Feel the Air


Sonic and Jet got married later that year. It was a happy wedding, Wave being the maid-of-honor and Tails being the best man. Many of their fellow racers attended as well.

Wave finally got over her crush with Jet and accept their marriage. A year after they got married, Sonic and Jet asked Wave if she would be a part of a surrogacy. It took a lot of thinking, but Wave finally accepted to doing. Nine months later, a swallow-hedgehog breed was born. Although he didn't have any of Jet's DNA, both of them loved him very much. They named him Breeze to keep with Jet's ancestry of wind names.

Wave and Tails became better friends and started inventing together. They taught each other some of their tricks and they began to understand each other a little bit better. Although their friendship worked so well, Storm and Knuckles continued to do their own things.

Team Sonic and Team Babylon continued to 'woo' crowds and completely destroyed their future competition. They wouldn't have it any other way.