This is it! The final chapter!


My breath was coming in gasps. Jumping from roof to roof I chased the Black templar. A flash of black flicked to my right and I smirked at Austin as he ran on the opossite roof. I looked around seeing the team following. The templar jumped but I was quicker. I lept off the side and embedded my blade into his chest. The man coughed up blood onto my shirt and I frowned.

"Better luck next time." He growled and spit in my face. Wipping it off I flicked out my other blade and stabbed him again causing him to scream in pain.

"That wasnt very nice." Pulling the blade out slowly I smirked and turned walking away back to the group. They all high fived me and Jeremy smirked.

"One down! Thousand to go!" We all laughed and Yumi yawned.

"Well guys I have a ton of homework. Stay scilent." With that she pecked me on the cheek and ran off tward her house. Yawning I walked back to our dorm room and flopped down on the bed. A peice of paper on my desk caught my attention and I picked it up.

Templars are coming my friend. Tonight at 8. Gather the assassins and meet Connor at the docks -Ezio

I smirked and ruffled my hair.

"Show time."