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The knife pierced the wooden target and Rayne smiled. Bulls eye. Just as she pulled out another knife, she heard her mother calling. "Rayne! Rayne! Where are you?"

Rayne groaned and pulled the knife out of the target before tucking it into her belt with it's twin. She jumped over the white picket fence and jogged to the neat two story house. Jennifer stood at the front door with her arms crossed and a deep frown on her face. "Your brother is already at the center and you're still here. What were you doing?"

Rayne resisted the urge to say something sarcastic and instead mumbled. "Practicing."

"How many times have I told you to stop throwing those ridiculous things around? What if you cut yourself?" Jennifer glared at Rayne and she rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, Mom! I've been practicing since I was five! I'm not going to cut myself!"

"As you keep telling me! If you cut off your arm, then don't come crying to me." She walked back into the house and Rayne groaned again before following her. They entered her room and Jennifer handed her a light blue dress. "Wear this and brush out your hair. I expect you to be ready in five minutes."

"Roger that." Rayne said and walked into the bathroom. She hated reaping day. It made her sick to think that she was getting all prettied up to attend a gathering where two innocent teenagers would be chosen to kill other innocent teenagers. She pulled on the dress after a two second shower and ran the brush through her dark brown hair a few times. She refused to acknowledge the dark circles under her eyes which were the result of her nightmares. She hopped down the stairs and entered the kitchen. "Mom, I'm ready."

Jennifer nodded slightly before fiddling with the ribbon Rayne had tied on her hair. "If you hadn't wasted your time with those stupid knives then maybe you could have learned how to tie a ribbon properly." Jennifer mumbled.

Rayne didn't answer as Jennifer pulled on the ribbon, tightening it around her brown locks. She finally let out a satisfied sigh and stepped back. "There, that's much better. Now smile, you don't want to look like an old granny."

Rayne gave her a fake million-watt smile and she nodded. "Now get going or you'll be late and make sure you keep an eye on Ryder. That boy is always up to something."

Jennifer pushed Rayne towards the door and she raced down the front porch stairs and out the low gate. As she ran down the sidewalk, she waved to the other people standing at their doorsteps. None of them had children young enough to be reaped and most of them didn't have any children at all. A billboard appeared with the words "Welcome to Victors' Village" written on it. Rayne ran past it while keeping one hand on her bangs to keep them from flying into her eyes. She ran past the sea which invited her closer and arrived at the Justice Center where she was identified and then sent to stand in the row where every girl, aged seventeen, stood. Rayne saw her best friend, Brooke, standing two girls away but she was too busy biting her nails. Ryder stood silently in his row, frowning. Rayne caught his eye and gave him a questioning look. Ryder shook his head and turned away. The escort, Follene, cat walked onto the stage and smiled brightly at the crowd in front of her. And then she began her usual speech. Rayne closed her eyes and shifted impatiently from one foot to the other. Finally, the speech and the movie ended and Follene dipped her hand into the glass sphere. She pulled out a slip of paper and smiled again while unfolding it.

"Rayne Daterbee."

God, the world is not on my side today. Rayne opened her eyes and let her mouth fall open in shock. Out of three thousand girls, she had been reaped. Three thousand. Follene called her name again and Brooke gasped, as if just realizing that her best friend's life was on the line. Rayne took a deep breath and began walking to the stage and then up the stairs. She tried keeping her face blank. Follene grinned at her. "Oh there she is." She said in her squeaky voice. Rayne glared at her and Follene turned to the other glass sphere. "And our male tribute is... Ryder Daterbee!"

The world was definitely not on her side today. Ryder managed to keep his mouth shut and he kept his face blank too. He walked up the stairs, accepting reality faster then Rayne had. His hand clamped around Rayne's and he avoided looking directly into her eyes. They were led into the Justice Building and then into separate rooms. Rayne scowled at the Peacekeepers who closed the door to the visiting room. Only one thought occupied her mind.

I just got reaped with my twin, what are the chances of that?