Jenna sat in her room and contemplated which of the two men she should choose. She knew that this decision would change her life forever and wanted to make sure she made the right one. If she decided to get back together with Jake, she knew he and Matty would constantly fight, and same for if she chose Matty. In the end she knew there really was only one answer.

"So, who will it be?" Matty asked. He and Jake were sitting across from her at the lunch table, and were both staring at her caught up in the suspense.

"Matty is a great guy, I think you should choose him," Jake stated bravely, but Jenna wasn't listening. She was too focused on what was about to happen. There he was, coming towards them with that big grin on his face that she loved. He sat next to her and in the split second before she turned to face him she saw the confusion in her ex-lovers' faces.

She kissed the boy with such passion that she almost believed that what she was doing was real. She could hear the jaws of everyone around her drop and basked in the glory of it. She opened her eyes and he smiled at her. Standing up, he reached out his hand so she took it and they walked off leaving the students perplexed.

When they were safe behind the bleachers she spun around and they embraced each other. "Thank you so much, Clark! Now I will never have to tell them I'm really a lesbian."