Love Me, Lose me, Kill me.



Family dinners. I sat next to my brother Jake and watched the family talk happily not even noticing us. Uncle Charly sat at the head of the rectangular table. His dark brown hair combed back neatly. His light blue dress shirt tucked into his blue jeans. To his left was my Aunt Marie in her short cut red dress, her long blonde hair tied back in a high pony tail. I glanced over at my little brother Jake and he looked almost scared. He wasnt a very strong kid. He was skinny and medium hight but resembled me more than anyone. He played with the collar of his green polo shirt and looked up at me, his blue eyes slightly terrified. I glanced around the table and noticed our parents were missing. I listened carefully and could faintly hear yelling. Suddenly my father, Alex Stern, burst through the door. His brown hair in a rangled mess and his white shirt ripped open. He swayed across the room and gripped the color of my green shirt lifting me up. He smelled strongly of beer and his eyes were wild. He threw me onto the floor and i cried out in pain.

"You little bastard." He spat kicking me in the stomach. My mother ran through the door and grabbed my fathers arm. He shrugged her off and glared at me.

"What the fuck is a Jap doing coming to this house! I told you about that Ulrich! No god damn Japs!" He continued to yell but my whole mind froze. Yumi was here or was. I jumped off the ground and made a run to the door but dad grabbed me by the neck and threw me back down. I glared at him and he glared back. Mom moved in between us as i go up. Her pale face stained with tears as she looked from him to me.

"Stop it! Both of you! Alex he has friends! Isnt that we have wanted for him!?" She walked tward my dad slowly not looking away from him.

"For once cant you just be happy for your son?" My dad looked away and the blink of an eye he slapped mom across the face sending her to the ground.

"Stupid bitch. I run his life. Not you or anyone else!" I shot off the ground and lunged at dad punching him in the jaw. He fell to the floor clutching his jaw and spat out blood.

"Dont you dare touch her! Dont you fucking touch her!" I spat each word with hatred and continued beating my own father. Kicks to the stomach, punches everywere...I just couldnt stop...It felt so good..Knowing for once i had power over him. I looked down at him and jumped back shocked. His face was covered in blood and bruises. Blood flowed from his mouth and down his neck.


I knew who it was before i saw them. Yumi. She stood in the door way with a look of pure terror. Her black shoulder length hanging in her face.

She had just seen all of that.

"Yumi wait no it is not what it," but she didnt hear the rest. She had ran out the door and into the darkness.

She was gone.