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Angels, Devils
A Bastard!! Fanfic By Hika-chan
Chapter 3: What She Was

Uriel turned his head, "Did you sense that?"

Michelle gritted her teeth, "Darshu."

The northern wall exploded inwards, red-hot flames burst in all directions. Instinctively Raphael went to cover the open doorway which led to Yoko's room, despite the holy barrier that was there. "Gabriel!" Uriel shouted pointing towards the the smoke cloud where the wall used to be, he knew Gabriel's elemental water powers would be strong against the demon and fire wizard. As the cascading water pillar made it's way into the cloud, a burst of mystical energy was sent back and the water froze back down towards the Angel encasing him in the ice. The smoke cleared and Kall-su floated in the center of the hole. "You? Then where's-" A blot of lightning shattered the remains of the stained glass window in the cieling, followed by Gara. The bolt went straight through Michelle as Gara landed behind the frozen angel.

Kall-su and Arshae flew in the hole in the wall, Ice Falchion and Thunder God Sword drawn. As he swung at the female angel Kall-su could feel the hunger his blade had for her energy. Gara swung violently at Raphael with his Murasame, leaving Uriel to Arshae. "So... Darshu is not demon enough to fight his old battles anymore?" He mocked, "He sends his mortal pets to do his work instead."

"It's called a plan Uriel," he heard a distant voice call. Suddenly Kall-su, Arshae and Gara broke off the attack and Darshu burst in through another wall surronded in flames, the exodus spell. He soared straight through all four Archangels and pulled up quickly before the wall, he stopped just below the cieling and looked down upon the leader. Darshu's hair was flaring violently behind him, his eyes glowing a deadly red, thick black bands marked his face above and below his eyes, and his skin was half way turned to red.

"Still can't get all the demon out can you Darshu?" Uriel asked standing up straight, "Does that make you half the man you used to be?" He immediately charged in at the wizard and the fight was under way again. Arshae changed targets to Gabriel who had broke free of the ice just after the Exodus spell went through him.

Michelle and Kall-su had taken their battle skyward, as he anticipated. In her hands a blade of pure holy fire. She screamed when Kall-su's sword bit violently into her arm and energy. On cue a beast of ice flew in attacking the angle from above. "Bringing in elemental pets are we?" She snorted. Kall-su answered her with a raining hail of ice. Below the battle had resorted to hand to hand combat as Arshae had cast the magic draining spell. Of all the combatants it gave Gara the most edge, as he never relied much on magic in the first place. Otherwise, dispite their divine origins the angles had their hands full with the fight.

During his fight Darshu yelled to Raphael, "Hey Raph! How is that wing healing since our last fight."

"I didn't have wings last time we fought... fifteen years ago."

Distracted by battle it took him a moment to realize what he meant, "wha... Oh you rotten sonnova..."

Yoko stood against the barrier pounding with her hands as hard as she could. She had to stop this madness before it was too late. But even if she could stop the others from fighting, she knew by the sheer hatred in Dark Schnieder's eyes that he would not end the fight till he or Uriel were dead. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth praying as hard as she could. "Beloved Goddess Inou Marta, please grant me the power I need to break this barrier and help those that I care for and grant me the power to protect them. Please beloved goddess, do not let them sacrifice their lives for me. I beg you." Just as she finished a blazing ball of fire and ice came down through the roof and slamed into the ground not far from where she stood. The angel and the half-breed lay on the ground, each stuggling to get up before the other. Yoko screamed, "Kall-su!" A small cross shape formed between her hands against the barrier.

The angel began to stand, but having been alarmed by Yoko's cry Gara threw a few ninja stars in her direction. The angel barely dodged the stars, but the distraction was enough to give Kall-su the time to get up and fight again, once again drawing his hungry Ice Falchion.

Yoko concentrated upon the cross between her hands, as she did it grew larger, but slowly, too slowly. Darshu was growing more and more determined as he and Uriel's battle became more heated, so much so that two bulges on his back were making themselves visible and his fangs grew as he struggled to become more demon in order to defeat the hated angel. But Yoko knew he reached his limit, his wings would not come out nor could they ever. She didn't know how she knew this, she just did. When the cross was as tall as her torso the Magic Void expired and the ice elemental, having been repelled by the spell once again came to assit it's temporary master. She was almost afriad to break the seal now as it was the only thing likely to protect her from the magical energies. But she pushed on nonetheless. Then without warning Uriel's axe cut across Darshu's chest, spreading his blood across the ground.

Yoko stared silently for a moment, nothing seen but her Rushe as he fell back, nothing heard but his pained grunt and the splatter of his blood upon the ground. He had sustained worse injuries, but this was made by the holy blade of an angel and somehow she knew it had to be different. He could not just ignore this wound as he had so many others. She screamed and the barrier before her shattered. She began to run to him but stopped in the crater created earlier by Kall-su and Michelle as Darshu stood grinning madly. "Zazum zaza moor talm talm naut toran,"

"Venom,"she whispered and looked toward the other angel as he began to cast a spell of his own. Yoko heard a shout and turned just in time to see a bolt of energy heading her way. Fortunately the ever aware ninja master gave enough warning for Arshae to get the young priestess out of the way. "Take cover or run Yoko. This is hardly the safest place for you right now."

"Burning in the depths of the pits of darkness."

As the half-elf lept away, Yoko could be heard protesting, "But I can't keep letting you all risk your lives to protect me."

"Let the fires of hell take you,"

"I have to do something."

"let the fires become my sword and strike you down,"

"No matter what."

"VENOM!" Darshu's spell was released and the fire enveloped the Archangel, but as it faded the only damage done was a few singed feathers. "What?"

"Holy protection spells are quite effective, don't you think Darshu? Especially when they're specified against the likes of you." Yoko watched as he charged the the axe held in his hand she was almost certain that a bolt of energy would come from it and strike down Darshu. She ran quickly across the rubble of the cathedral, almost floating over the cracks and rocks that threatend to trip her and halt her hastened sprint. She pushed Darshu out of the way just as the ground beneath him burst up and burried her in his stead. "no..." he whispered, "YOKO!!"

Everything stopped. Arshae halted with lightning crackling in her hands, Gabriel's lance stopped inches from piercing her chest. Michelle's iced wing was released from Kall-su's stunned freezing blade. The Murasame withdrew from nearly removing an angels head, and Raphael's blade clattered on the ground. Uriel stood wordless as he fell to his knees. She... she sacrificed herself Uriel thought, ... she put herself in mortal danger, to save him, Darshu, the most chaotic demon that had ever crawled out of the gates of hell. How could he have tricked her so? Yoko, with the essence of an Archangel. It must be so, the likes of Darshu can never change!

Dark Schneider ran to the pile of rubble digging with his bare hands, all his demonic features, save the slitted pupils and sharp canines that he always had, faded. "Yoko! Yoko where are you?!" Tears began to streak down his face as he dug and cried out for the girl. The angels watched on, utterly stunned by his completely unexpected flood of emotion.

Why? Uriel's mind questioned, Why doesn't he take advantage of this moment? Why has he lowered his gaurd? Is this some kind of ploy? It must be.

"Dammit Yoko! Answer me you stubborn woman!! YOKO!" Finally he reached her, he lifted her battered body from the hole he had dug. Her body was still and he shook her gently. "Yoko... Yoko!" He hugged her, putting his head to her chest, gladly he could still feel her heart beat. "Come on Yoko, open your eyes."

"Rushe?" Her eyes opened slowly and painfully. "I couldn't stand by... and do nothing, I had to protect you... Rushe."

"Stupid girl, you protected me for more than fifteen years, now it's my turn."

"It doesn't matter, I had to help," he didn't respond and she looked at him more closely. "You're not crying… for me... are you?" She was answered again with silence. "Rushe, lean closer." He did as she asked, so close that he could feel her light breath against his face. She whispered very quietly, with almost no voice at all, "I know he doesn't mean me any harm but... do me a favor."


"Send him back... to wherever he came from... crawling on all fours and crying like a baby." She grinned at him and he looked at her with utter disbelief at her request. She put her hand to his face and pulled herself up enough to kiss his forehead.

"Will you be alright?"

"Just kick his ass."

He grinned, "With pleasure." Darshu stood, carefully laying her down. He turned slowly and stared straight at his image in the angel. He leaned over and picked the Fire Sword up from the ground, holding it in front of his face, "Ifrit, protect Yoko." He tossed the sword to the side as it transformed into his elemental servant.

"As you wish master."

"I'm sure you know Uriel, I could never deny the ladies," As Darshu slowly continued his liesurly pace towards the angel, his skin turned to a reddish purple and his fingers grew claws. "And she has asked a very special request of me." Much to the angels' surprise his transformation did not stop there. Bone-like epulets grew from his shoulders, another pair of arms grew from his torso, white horns sprouted from his head and a pair of deep red wings emerged from his back. From the instant he put Yohko down the demon's eyes did not stray from those of his hated opponent, "I should let you know that I have killed men for doing much less to Yoko than you have just done." His grin widened, "So are you ready to rumble?"

He caught a glimmer of fear flash through the archangel's eyes and with that simple sign Darshu charged the holy being, ready to tear him apart with all four hands. The blow came so quickly that not even Uriel could completely avoid it. Of the current archangels he was one of the oldest, granted his wings not long after the fall of the once ancient gods. Uriel knew that, in all the centuries in which he struggled against the forces of evil, Darshu would now be the most difficult opponent he had ever fought. For what is a demon with purpose and a heart, but an angel? Fallen not from heaven to hell, but to humanity.

The other angels and warriors could not help but look upon the fight in complete awe. Neither group had never seen such mystical energies raging. For both competetors fought with a single mindedness. Destroy the other and save Yoko, whether her body, or her soul. Even after fighting the angels, Arshae, Kall-su and Gara would have never imagined that Darshu was truly a devil until they saw it with their own eyes. And up to the moment in which Yoko was buried beneath the rock the angels would not have believed that Darshu had a heart, though Uriel would still not believe it. Gabriel made an attempt to take off to help Uriel but Arshae brought up her blade to the angel's chest. "Do not even think of it, this is a one-on-one duel." The youngest looking in appearance, Gabriel glanced at the Thunder Empress, and made no move to advance, returning his eyes to the fight.

None of Darshu's four arms weilded weapons or shield, but Uriel was hard pressed to keep the demon at bay. "How is it you have broken the seal on your demonic powers Darshu? How did you break the seal of a Seraphim and a greater Succubus?"

Darshu grinned, "Guess someone left a loop hole open."

"Do you even know who you're fighting for?" Uriel asked blocking another blow.

"A beautiful young woman who asked me to kick your ass!"

"Do you know WHO she really is Darshu, or are you too blind to see it?"

"What kind of nonsense are you babbeling about?"

The angels face took on an almost sadistic grin. Now he had an edge. He didn't know, he thought she was just another human. His reaction should be more than interesting. His voice lowered, "You didn't know? She's an Archangel like me. Yoko is Auriel."

"What?" Darshu's eyes widened in surprise and his guard was let down long enough for Uriel to get in three good shots with his axe. When he landed ten feet back from the Angel he looked not at his opponent but straight at Yoko. There was something in his eyes that unsettled her. Shock and betrayal was written across his face but she couldn't understand why. She hadn't heard the angel's words. Her confusion was conveyed back to him through her eyes. He looked back to the now cockey angel. "It's a lie."

"Oh is it? Can't you smell it on her? Can't you sense the aura of heaven all around her."

Darshu's eyes were fearful and feral glancing constantly between Yoko and Uriel. "But it's too faint," he whispered. The Aura of an angel was usually very strong, at the most he thought she was the chosen of whatever angel was playing her god, but not an Archangel herself, much less Auriel herself.

"True, it's not as strong as it should be, but she has been constantly reborn since the Apocalypse, the earthbound life has worn off on her."

"Rushe... Darshu... what's wrong?" She was scared and worried. Somehow she had hurt him and she wanted to know how, she needed to know so she could correct it later. He looked at her as though she was a stranger who had done some unspeakable thing.

"Yoko how," he whispered more to himself then to her. He looked back at his twin angel who smiled at him mockingly, a look which was often familiar on his own face. Then he remembered this was a fight, he summed up all his fear, betrayal, and anger. "LIAR!" he shouted and rushed the angel with blinding speed. The angel blocked two of his attacks but he was still punched across the face. Uriel failed to block his forth claw as he turned the Archangel around and ripped through a wing, nearly removing it. The scream that ripped through Uriel's throat was a sound the mortals present had never heard. Each grabbed their ears in pain unable to stop the other angels from rushing to his assistance.

"URIEL!" Darshu turned to them and slashed his way through each till he ended up nearer his generals, grabbing Yoko on the way.

"You guys have fun playing doctor now. We're gonna hit the road and I need to have a little chat with the lady." His wings flapped and he began to raise through the hole in the ceiling, Arshes and Kall followed suit, carrying Gara with them. Breathing hard through clenched teeth, Uriel glared up at him, "Darshu..."


They landed a good distance away in the forest. Darshu, now with only two arms, dragged Yoko off. "I'll be back," he said sharply. Yoko cast a worried glance Gara's way. After about five minutes Darshu finally stopped, by now the horns were gone and the epulets had shrunk down. Few scraps of clothes survived his transformation, Yoko was just glad there was enough left to hide the important parts. "Why didn't you tell me!?" he asked barely able to keep his voice below a scream.

"Tell you what?"

"That YOU are Auriel!"


The remaining attributes of his true demon form finally faded and once again he looked shocked. "You didn't know?" He could see the truth in her beautiful brown eyes, she really didn't know.

"Know what? Who is Auriel?" He let himself fall on his rear infront of her, she kneeled down next to him. "Rushe, tell me what's going on."

"You... your soul," his voice staggard, unsure of how to proceed, "You are one of them."

"What? You mean one of those winged people?"

"They are not just 'winged people,' they are angels, those four were Archangels. Heaven's High generals and such. There are eight of them, four male four female, two for each element. You are Auriel, my duplicates counterpart."

"But how is it that I'm human now?"

"Like Hell, Heaven also sends it's agents off on 'mortal missions' and such. Normally for hell it's for their agents to wreack havoc and blood shed, serial killers, evil tyrants and the like. Heaven on the other hand usually sends their agents down to do good or just to get a more 'human experience.' You see, angels are supposed to be pure beings of light or some garbage like that, mortal missions remind them of what humans have to go through to temper down their holier-than-thou attitudes. I met you on one. Well you were on one, I was just up in a human form for some fun."

She grinned, "I can Imagine."

"Well, here's what happened," He focused on the events and touched her forehead, helping her to remember her past life.

The basis for Darshu's full demon appearance came from a manga pic I saw of Darshu holding Yoko infront of him, if you've seen it I assume you know what I'm talking about ^_^' Any way I absolutely LOVE that picture.. I know I'm wierd
The words of the spell are taken from the english version of the anime, I have no clue how the sub translates it but whatever.. just thought I'd note that... yeah.
Quick note to sort out any confusion that may be left over: Raphael- Air; Michael/Michelle- Fire; Gabriel-Water; Auriel/Uriel- Earth
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