If you haven't already. Go to Youtube and type in "Darkstalkers are not dead"

It's getting a real fourth game, not just that resurrection thing

Jon Talbain was at the 2012 New York Comic Con, a little convention of the largest pop culture event on the East Coast.

Somehow, Felicia had talked him into going with her

"It'll be fun," She said "Plus there's a big surprise I know you'll just love,"

In the end, the blue werewolf went.

So after getting swarmed by cosplayers, fanboys, and fangirls alike

Felicia and Jon got to a special room where Capcom was showing a teaser trailer for a new game.

"What's this," Jon asked Felicia

"Shhh," Felicia said "You'll love this,"

Just then, upon the large TV in the room, a trailer began to play, it showed a 3D version of Lord Raptors guitar, folowed by a #D Raptor rocking out. This was followed by Dimitri the vampire acting all scary

The trailer ended with it's title "Darkstalkers Are Not Dead,"

Jon was so excited, he let out a huge wolf howl.

Which then alerted everyone in the room he and Felicia were there

Thus more obsessed fans went to meet (and pet) their favorite cat girl and werewolf. Of course they really wild fans wanted to do more XD

In the end Jon managed to get Felicia and himself away from the crazy fan mob

"Whew," Jon said once they were safely away from the madness "Looks like we're not the only ones who are happy for a new game,"

"You can say that again," Dimitri the vampire said with Morgan, and the rest of the Darkstalker roster

"How'd you all get here?" Jon asked "And why are your clothes ripped?"

"Fans," Dimitri said "Lot of fans,"

It didn't take long for Jon and Felicia to see they all went to see the trailer to

Thus they now all awaited for when they would fight each other once more, in 3D

The end