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Rayne was going crazy. The Hunger Games were starting in three hours and she had completely lost it. Finnick and Ryder were trying to control her but she wouldn't stop. The living room was a complete wreck and the ripped cushions lie on the floor along with various shards of glass and broken vases. Tears ran down her cheeks as she threw another decorative vase against the wall. Ryder touched her arm and she pushed him away.

"Rayne stop!" He shouted, his voice desperate and afraid. "Please, stop! Calm down!"

Rayne shook her head furiously. "WHY?!" She yelled. "WHY?! In less than a week, I will lose you! YOU WILL DIE!" Her voice was broken and sad. She threw another glass against the wall. Finnick winced when the broken pieces fell down onto the floor.

"Rayne, calm down. You won't lose Ryder." Finnick said soothingly.

Rayne glared at him. "I won't?!" She demanded. "We are going in the fucking Hunger Games for God's sake!"

Ryder gulped as Rayne launched another vase, just missing Finnick's head. He turned to the Victor and quickly said. "Leave. Now, or else she will hurt you."

Finnick nodded once before exiting the room. Ryder watched as Rayne picked up a ripped cushion and held it to her face. Her hands were already bloody and wounded because of the various glass pieces that had cut it. Her wails became muffled sobs as she clutched the cushion. Ryder took a few steps forward and then realizing it was safe, he walked to his twin. She leaned against him when he put her arms around her. They held each other for a while before Ryder placed a kiss on her forehead. "Promise me something, Rayne." He whispered.

Rayne nodded slowly against his chest and he continued. "Promise me that no matter what happens, you'll keep running."

Rayne looked up at Ryder and seeing the seriousness in his eyes, she nodded again. "I promise." She whispered. "Just... Don't die."

Ryder smiled slightly. "I'll try not to."

The twins were just about to break apart when the door opened. Brutus walked in and his eyes widened when he saw the condition of the room. "Well, well, well." He said, stepping onto a piece of glass. "Seems you made your own miniature Arena."

Ryder glared at him as he rolled his eyes. "Keep it down in here. I'm giving my tributes a pep talk and I don't need the sound you're creating."

Rayne smirked coldly. "Go on Brutus, give your tributes all the pep talks you want. It'll do them good."

Brutus shrugged. "What? You think you can actually win against my tributes?"

Rayne licked her dry lips. "Are you really talking about Clove and Cato? Those two don't stand a chance against me."

Brutus's retort was interrupted by Finnick. He ignored Brutus and turned to the twins. "We need to go." He said.

Rayne and Ryder nodded and Ryder took Rayne's hand before walking to their mentor. Brutus sent Rayne one last glare before walking out of the door. Finnick decided not to ask what he was doing there.





The countdown had begun and Rayne was standing on her platform. The Arena this time was a ruined city. The buildings were half-constructed and half-destroyed. The sky was black and the tributes could only see one another due to the streetlamps. Rayne looked around, noticing that Thresh was right next to her and Ryder and Peeta were across from her. Katniss and Rue stood side by side, three platforms away from Peeta and Ryder. Rayne saw Cato standing across from the small metal hut which contained the weapons and packs. There were only four packs, giant packs, and a few weapons consisting of only three swords, a bow and a couple of arrows, three axes and four small packs of knives. The hut was close to the tributes and it was obvious that the Gamemakers wanted a show this year, a brutal bloody show.





Rayne saw Clove fold her arms, acting as if she didn't have a care for the world. Foxface's eyes were darting from here to there probably because she was trying to figure out a strategy. Glimmer was tense and Marvel stood stiffly on his platform. Rue's eyes were wide and scared as they met Rayne's. Rayne gave her a reassuring glance and the smaller girl smiled a bit. Rayne's eyes met Cato's and he raised an eyebrow before smirking. Rayne sneered and mouthed, "You will be my first kill."

Cato tilted his head before mouthing back, "And you will be my first kill."

The countdown distracted both of them as it came to 3 and stopped. All of the tributes looked up at the sky, wondering what had happened. Claudius's voice came on. "Attention tributes. There has been a slight rule change."

The tributes frowned as Claudius continued. "The people of Panem can no longer provide the tributes with sponsor gifts. You will have to savage for the food as best as you can. However, if you make it to the last five, then sponsors can provide you with survival materials. That is all, thank you."

The tributes were still trying to register the fact that there would be no sponsor gifts to help them. A few of them had paled while others were trying to conceal their shock. The countdown began suddenly starting from three.




The gong rang and Rayne ran. She ran faster than she had ever run in her entire life. Thresh was besides her in an instant and as soon as he grasped a pack and sword, he ran towards the buildings. Rayne swallowed while thinking, At least one of us is safe.

Her train of thought was interrupted when she saw Rue and Katniss join Thresh. The three of them looked back once and when Rayne nodded at them, they ran away from the bloodbath. Rayne dodged a knife and turned in the direction of the thrower. She cursed when she saw two packs of knives in Clove's hand. Rayne dodged another knife and hid behind a large metal trash can. Just when she thought it was safe, she crawled out of the area and behind the metal hut. Nobody had spotted her and no one heard her above the noise of the fighting and dying tributes. Counting to three, Rayne jumped out from behind and grabbed the first weapon she could get her hands on. Looking down, Rayne realized she had a long, black and red handled sword in her right hand. Her eyes widened as she saw Cato turn to her. Rayne growled as his sword cut her right cheek and then met hers with a clang. Cato smirked and pulled his sword back. "This'll be fun, mermaid." He said.

Rayne wiped the blood off of her cheek with the back of her sleeve. "You bet it will be, gorilla." She hissed.

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