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Chapter 1:

"Right everyone listen up!" Gill called over the top of everybody. No-one responded, so she whistled and waiting for everyone to settle down. "Right. We have a young girl, unsure of the age, possibly around 15 or 16. She was hit outside the shopping mall yesterday. CCTV has confirmed that she was in there for up to 6 hours with her friends, supposedly Christmas shopping. She is unidentified at the moment, but as soon as we have the lab report, and those friends of hers in question things will become more clear. She was in a grey tracksuit, with pink piping down the side. She has several piercings, which suggests she had it done somewhere undesirable, considering she is only 15."

"If whoever was shopping with her was with her when she got knocked down, why haven't they come in to talk to us? Or at least reported it sooner?" Janet asked, making notes.

"That's a question we need to find an answer to" Gill replied, nodding.

"If we get someone down there to talk to any shop owners who may have seen her, let's gather more CCTV from outside the building, especially from any buses going down that road in between 2pm and 4pm, then let's piece together who knew her, and who may have wanted her dead….KEVIN!" Gill snapped, making Kevin drop the pen he was balancing on his nose.

"Sorry ma'am" he said sheepishly, ignoring the giggles he was getting from Mitch and Rachel.

"Right, well let's get going. I'm going to get onto the phone again to the lab, to see if they have identification yet…and once I have those results I'll need Janet and Rachel to let the family know. Kevin and Mitch, get down to the shopping mall and find any CCTV they have. Andy, get searching the ANPR of the suggested car involved, and PNC it, see if it brings anything up."

Gill dismissed her team and went back to her office, to find a voicemail from 'Scary Mary' down at the lab. Gill grabbed her coat and bag, and hurried back out of the office. "Andy! Identification! I'm heading down there now, I'll ring you ASAP, stay in charge!"

Andy nodded and turned back to his desk, sifting through what they had already.

"Serge! Someone downstairs, wants to talk to a female officer. Shall we go?" Rachel said, indicating between herself and Janet.

"Fine. Be quick" Andy replied sharply.

The two women hotfooted it down the stairs and into the reception, where a bunch of rough-looking teenagers were sitting. "Alright bled? Yoou wanna them detectives Mann?" A young kid asked, with a back to front cap on.

"Excuse me?" Rachel asked, trying to decipher what he was saying.

"Nah man! That's some sweet gear you got ennit? Nah like, a gun n that! You ever used one blud?"

"That's some bum ting you got wittha Mann!" another one piped up.

Janet's eyes widened as she looked across at Rachel, who looked just as confused. They were surrounded by 4 or 5 hooded people, talking in what seemed to be a foreign language, but they needed to get to the bottom of what these people were doing.

"What can we do to help?"

"Well you seem Mann, like our mate yeah? Brittany. She was supposed to be coming up canal with us like now yeah, and she didn't turn up, and her phone ay working or nuffin."

"Right ok, are you sure she hasn't just changed her mind?" Rachel asked, glancing at Janet for some guidance.

"Nah Mann we sure. She never misses us, like only when her mum makes her stay in, but she tells us yanoee."

"Ok well um…do you want to come through here and we'll take a description of her?" Janet asked, unlocking the interview room door.

"Her had browny coloured hair, with blond highlights…her had double ear piercings and her cartilage done, um she had her tongue pierced and a small tattoo on her left ankle…" the smaller one began.

Rachel kept pulling faces at Janet. They obviously weren't the brightest bulbs in the box…their grammar wasn't particularly up to scratch. "Ok well thank you for your time. We'll let you know if anything comes up. Can I have one of your parent's numbers?"

"Nah Mann! Why you want my mam's number?!"

"Um I don't…ok, what about yours? You know, just in case we find anything" Rachel corrected herself.

"Ah ye. Also, I dunno for certain, but she always seems to wear this tracksuit thing on a Wednesday or Thursday, apparently it's because she goes for a run after…I dunno how accurate that is, but it's either a grey one or a black one. I dunno. Can we go now? I gotta bus to catch"

Janet just nodded, opening the door and ushering them out.

Rachel came up behind her and tapped Janet's shoulder. "Oh my gosh" she whispered. Janet turned around and nodded, before running back up to the office.

"What did the kids want?" Andy asked, turning around when Rachel and Janet came in.

"Where's Gill now?" Rachel asked, ignoring his question.

"She's down at the mortuary. Now answer my question" Andy snapped.

"They wanted to report a missing girl. Around the age of 15, usually wears a tracksuit."

Andy stood up, and picked up the phone. "Boss? We may have an identification of the girl. Rachel's here, hang on" he handed the phone to Rachel, who rolled her eyes at the thought of having to explain to her Boss.

"Hi Boss, the girls name is Brittney Walsh. She's 15. Usually wears a tracksuit, a tracksuit matching the girl we found this morning. It is also believed she had a lot of piercings and a tattoo-"

Rachel got cut off, by Gill shouting down the other end. "Rachel shut up for a second. You're telling me the dead girl is said to be called Brittney? That's not possible. I'm at the mortuary now, we have the DNA. I need to talk to you in particular…wait in my office until I get back. I can't tell you anymore, but this girl is definitely not called Brittney." With that, Gill hung up, leaving Rachel looking confused.

Gill returned to the office 20 minutes later, looking positively ghastly. "What's up with you?" Kevin asked.

"Shut it Kev" Rachel retorted. "Are you okay Boss?" she added.

Gill looked at Rachel and gave a sympathetic smile, before running over to her and hugging her.

"Woahh Boss, I didn't think you were the cuddly type" Kevin giggled, watching Rachel be strangled by Gill.

"I'm so sorry Rachel" she muffled.

"Boss what are you going on about?"

Gill let her go, but held onto her wrists.

"The…the girl….that….that was knocked-killed. Her name was-"

"Boss spit it out, our scaring me now" Rachel said, nervously.




"Her name was Holly Bailey."