it too far with Brian; he's super touchy about the subject. Finally, you should probably be sitting down for this one. James Potter, your best friend and the boy that I, yes, have liked for the last six years, is gay! He came out about a week ago whilst we were all out at dinner together.

Scorpius had sat up straight in bed and was gripping the paper so hard it threatened to tear. He frantically continued.

He's totally cool about it and the lads, thankfully, aren't giving him stick… I mean... Well, no pun intended.

Scorpius grimaced. She had only a few more things to say.

But I would never have thought it, hey? I've seen him with girls but he says he's never been with one, properly. Yet, he has, apparently, been with several guys! Of course none of us mind. However, you – well, let's just say some of us are concerned. Don't freak out, okay Scorpius? He says he hasn't told you yet because he doesn't know how to. I'm not having a go; I just thought it best if you weren't caught off guard. I hope I did the right thing.

I'll see you tomorrow then!

Lots of Love, Kelly xxxxx

That was the entirety of the letter regarding James. He thought maybe Kelly was playing a trick on him so he perused all the letters from his friends. None referenced it – probably respecting James' right to inform who he liked. So it was true.

Scorpius stuffed the lot into one of his draws, blew out his candle and lay down.

So James was gay. How on earth had he not known? That he had to hear it from someone other than James made him furious. But Kelly was right, he didn't like to be caught off guard and when his anger dissipated he felt, also, relief. If James had spoken to him of it, face to face, how might Scorpius have reacted? For, at the moment, he was finding it extremely hard to process – and the last thing he wanted was for James to doubt him.

The thought of James plagued most of that night. He pictured it every way possible: in the toilet cubicle of some club, pushed up against the wall, rutting through their jeans; or spread out on a bed with the scratches of stubble reddening his thighs; or pulling some faceless boy back by his hair as he gripped his hip and thrust into him.

At other times he thought of when they were together, alone. When James stayed over at his house they shared a bed. When he was drunk he was forever playing with Scorpius' hair. They were the closest of friends, always at each other's side. The thought stirred in the pit of his stomach. The possibility that James didn't fancy him never occurred to him.

The blonde rolled onto his stomach and resolved to clear his head of these thoughts so he might finally sleep. But as he drifted into unconsciousness his contemplation took a more carnal turn. He thought of James thinking of him. He thought of James wanting him, of endless nights lusting. He pictured James in the bed across from him in their dormitory at Hogwarts, gripping his bursting dick in one fist. He dreamed of James losing control, ripping aside the hangings of his bed, pushing his head into the pillow, wrenching an arm behind back and invading him.

Scorpius came back to himself with a gasp. He bolted up straight and saw that it was morning and that, at some point, he had fallen asleep. It was a moment before his dream came back to him and that happened at about the same time he realised he'd come all over the sheets.

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Chapter One of Sweet Corruption commences on the 1st of September, on Platform 9 and ¾. It is told from Harry Potter's point of view, who watches Scorpius greet James whilst reflecting on the things he dislikes about him. Scorpius teases James till the older boy loses his temper at which point it is revealed to the reader that they are friends.

The next scene takes place on the Hogwarts Express in which it is conveyed: Scorpius has a tattoo; James and his friends like to wind each other up; Brian has a girlfriend; Scorpius has a girlfriend; James is experienced with other men; James is the 'top' in his relationships; James fancies the pants off of Scorpius.

The chapter continues in the tunnel leading from the withes hump into the basement of Honeydukes. It is later that evening and Scorpius and James are off to steal some firewhiskey. This scene I have rewritten from Scorpius' POV.

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James was fiddling with a lighter, a Muggle thing he had taken a fancy to. He flicked it once, twice; then a tiny flame sparked to life. He leant closer, a cigarette held stiffly between his lips. Scorpius watched his thick, red brows draw close; saw the flame's reflection on his wet lips. He imagined all the places those lips had been: roaming a man's body; smiling against stubble on a jaw; parting over hard flesh.

James drew in a deep breath, his eyelids trembled and then he shoved his lighter back into his pocket.

"So," Scorpius demanded. "Why didn't you tell me then?"

James slid him a look and shrugged. "Maybe because you'd act like this."

"Like what?" Scorpius asked smilingly. "Funny, clever, irresistible." He winked.

"Like that," James said sharply. "Right there." He jabbed his cigarette at Scorpius and the fire turned his hazel eyes to gold. "With the winking and mocking me in front of my parents…"

Scorpius lifted his chin. James hadn't taken his teasing back on Platform 9 and 3/4 very well. Scorpius had just been trying to be funny.

"Merlin," he sneered. "You're super sensitive since you turned gay." He shoved James into the wall of the tunnel.

James shoved him right back. "I've been gay for years, arsehole."

Scorpius, having collided with the opposite wall, righted himself roughly. James stood before him in indignation.

"Yeah?" Scorpius asked. He stepped forward and snatched James' cigarette from between his lips. "So why didn't you tell me?" He had the fag between thumb and forefinger and thrust it between his lips. Only the damp stub remained. He felt James' steady gaze on him and raised his eyes.

His face was in shadow and it was a long moment before James shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "I dunno... I was embarrassed I guess."

"Pff," Scorpius scoffed. "Why? I don't care and that's all that matters, isn't it? I mean, that I don't care." He flicked the cigarette onto the floor and carried on walking. "So…" he mused. He dared himself to ask the question that haunted him. If James lied in his response Scorpius would know and the issue lay in that, for there would be no going back. He grinned to himself. "If you're a gay," he said and his smile widened, "you fancy me right?" He looked behind himself at James. "Bet you wanna get in my pants."

James gave a shout of laughter. "Hardly!"

"Aw, come on," Scorpius complained. "You know, you have a lot of making up to do considering you've never once hit on me."

"What?" James' voice was thick with shock.

Scorpius frowned. Did he have the wrong idea? Maybe James was into dark haired boys – maybe he fancied Brian or Tony, god forbid. Or maybe he liked older men. Was Scorpius too niche? He was slighter than him, younger than him; Merlin, was he the pretty, subservient one? But, Scorpius thought, that was what James wanted – subservience.

He wet his lips, coming back to himself as James fell into step beside him. "Well, it's insulting," he told the older boy.

James was shaking his head in exasperation. "You are so vain."

Scorpius stopped again and said angrily, "you're shitting me. Admit I turn you on. Admit it."

He saw James curl his fists. "Piss off, Malfoy." He attempted to walk on but Scorpius pushed him back.

"What about-" he said, finding he was breathless. "What about if I grabbed your dick? Say it; say you'd love it if I grabbed your dick."

James coughed and the colour rushed into his cheeks. When he spoke, however, it was with hesitant derisiveness. "With those hands? They aren't nearly big enough."

Scorpius laughed despite himself and relaxed. He always imagined James had some ulterior motive. James never did and Scorpius was forever trying to match his laid back attitude whilst suppressing his own more calculating tendencies.

He lit a cigarette thoughtfully, letting it calm him. "Well, what about if I sucked it," he said thoughtlessly. "Bet that would turn you on." He realised now that it was best if James didn't fancy him. If he did Scorpius supposed their relationship would never be the same again. "Besides I've seen your dick, it would fit..." He sniggered to himself and added, with a wink, "in my mouth anyway."

James swallowed audibly. "I'd be afraid you'd bite me."

Scorpius raised an eyebrow. Hold on… He took a step forward. James' eyes dropped to his mouth then snapped quickly back to his eyes. Scorpius smirked. "What about if I fucked your dick?"

"Sorry?" James spluttered.

"Come on," Scorpius whined. "I could ride the shit out of it. You've seen me on a broom, you know I'd be good." James turned red, from the collar of his shirt all the way to the tips of his ears. "You're blushing!" Scorpius cried delightedly. "Are you imagining me riding your dick?" He lowered his voice in a parody of seduction. "Am I good? Is my arse tight?" He leant into James and the older boy mimicked him unconsciously. Scorpius turned his head coquettishly and smiled. "I bet it is; I am a virgin you know, well an arse virgin." James' lips parted. Scorpius could see his chest heave beneath his school shirt, shadows deepening against his skin. Scorpius lost his breath all at once. "Bet it hurts at first..." he whispered. He thought of the times he's glimpsed James naked and swallowed. "Because your dick is so huge and my arse is so tight... We'd be so good together, wouldn't we?" Scorpius glanced down imperceptibly and smiled in triumph. "James..." he said softly. "Potter? You have a boner."

James paled. Scorpius knew then that he'd gone too far. So he sniggered in an attempt to dissipate the tension and pushed James away. But James caught him by the upper arm and wrenched him back. His cheeks were flushed, his chest swelled and his knuckles had turned bone white. But it was his eyes Scorpius couldn't believe. They were filled with desire, dominantand unquenchable. Hazel had turned to black and gold, like some sin done by angels. "So," James said and his voice fostered heat in the pit of Scorpius' stomach, "what are you going to do about it?"

Scorpius hadn't an idea what to say or what to do. Nothing had ever been so overwhelming. James wasn't supposed to do this or make him feel like this. "What…?" he murmured. His own voice caught in his throat.

"It's a simple question, Malfoy." James tightened his fingers and Scorpius felt his hard insistence at his hip. Girls had always felt delicate to his fingers; this was nothing of the sort. It was terrifying, exhilarating. "And you've already come up with a few answers..."

That did it. Everything cleared. He knew James could be arrogant but Scorpius wasn't about to get on his knees because he'd accidently given the older boy a hard-on.

"Fuck Potter," he breathed. "You really can't take a joke, can you?" He shrugged James off. "Why don't you head back?"

James was furious. "What, are you dismissing me?" he demanded. "You said- oh just fuck you, Malfoy!" He turned his back and stormed off.

Scorpius stared after him and then fell back against the wall. As he lit another cigarette his fingers trembled. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths as one hand went between his thighs.

The end of chapter one sees James returning to Gryffindor Tower whilst Scorpius carries. Chapter Two reveals that James ventured to the party down in the Common Room but that he got tired of it and retired to bed.

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