Magus is called Janus for the entire story.

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Snowflakes drifted straight down, indicating that the wind current was absent. Dense grey clouds filled the sky, preventing the sun from spraying its light to the snowy square.

Alfador was having a nap under a bare tree on the left side of the square, with some white snowflakes covering his lavender fur. Hearing the laughter of several children, he woke up and raised his head. Looking at the brown-haired and blue-haired children having a snowball fight, he couldn't help shaking his tail and letting out several mews as the image of a blue-haired boy appeared in his mind.

Master Janus…

Alfador bowed down and let the clean, water-like smell of the fresh snow overtake his senses. Closing his eyes, he got a vivid vision of the boulders and rubble tumbling down to the red carpet of the Ocean Palace, as several wormholes emerged in the dim hall. The scream of Janus as the swirling portal sucked him in resounded in the ears of the cat.

Master, will I ever see you again?

The slow, silent drift of flakes awakened Alfador's memory about the first time he met Janus. Although Janus was just as short as an imp, by only glaring with his green eyes, he was able to scare the goblins that tried to kill Alfador.

Master, I wouldn't have lived to see today if you hadn't saved me. Will there be a chance for us to meet again?

Driven curious by his thoughts, he rolled his eyes and soon saw four shadowy figures which seemed to be out of place amidst the children. One of them was exceptionally tall, with long hair swaying as he walked towards his direction.

Could that be my master?

When Alfador heard a bass voice calling out his name, he mewed aloud. Running energetically towards the source of the noise, he could feel a cold sensation on his limbs as his paws crunched through the snow. He found out that it was a pale man who had been calling him.

Master Janus! Although you have grown into a robust man, I can recognize you because of your affection for me, just like in the past!

"Alfador, you're still alive here!" Janus said as he saw Alfador.

Alfador ran and came to a stop in front of Janus, nuzzling his legs while mewing. Soon, he felt a pair of warm gloved hands pick him up.

Hugging Alfador, Janus whispered, "I haven't seen you ever since the Ocean Palace collapsed! Fate really has allowed us to meet again."

Alfador responded with a mew while smiling. Master, I am glad to see you again! Actually, seeing your smile makes me happy! You should know how long I have been yearning for you, master.

Janus put down Alfador and said, "Let us travel together, Alfador!"

With that, Janus turned away and walked towards his three companions, who were waiting on the square.

Master, we will always be together! Alfador thought as he followed Janus, ready to embark for the journey that waited. We are inseparable partners.