The Demon Within Chapter 2 Sorry guys about the really REALLY short last chapter (before the edit)... I wasn't sure how much to write. If you haven't done so yet, please go back and read it. I added more. Including a random idea that makes (almost) sense. Anyway onward fellow sleepless person, onward.

Dreams, no mater how strange and unusual, are really memories in disguise.

Squee's point of view

I stand there staring at my scary neighbor passed out in the middle of the floor for what feels like hours, my breath wheezing in and out, hurting my bruised throat. A constant high pitched screech was peeling out. "Shmee, what do I do? Is he dead?" I ramble on for a bit more before I take a deep breath stopping the screech, a flash of anger running though me. Why did I always call for Shmee? He kept trying to tell me that daddy hated me, and should die. But daddy loves me... I shake my head touching the fresh bruise along my jaw. Sighing I move closer to the sleeping maniac, (yes I said sleeping, I can't just kill Nny, you crazy). I look him over fighting the insane urge to giggle. Nny was laying with his face pressed sideways into the floor. His butt was sticking up in the air, and his hands circling his head reaching toward the window. A knife was sticking up from one of his boots. I shake my head, sleeping he didn't look so scary. A beam of moon light lay along his left cheek highlighting the deep scar going over his eye. My arms start shaking in fear I moved closer. Even though I'm pretty sure he might kill me I had to lay him flat. Reaching forward I pulled on his right foot. His body slowly slid back. A squeak escaped my tight throat as one side of his body thumped to the ground. Slowly I grabbed his left foot, the one with the knife, I stilled my hand hovering over the deep blue blade. The smile face looked just like the ones covering my walls.

"You should take it",a cool voice mummers from my bed. I yelp whipping around it see Shmee standing on his own. He had just started to do this and speak back to me. "You should take that knife and stab it into Nn,Ny's back." He said making fun of me. "Then you should sneak into your good for nothing fathers office and slit his throat." Shmee's face was twisted into an evil sneer.

I was shaking, but not in fear. I was angry that every time I was calm the bear aways tried to get me to kill or destroy. It was getting so tiring. I don't WANT to plant firecrackers in Ms. B's nose, or strangle the scary dog. I pull my eyes from the blue handed knife and twist away from Johnny's still form. I fight to control an old anger that makes my eyes blaze. I know under this anger is fear. A fear so strong... I don't want to be like Johnny, I really don't want to be like him. I don't want to live in a scary blood covered house echoing with the screams of bad people. My internal rant continues as I move quietly towards my once loving and only friend. "Shmee why? Why do you do this to me? I don't want to hurt daddy, or Johnny, or the mean people at school. Not really."

My questions were interrupted by laughter. "Oh, you foolish child, you simple little thing. What would you do if I told you it's Nny's fault that I talk out loud. Would you like to kill him then? Wouldn't you like him to stop coming over, and making your daddy mad at the blood and broken glass?" The bear sneered hissing slightly.

"Wh...what do you mean he made you talk?" I ask my voice shivered as a tingle ran down my spine.

"You really don't remember? The first night Nny showed up breaking though your window? How often did I talk before that Hu?" The bear smiled believing he had a point

. I tilted my head," You told me to kill Mommy right before we moved here..." I shuddered unsure and nervous.

"Did I?" Shmee smiled knowing that he had me trapped. My body grew cold as I actually thought back two years ago. I couldn't remember anything... I turned back toward Johnny my brow wrinkled. I was so confused. I wished the aliens would come back and give me back my memory. Sighing I chose to ignore my one time friend and try to flip Nny onto his back. I was shaking horribly as I pushed up on his left side. He rolled over sickeningly easy. I glance at his prone face giggling in relief that he still slept soundly... I do wonder what he dreamed about.

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