The baby would not stop crying.

Anyone could plainly see that Beru Lars was just about at her wits end. She rocked the squalling child in the crook of her arm, but her expression was almost blank, her eyes red-rimmed from the tears she could not let flow. Owen watched his wife, feeling a twinge of guilt, and frustration. The boy- Luke- had kept them awake for the third night in a row with his screaming- 'just a tummy ache', Beru had explained the first night.

'Just a tummy ache' his ass. That baby was proving to be nothing but trouble for the Lars', a trait he no doubt gained from his damn fathe-

"Owen," Beru's voice broke her husband's disgruntled thoughts. "Could you please hold Luke for a few minutes? I'm going to try and find those herbs we picked up before the storm," Her wide, tired eyes glanced over at the boarded up windows. "See if they can help him feel better like the last time..." She continued distractedly, getting up from her chair to place the sobbing bundle in Owen's arms.

It was clear Owen was suddenly out of his element. He liked kids, sure, but babies were just so... awkward. Just holding one wrong could lead to disaster. He held the fussing child, rocking him as softly as he could. Luke's cries were turning very hoarse now, and he hiccuped pitifully, gazing up at the man he would one day believe to be his father for a short time with almost pleading eyes.

He was a cute baby - tufts of blond hair, chubby, rosy cheeks and the brightest pair of blue eyes you would ever see. Owen still recalled how fondly his step-mother Shmi had spoken of her son's blond hair and blue eyes.

Owen shifted slightly, realizing after a moment that Luke had fallen completely silent. Panic rose in his chest, and he opened his mouth to call for Beru, until he realized that his nephew was merely sleeping, and peacefully at that.

"There you go," Owen whispered gruffly. "All you needed was a new set of arms."

"He feels safe," Beru's soft voice spoke up from behind him. She rested her hands on his shoulders, gazing down proudly. "And secure. Looks like he loves his Uncle Owen."

Owen felt his face go warm. To hide it, he kept himself occupied with watching Luke.

"Well, I did promise to keep him safe, didn't I?"