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The argument had been going on since almost the day they met. It wasn't an anger filled argument that caused drama or tension, but rather a playful, teasing one they used to pass the time.

They argued over who found who, who saved who, who owed who more.

Daryl maintained that it had been he who found Emerson. He had been out hunting when he had caught onto her trail. He hadn't been too concerned at first until he noticed the blood. Then, figuring that she was a wounded animal he followed her trail. The way Daryl tells the story he found her in a tree, surrounded by Walkers and on the edge of death. He took care of the Walkers and then, maybe because he could hear Dale's moral voice in hs head he decided to save the girl.

Emerson tells the story a little differently. She doesn't deny that Daryl found her stuck in a tree surrounded by Walkers. She doesn't argue when Daryl says that her injuries were pretty bad. Where their stories differ is that the way Emerson tells it Daryl was th one who needed protection from the Walkers. And that if it weren't for her and her throwing knives the man would have died. Emerson swears that she would have been fine without Daryl's help, that she just needed to wait until the Walkers got distracted and wandered away and then she would be able to climb down from her tree, stitch herself up and head home.

The truth is somewhere in between the two stories. The truth is that Emerson would have been screwed if Daryl hadn't found her when he did. The truth is that Daryl wouldn't have been able to kill all the Walkers on his own - but neither would Emerson. The truth is that no matter how much they hated to admit it, Daryl and Emerson needed each other that day. And they would continue to need each other in the days to come (even if they wouldn't say it out loud).

The truth was that they found each other, they saved each other, and they both owed the other their life. That was the truth, whether or not they wanted to admit to it.

Sometimes Daryl wonders if while he was carrying the bleeding, practically passed out girl through the woods - if someone had told him she would cause him so much trouble, if he just would have left her in the woods as Walker bait.

The answer is an almost instant and resounding no.

Sometimes Emerson wonders if while Daryl was helping her kill the Walkers - if someone had told her how much trouble he would cause her, if she would have just let one of her hunting knives hit him in the head instead of a Walker.

The answer is the same almost instant and resounding no.

The simple truth was that Daryl Dixon and Emerson Phillips needed each other. And now that they found each other they probably always would.

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