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Angels, Devils
A Bastard!! Fanfic By Hika-chan
Chapter 1: Raining Heaven, Rising Hell

A man stood on the cliff overlooking the city below with his cold blue eyes. His long white pony-tail was whipped about by the night wind. He grinned as all the people below celebrated the upcoming New Year. The people below were so foolish, their calendar was so screwed up he was surpised they knew, or thought they knew, what day it was. To them it was the end of the year 2011 the foretold apocalypse an apparent hoax, already forgotten. How foolish, miscalculation was more like it. Their calendar had added months, quarters of a day, once they had even lost track of everything, day, date, year, and they relied on one man to tell them what the date was. That had thrown it off more, even without the other screw-ups. Then they had different calendars on top of that.

The time would be soon and he would watch, as would others, angels, demons and other existing supernatural beings. But unlike others, he would not be working tonight. He would not be involved in the secret war that had been raging for thousands of years. He had deserted that fight, as hard as it had been to do and live. He would be watching the resulting chaos, and reveling in it. By now he normally would have found some attractive girl and had his way with her, but he knew what was coming and didn't want to be caught off guard. He knew it would happen tonight, though not the exact moment.

He climbed down the mountain and went to the city on foot, by the time he arrived it was only minutes away from the countdown. He looked around at the happy faces of drunks and partyers alike, as well as those of happy young couples. The world as they knew it would soon end, and those who survived would have a hard time living afterwards without their technology and modern conveniences. He made his way to the top of a small apartment building, from where he could watch the upcoming event closely.

He knew this city was the center, the beginning. Then it came. The ground shook violently, and buildings began to crumble as the screams filled his ears. He grinned as the panicked humans ran around and a few drunks thought it something other than an earthquake.

Then large spikes emerged from the ground as a massive creature entered the world. It had two faces one right on top of the other. "Anslasax?" he whispered to himself. "So the apocalypse is brought about by the releasing of that old thing?" He paused a moment as he watched the buildings surrounding the creature crumbled to the ground. "Come to think of it I remember hearing something about that forgotten thing before I left, so this was the plan huh?" Then he saw it, angles and devas like lights raining down from the heavens and demons emerging from the earth as lava to meet them. The humans could not see them, maybe a certain few but most would only feel the effects of the battle.

He laughed as he saw the first demons and angels fall, he really didn't care which side won, as long as he would have someone left to play with and rule. He watched with mild surprised as he saw several humans bothering to help others rather than save themselves, he noticed they had powers of their own. "Half breeds," he muttered not caring for them. Yet he had no doubt in his mind that some of them were probably his. He jumped off the building just before it crumbled to the ground. He looked up at the archangel above him, the one who had destroyed his former perch. "Why hello Gabriel. I hope you're having as much fun as I am."

Gabriel looked at him coldly, his lance glowing violently, "Darshu. Even though you have abandoned this fight you are still an evil which I must, and will, destroy!"

"Oh come on, Gabriel. You know you can't beat me alone, we've been through this before." A yellow bolt shot through the air towards Darshu which he side stepped just in time. He turned his attention to the other archangel with a devilish grin, "Well if it isn't Auriel, my favorite angel."

"Shove it Darshu!" Auriel responded clutching her hand axe.

"Ohh, rather snippy today ain't ya?" The two angels dived down on him and he rolled out of the way. "If you want a fight, you've got it." Darshu's eyes glowed red and wings came out from his back ripping through his shirt. "But you should always be careful what you wish for!" He flew towards the angels as they charged at him, He pulled up just before colliding with Gabriel but grabbed his hair on the pass, yanking the angel back through the air. Still holding on to his hair Darshu swung Gabriel around and threw him to the ground below. He grinned down at the archangel as he pulled himself up from the rubble he landed in. Suddenly a yellow streak passed him and another. He turned and winced as one of Auriel's energy bolts grazed his arm and shot through his wing. "Oh I'm sorry Auriel, did I forget about you? Are you feeling neglected?"

"If you would've forgotten for much longer you'd be dead already," the angel said as she charged her axe for another shot.

"Is it me or is you aim usually better than that?"

"It's you, we're here to destroy you I wouldn't miss."

He smirked at the female angel, "Unless you missed me. By the way where's Uriel? I'm just dying to rip my face off him."

Auriel was about to respond, but a violent shaking of the earth distracted them. "TRAITOR I HAVE COME FOR YOU NOW!" Bursting from the earth in fire and smoke a winged young man arose with eyes as red as blood, he had one feathered wing and one bat wing on his back. By his side a red demon that wore an evil grin.

Darshu sighed, "Gee I'm real popular today."

Auriel's face twisted as she saw the demon emerge, taking her attention away from Darshu, focusing completely on the new target. "Lucifer! If anyone is a traitor here it's you!" She shot a bolt into the sky, which burst into a brilliant glow of light, calling Michael and Raphael to her as well. She turned quickly to Darshu, "Our fight with you will wait, we have other matters to attend to now."

"Hmph, lucky me." Darshu watched as Raphael shot several arrows into the demon prince. Auriel split her axe into two, and Michael assisted Gabriel back into the air for battle. The four archangels were soon occupied with Beelzebub, the horned demon that came out with Lucifer. Darshu truned to the deceptively innocent looking boy, "Hey kid, where's Satan I got a bone to pick with him about my severance pay."

"If you want him you have to go through us."

"If you insist." The battle was quickly underway, Darshu randomly hitting demons and angels alike, though never Auriel and she never him. They took shots at each other but never managed to hit. After more than an hour of fighting Beelezebub and Raphael were grounded, one of his wings torn out by Darshu's bare hands. Then a streak of lighting came both from the ground in the sky. It burst into light and when it cleared a seraphim and a four winged demoness were there, and they ordered the battle stopped. Both were difficult to see, the seraphim radiating a light like the sun and the demoness radiating an equal amount of darkness.

"An agreement has been reached," they spoke in unision, though it sounded more like a thousand voices than two, "What is left of humanity will start over with the world the wasteland it is and shall become, it will be more difficult for them, and this war is over... for now."

"Well whadda ya know," Darshu commented dryly, "The two big guys made a deal."

They turned to him, "You are not to go without punishment Darshu. For your choice not to fight you shall have all your power taken away, and you shall roam the new world forever. You can regain some of your power but you are limited only to the level a half breed can achieve."


"Hold him." The six combatants began to converge on him, but he flew into the air, only to end up next to the seraphim. She grabbed his arm and the demoness took his other. "In the names of the lords of Heaven and Hell, we serve as a conduit for their power and all powers within. May you loose your powers and may you walk this earth for eternity." As they continued to cast the spell Darshu threw his head back screaming in pain and protest. When it was over he was left on the ground, panting on his hands and knees.

The seraphim and demoness gestured to their comrades and all began to leave. Michael and Gabriel took Raphael and helped him into the air. Auriel floated in the air, looking down on her former foe. Her face was an odd combination of pity, satisfaction and pain. The six winged angel came to her, "Auriel."


"God knows all that occured the last time you were sent to earth as a mortal," Auriel nodded, understanding what she meant. "So you have been chosen for a special mission in the new world."

"What is it Inuo?"

"You are to find and redeem Darshu."


"You shall be reborn over and over again until you find him. Unfortunately with each incarnation you will loose more and more memory of your mission until it becomes no more than an instinct. When he is redeemed he will once again obtain his full power, but it will still be limited by you."

"When am I to begin?"

"Soon. In each life you will be granted some kind of Holy power, and I will be in charge of your progress. Are you ready?"

She nodded, "Yes." Auriel closed her eyes and bowed her head. Inuo put her hand up to the other angel's forehead. Light flowed down her arm and into the angel, she began to glow and the light started to leave her in streams.

Once it faded Inuo held a small glowing ball in her hands. "Now to find a mother."


Inuo found a young woman crawling from some wreackage. In human guise she assisted her. By this time it had been a full day since the truce began, though the old world's destruction was still in progress the area she was in now had already been taken care of. "Are you alright?"

The girl was relived to see someone, and for the help. "Yes, thank you." Inuo helped her to flat ground. "Are there any others around? I have to find my husband."

Inuo looked at her, "There is a small group of survivors not far from here, perhaps he is with them... What's your name?"


"Pardon my saying so Martha, but you are with child aren't you?"

She was quite taken aback by Inuo's ability to see such a thing, she was barely into her second month. "Yess... but..."

"But what?"

"I don't know," Martha seemed suddenly distressed, "There's just something wrong with this, it just doesn't feel right somehow."

Inuo put her hand to the woman's stomach. "I know," she whispered, offering a motherly smile. Martha looked to the woman expectantly, was she a doctor? How did she know? "You're the one." That confused the woman even more and she was close to tears. "The problem is..."


"You're child has not yet recieved it's soul."


Inuo saw the distress grow on her face and calmed her quickly, "Shhh... do not dispair I have it here." Then the glowing ball appeared in her hands and she dropped the human guise. Martha could only stare in disbelief at the being before her. She pressed the ball into her stomach as tears rolled down Martha's cheecks. "Do not fear, your child will be very special. It is good that your child will have both parents, it will need to be strong. " Inuo looked past the woman over at the top of a pile of rubble. "I belive that's your husband."

Martha turned and saw that the Seraphim was correct and she ran to him, as she did Inuo rose to return home. They embraced warmly and he kissed her tears, "Martha, thank god your ok. What was that? What happened."

"Nothing at all my love, everything will be fine. Everything will be perfect."

I actually started writing this like two years ago so here's hoping putting it up here will get some inspiration! I don't know much about the mythology or power structures in Bastard!! The bit I know is from pictures. Uriel is an Archangel that looks like DS (hence the "I'm dying to rip my face off him" part). soo yeah... ok that's it for right now
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