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When Katniss arrives home again, her desperation reaches new heights. Though she can't feel a difference in Prim's temperature, Katniss knows her fever must have gone up because Prim is hallucinating. Every time Katniss tries to get her to drink something, Prim calls her 'mother' and says she'll drink more after supper.

Maybe it's because of what Prim's saying, but Katniss can't resist going in to see their mother after Prim finishes her tea. Maybe, just maybe, if she hears about Prim her mother will come back to them.

Katniss hates that she feels something like hope as she shakily opens her mother's door. She starts coughing as she shuts the door behind her, but though her mother can surely hear, she takes no notice. Katniss comes and sits at the edge of her bed.

"Wake up."

Katniss coughs again as she nudges her mother. Mrs. Everdeen opens her eyes and frowns.

"Mom, you have to get out of bed, please," Katniss whispers. "Prim is sick and you have to take care of her."

Mrs. Everdeen blinks and Katniss waits for a moment, watching to see if her eyes will show any sign of recognition. When nothing happens, Katniss tries again. She describes Prim's symptoms and tells her mother how worried she's getting. She can feel the words getting caught in her throat as she tells her mother that she needs her. That Prim needs her.

But her mother doesn't respond. Instead, she rolls away from Katniss, turning her face towards the wall and curling her knees into her chest. Katniss feels her desperation growing, pressing on her chest like it's going to crush her if she doesn't do something.

"Stop it!" she tries to pull her mother towards her. "Don't you turn away! We need you! Your children need their mother, need you!"

Mrs. Everdeen flinches and whimpers.

"Oh come on!" Katniss feels the disgust seep into her. "You-you, argh! I can't fucking believe you! I can't-I can't-Prim is sick! Get out of bed! Be a mother!"

Katniss' throat goes hoarse and she starts coughing again. This time the cough seems to reach deep into her chest and she sinks down on the edge of the bed to ride out the coughing fit.

When it's over, Mrs. Everdeen peers at her daughter for a moment, looking right at Katniss, but through her at the same time. When her mother rolls away from her again, Katniss feels something inside her snap. She doesn't even care any more. Doesn't care that her mother isn't helping. Doesn't care that she's curled up like her daughter's very presence is terrifying. It just doesn't matter anymore. Nothing that woman does matters. And Katniss doesn't even feel bad for thinking it might never matter again.

She gives her mother one last look of disgust, before she forces herself up from the bed and goes to make Prim another cup of tea.

But when she goes to help her sister drink it, Prim resists. She jerks her head away and lets it loll to the side so the tea spills down her chin. Katniss puts her hand on her sister's forehead and is sure it's getting even hotter.

"Prim, you need to drink this, please," Katniss begs. But nothing she says does any good. Prim doesn't seem to wake up fully enough to drink, and Katniss finds herself wishing she would start hallucinating again. At least then Katniss might be able convince her it's supper time and she needs to wash down food with a drink.

After her best efforts prove futile, Katniss goes into the kitchen and grips the counter as tears prick at the back of her eyes. They're out of yarrow and Prim spilled half the willow bark tea. She's going to need more herbs just to get through the night. If Prim is this bad with herbs, Katniss doesn't want to imagine what would happen if she went without them through the night.

But she does imagine it, she can't help it. It's too frighteningly compelling. Her mind creates images of Prim getting sicker and sicker, and finally dying during the night. Katniss gets light-headed and can barely breathe. It takes her a moment to remember it hasn't happened yet. She can still do something. She's just got to get more of those herbs.

It will take at least an hour and half to get them, and the thought of leaving Prim that long makes it difficult for Katniss to breathe. So, she puts on her jacket and leaves for the Hawthornes, because at this point she is way past worrying if she owes Gale.

But when she arrives at his house, Rory answers the door and says Gale is out. When he shuts the door, Katniss stands in the Hawthornes yard for a moment trying not to scream. They shouldn't have waited until the next morning to get the herbs. She assumed Prim's fever would be relatively steady for at least a day. But she was wrong and she hates herself for it.

She'll have to leave Prim to get the herbs, and she'll have to leave soon. It won't be long before it gets dark and finding the herbs will be next to impossible. She ought to look in on Prim once more before she goes, so she starts jogging towards her house.

She's halfway there when she sees Gale. He's walking down the path with Maura Amesworth, and he frowns and squints in her direction.

"Gale!" She's a little ashamed at how panicky her voice sounds, but it gets Gale moving. He's beside her in seconds.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm out of herbs," Katniss says. "Prim isn't going to make it through the night if I don't get them and-

She starts coughing again and Gale tenses.

"You're coughing."

"No," she tries to get the words out between coughs. "I…I'm…just-just…upset."

Gale puts an arm on her back and steers them toward her house. When her coughing stops, Katniss begins speaking again.

"Gale, I need to get these herbs. But I can't leave Prim, she's too sick. She's hallucinating, and if I stop giving her medicine-

"I'll get the herbs. Which ones do you need?"

"Yarrow and willow bark. Do you know what they look like?"

"I think so, but I better take a look at the plant book."

"Gale?" Maura has jogged up behind them. "What are you doing?"

"I have to take care of some things for Katniss tonight," he tells her.

"But we were going to hang out."

"I know, but Katniss needs me."

They have all come to a stop outside the Everdeen's front porch. Maura glares at Katniss, who doesn't bother returning her gaze.

"You're ditching me for her?"

Katniss fights the urge to just yank Gale by the arm and pull him inside to get the plant book. She really, really doesn't have time for this. Thankfully, Gale clearly feels the same.

"Don't start this right now," he snaps. "I'll come by your house tomorrow and explain."

"Seriously!" Maura's voice reaches something like a shriek. "You can't just-

"Let's get the book."

Gale opens Katniss' front door and guides her inside. Katniss grabs the book from the kitchen counter and flips to the pages with yarrow and willow bark. Gale glances back at the sky.

"I'm going to take these pages. It's getting darker and I don't want to screw this up."

Katniss nods and he tears the pages out of the book.

"Is it going to be too dark?" she asks him.

"Give me a candle and a few matches."

Katniss opens a cabinet and fishes around for what she needs. Gale surveys the kitchen and living room, which are a mess of dirty dishes, used rags, and jars of herbs. Katniss finds the candle and matches, and hands them to Gale.

"I'll be back soon," he tells her. Katniss looks at the sun setting.

"Be careful," she says as she opens the door to let him out.

"I'll be fine."

Gale walks out the door and straight into Maura.


"I have to go. We'll talk about it later, but this is an emergency."

Maura grabs his shirt and tries to yank him back towards her.

"So you can't even explain why, or where you're going, or -

"Enough!" Gale jerks his arm away and glares at Maura. His hands are balled into fists and Katniss can see his jaw work as he grits his teeth. "I don't have time for this bullshit, now go the fuck home!"

Katniss feels her jaw drop and Maura actually flinches, but Gale is already jogging out of the yard. So Maura turns to Katniss, who decides to preempt the impending argument by shutting the door in her face.

Katniss hears knocking behind her, but she has no trouble putting Maura out of her mind. She goes immediately to her bedroom to monitor Prim.

"Hang in there, Little Duck," Katniss whispers. She brushes a strand of hair off Prim's clammy face. Prim stirs and whimpers in response. Katniss considers getting a glass of water to make her drink, but decides to wait until she can prepare an herbal tea. Prim barely seems able to drink anything and Katniss wants to make the fluids count.

Instead, she sinks into the chair she'd pulled up beside the bed and waits for Gale. She's hardly slept in the last few days, and she didn't sleep at all the previous night. Her eyelids are drooping, resisting her best efforts to keep them open. Eventually, she leans back against the chair and lets her eyes close.

Katniss doesn't remember falling asleep, but she knows she must have because the pounding on the door startles her. She springs from her chair, then starts coughing ferociously.


Gale shouts through the door as she tries to suppress her cough and remain upright. When the coughing fit finally subsides, she stumbles to the front door and lets Gale in.

"I have them."

They go into the kitchen and he puts the herbs on the counter. Katniss begins making a tea immediately. Gale looks around the house for a moment, then starts doing dishes.

"What are you doing?" she asks.

"What does it look like?"

Katniss sighs and rephrases her question.

"Why are you doing our dishes?"

"Because you're probably out of clean ones, and you're going to have to eat off something."

"You don't have to."

"I don't. But I'm going to anyway."

If she had more energy and less other worries, Katniss would have put some kind of effort into stopping him. But at the moment, she can't bring herself to care. If he really wants to do their dishes, she's not going to stop him.

After a few minutes of working in silence, he says her name tentatively. She looks up from the water boiling on the stove.

"Where's your mother?"

"In her bedroom."

"Does she know about Prim?"

"I told her. I don't know if she understood. She's not…I don't know. She doesn't answer, doesn't even look at me. I just give her a plate of breakfast in the morning and a plate of supper at night. I'm not even sure when she eats. She won't do it in front of me."

Katniss moves the water off the stove and pours it into a cup.

"She used to eat with Prim. She didn't talk, but she at least did an activity with someone. But since Prim's sick…"

Katniss trails off so her voice doesn't wobble. Gale puts down the dish he's drying and comes to stand beside her. She thinks he might be about to hug her again, but she moves away before he gets the chance. If he does that, she might never move out of his arms.

She puts the crushed herbs into the tea satchel and sinks it into the water. When it's ready, she goes into the bedroom and sits in the chair beside her bed.

"Come on Little Duck," she shakes Prim gently. "Time to drink tea."

Prim wakes up, but doesn't seem capable of doing anything beyond whimpering. Katniss props her upright and pleads with her to open her mouth and swallow her tea. Prim only manages to drink half of it, the other half dribbles down her chin and onto her shirt. Katniss goes back out to make another cup of tea.

"I put a plate of my mom's stew in with your mother," Gale says. "You need to have some too."

He holds a bowl in front of her.

"In a minute. I'm going to get Prim another cup of tea."

"I'll do it. You need to eat."


"You look like hell. Now sit down and eat."

She really doesn't have the energy to argue. Even if she did, she's not sure she'd win because Gale's jaw is already starting to tense. He's given no sign that he's in the mood to back down from a fight tonight. So she sits at the kitchen table with the bowl of Hazelle's stew. She doesn't have an appetite, but she forces herself to eat. It's the only thing she's had all day.

Gale fixes Prim's tea and goes into the bedroom. When he comes out, he looks apprehensive.

"She spilled half of it," he tells Katniss.

"That's how it's been going lately."

He nods and takes a deep breath. He joins her at the table, but can't seem to stay still. He keeps tapping his fingers on the table or swinging the foot he has propped on his knee. When she glares at him, he shoots her an apologetic look and goes into the kitchen to continue washing dishes.

When she's finished, Katniss joins him.

"I'm not going to be able to hunt tomorrow," she tells him.

"I know."

Gale takes her plate and begins washing it. Katniss considers telling him to stop with the dishes already, but decides it isn't worth the argument. Instead, she goes to sit beside Prim again.

About an hour passes and Katniss nearly drifts off every five minutes. She's not sure what exactly Gale does, but judging by the sounds, she thinks he's straightening her house. Eventually, he comes and stands beside her chair.

"It's getting late and my mom's going to worry if I don't head back," he says.

"I'll be fine."

Gale lets out a breath.

"I'll come by with some meat and more herbs tomorrow."


"Get some rest, Catnip. You won't do Prim any good if you're too tired to function."


Gale sighs again and lets himself out.

Katniss fights sleep for hours after Gale leaves, but eventually she loses. When she wakes up the sun is out, so she must have slept for hours. But she's shivering and so exhausted that she may as well not have slept at all. Prim is still sleeping and Katniss decides to fix another cup of tea. Her muscles are aching as she stumbles out of the chair and into the kitchen.

She's just set the water to boil when a knock sounds on the door. She opens the door to Gale, who is carrying another bowl of stew, two squirrels, and some herbs.

"I found out about a medicine," he says as soon as he's stepped into the house.

"Besides herbs?"

"Medicine from the Capitol. It's all anyone was talking about at the Hob," Gale says. "Apparently, this fever spread around enough that it got the mayor's attention. He had his doctor examine some patients and they found out it's some kind of lung infection."

Katniss tries to process what he's saying, but she can't seem to stay focused. Her mind seems to be moving too slowly to keep up with Gale's speech.

"So they shipped some drugs in from the Capitol and are selling them at the apothecary. First batch arrived last night apparently. Catnip? Are you listening to me?"

"Yeah, there's medicine."

"Right, at the apothecary."

Slow as she may be feeling, her mind is quick enough to see the biggest problem.

"How much is it?"

"Thirty coins," Gale says. "Trust the Capitol to keep medicine nice and expensive, even when there's almost an epidemic. But, we've been doing well and I know you've been saving."

They both keep small jars of coins in their kitchens for emergencies. She's not sure exactly how much is in hers, but it might have thirty coins. She's added to it little by little over more than two years, and she's reluctant to use it for anything. If her mother was herself, then someone could tell Katniss if this fever was something that could be managed with herbs.

But her mother doesn't seem likely to come back any time soon, so Katniss has to figure out what to do on her own. She sits down at the kitchen table and puts her aching head in her hands while she thinks.

"Do you have that much?"

Katniss had almost forgotten Gale was there.

"I don't know," she says. "If we do, it's just barely thirty. I don't know if I should use it all for this. What if the fever goes down on its own?"

Gale nods. She knows he understands how difficult it is to spend everything in just one day. If another disaster strikes, they'll have nothing.

"Well, let's just see how much you have," he says eventually. "Maybe you'll still have some left over."

Or maybe she won't even have enough and it will all be moot. Slowly, she pushes herself up from the chair and walks into the kitchen. She can feel Gale's eyes boring into the back of her, watching her labored movements. He's going to start fussing at her if she doesn't get a better grip on herself. She probably ought to make herself a cup of tea when she makes one for Prim.

No sooner has the thought occurred to her, then she hears a hiss and splash from the stove. Katniss yelps and stumbles into the wall. Gale is inside the kitchen in an instant, moving the boiling water off the heat. Katniss watches him for a moment before she realizes that the water for Prim's tea had boiled over. Clearly she over-filled the pot.

"I was making tea," she explains to him.

"I figured."

He looks at her again.

"Why don't you get that money and sit down."

"I am," she snaps.

She goes over to the cabinet and fumbles through it until she finds the jar on the bottom shelf. She wants to go finish the tea, but Gale grips her arm and steers her towards the kitchen table.

"Knock it off," she snaps, yanking her arm out of his grasp. "I need to make the tea."

"I'll make it. Just sit down and count your money."


She gives him one more glare for good measure and sinks into a chair. It feels good to sit, but she's still freezing. Shakily, she empties the money from the jar and begins counting the coins. She loses track and has to start over twice before she finally gets to thirty-one. Barely enough.

Gale comes out of the kitchen moments later and puts a mug of tea in front of her.

"Drink," he orders.

"But it's for Prim-

"I have one for her too."

He holds the other mug in front of her, then goes into the bedroom to help Prim drink. Moments later she hears a mug shatter and Gale shouts her name.

"Katniss! Shit! Katniss!"

She stumbles into the bedroom to find Gale leaning over Prim, who's shaking uncontrollably. Her tiny arms and legs are flailing and her back is arching off the bed.

"What do I do?" Gale shouts frantically. "What do I do?"

He places his hands on her arms, trying to still her, but she keeps shaking. Katniss screams and runs to his side. She's trying to remember what to do about convulsions, but before she can gather her thoughts, the shaking stops.

Prim moans and opens her eyes.

"Dad?" she asks, peering at Gale. "Dad? What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Gale manages to stutter." It's okay, just-just sleep."

"It hurts," she croaks.

"What does? What hurts?" Katniss asks.


Prim moans again and shuts her eyes. Katniss looks at Gale and sees her own terror reflected in his eyes. She tries to remember what convulsions mean and how to deal with them. Gale goes into their living room and returns with several of her mother's books. He drops them on the floor and kneels down, running his finger down the index entries in the back of each book. Katniss feels her stomach sink as she remembers one of the causes of convulsions.

"It means the fever's worse," she says. "I-I think I need to get the medicine, Gale. If it's not too late alrea-

"It's not!"

He says it so fiercely that Katniss almost believes him.

"Stay here with her. I'll be back with the medicine before you know it."

He springs up from the floor and Katniss hears the coins clank as he gathers them off the table. He's out the door less than a minute later.

With Gale gone, Katniss starts to curl up and cry, but finds the activity too exhausting after just a few minutes. Instead, she sits in the chair beside Prim's bed shivering and whispering to her sister.

"Hang on, we're going to get you medicine," she says as her teeth chatter. "J-just hang on, Prim. Please."

She lifts her knees to her chest so she can keep warm and have somewhere to rest her head. It occurs to her that she could probably use more tea herself, but she doesn't want to leave Prim's side.

She realizes that Gale isn't actually gone long, but it feels like forever. Prim starts to convulse again just minutes before he arrives. When he gets to the bedroom, Katniss is still hunched over Prim, who has just barely stopped shaking. Gale goes completely still.

"Catnip, is she…"

Gale trails off. But then Prim moans and he lets out the breath he was holding.

"Alright, I've got it," he says. "She needs to take two pills."

He puts the pills on the bed and returns moments later with a half-filled glass of water. Katniss wants to try and open the pill jar, but Gale is moving at twice her speed. He snatches up the jar, pours out the pills, and is propping Prim up before Katniss has even finished sitting up.

"Come on, sweetheart," Gale says softly, stroking Prim's hair as she moans. "Sit up."

Prim does nothing to assist him; she just whimpers as he moves her.

"Good job, you're doing great," Gale says when he's got her upright. "Now you just have to open your mouth and swallow. That's all."


"Shhh," Gale strokes her hair. "Just open-there's a good girl. Now in go the pills—no, no keep that mouth open. And some water."

He pours water down her throat and tilts her head back, forcing her to swallow. Prim coughs and groans, but ultimately swallows the pills.

"Good job. That was perfect."

Prim keeps coughing.

"Ouch," she manages to whimper.

Katniss feels her stomach clench and fights back tears.

"I know, I know," Gale soothes. "That was no fun, but it's going to make you better."

"Dad, I don't want to…"

"Shhhh, shhh. It's okay. I'm going to help you lay down, and then you can sleep, okay?"

"Katniss?" Prim opens her eyes fully and tries to move her head.

"Right here, little duck," Katniss squeezes Prim's hands. "Just lay down and rest."

Gale lifts Prim back down and brushes the hairs out of her face. Katniss pulls the covers around her sister and then sits down on the floor beside the bed, gripping Prim's hand. After a few minutes of silence, Gale says,

"If you're going to sit like that you should at least have something to lean on."

"No. I don't want to fall asleep."

"It's okay. I'll stay awake," Gale says. "But you've got to rest, Catnip. I can tell you haven't been."

She sighs. Sleep does sound wonderful. And Gale is here, he won't let anything happen while she's asleep.

"You promise to wake me if anything happens?"

"Of course."

Katniss lets him sit down in the chair behind her and scoot it up so she can rest her back against his legs. She's still cold and her body still aches, but she's so much more comfortable than she was before. Her eyes are so heavy that they close before she knows it.

It's dark outside when she feels Gale shake her awake. She's exhausted, achy, and shivering, but Gale is focused on Prim.

"Catnip, you awake?" he asks after she's had a moment to get her bearings. She nods and he continues, "I don't know if this is normal, but she's sweating a lot. It started after I gave her the second dose of medicine. I don't know if I should do something…"

Katniss releases Prim's hand and gets slowly to her feet so she can take a better look. Sweat has slicked Prim's hair to her forehead and beads of perspiration are running down her cheeks. It takes a moment for Katniss to process what this means, but when she does, she lets out a sound somewhere between a laugh and sob.


"She's better. She's really better."

Katniss feels Prim's forehead. She's still a bit warm, but nothing like she was. Katniss keeps taking shaky breaths. Gale is looking at her warily, like she might have lost her mind.

"It means her fever broke. Her body knows it's too hot and is trying to cool down by sweating," Katniss explains. "It means she's better, Gale."

She feels her eyes starting to prick up and her throat swelling, then she's getting pulled into Gale's arms. She sobs against his chest and he squeezes her so tightly it's almost painful. They stay like that for a long time and when her sobs stop, Katniss just leans into Gale, letting him support weight, because she's just so tired. They only move when a knock sounds at the door.

When Katniss opens it up, Rory is there. He starts to say hello, but he looks at her and his mouth just hangs open. He looks frightened and when he finally speaks his voice comes out in a shaky whisper.

"Is she-is she…

It's only then that Katniss realizes what she must look like, with red eyes, a runny nose, and tear-stained cheeks.

"No, no. Her fever just broke. She's going to be okay."

Rory lets out a breath and manages an awkward smile. Katniss steps away from the door and Gale shuts it behind Rory. Exhausted, she sinks into one of the kitchen chairs.

"Mom sent me," Rory tells Gale. "She's getting worried. She said you could stay if you needed to, or that she would come over. But she wants you to check in with her."

"Yeah, it got late."

"And Maura came by. She seemed pissed."

"She'll get over it once I explain about Prim."

Gale sighs heavily and looks over at Katniss. She can feel him taking her in, from her bloodshot eyes to her hunched posture. His eyes radiate concern and Katniss feels somewhat ridicules. Does she really look that terrible? She must though, because even Rory looks concerned.

"It's okay, you can head back now," she assures them.

Rory looks down, but Gale keeps staring at her.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. Her fever broke, the worst is over."

"And what about you? Are you finally going to rest?"

"I rested today."

Gale snorts.

"Really rest, Catnip. Make yourself a cup of tea, lie down in a bed, and really get some sleep."

"Yes, I am. Believe me, I want to."

And she does; she can't remember if she's ever felt so exhausted. Her head hurts, her whole body aches, and she keeps getting chills. She wants nothing more than to lie down.

"Okay," Gale says. "I'll come by tomorrow morning with some food."

"We have plenty."

"Well, it never hurts to have extra."

"You don't need to."

"Well, I will. And there's nothing you can say to stop me."

"Fine," Katniss shakes her head in exasperation. There really is no reasoning with him when he's like this. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Gale nods and he and Rory walk to the door. Before he shuts it closed behind them, Gale looks over at Katniss again and says,

"Take care of yourself tonight, Catnip."

"I will."

And she truly intended to. But, when she went to make tea, her teeth were chattering uncontrollably. Her head felt heavy and her whole body ached, and she just couldn't get herself to even finish pouring water in a pot. So, Katniss put the pot down and leaned against the wall. As she let herself sink down onto the floor and told herself she'd only rest a moment.

But it must have been longer than a moment, because when Katniss wakes up it's so bright her eyes hurt. She's cold, she's shaking, and her whole body seems to hurt. Her head is actually pounding, or is that a pounding on the door? She's not sure, but it certainly won't go away.

"Catnip! Catnip!"

It must be the door. It must be Gale. Katniss tries to move from the floor, but her muscles don't cooperate. It doesn't much concern her. He'll go away and let her rest eventually.


The hoarse, shaky voice from down the hall does concern her. That's Prim. Prim needs her. Katniss urges her muscle to move again, and this time she's able to push shakily upright. She leans against the counter to catch her breath.


She can barely hear Prim above Gale's pounding and shouting.

"I'm here, Little Duck," she croaks.

But Prim must not have heard, because her voice sounds more frantic. Amid the noise Gale's making, Katniss hears a crash from the bedroom. She pushes herself from the edge of the counter, towards the exit of the kitchen. Once she gets to the main room, she has to rest. She sinks down against the wall again and calls to Prim.

"I'm over here, Prim, I'm here."

She thinks she might have been louder that time, but Prim certainly didn't hear. The words come out of her mouth at the same her front door falls into the entry way. Katniss groans at the sound, it seems to reverberate through her entire body, making all her muscles throb.

When she looks up, she sees Gale stepping around the door and scanning the room. When he sees her, he mutters a series of profanities and runs over to her.

"Catnip? Catnip?"

"Prim. Get Prim."



She meant to shout, but it comes out a hoarse, angry moan. But it's sufficient for Gale to sense her desperation, because he turns and runs down the hallway. Katniss feels a sense of relief wash over her when she hears his voice mingling with Prim's.

But Gale comes out again almost immediately and Katniss starts feeling frantic again. Where is she? Is she alright?


"Sh," Gale cuts her off. "Prim is fine. You are not."

I know, I'm terrible. I resolved Prim's situation and then left you with Katniss getting sick. I thought it was just so like Katniss to run herself into the ground taking care of Prim. I'll work on the next chapter as quickly as I can, but it will probably be more like a week or week-and-half wait, as opposed to the four days for this chapter. Thanks again for all your reviews and do feel free to give suggestions. I know GlassHeart1993 still wants to see Gale and Katniss take a nap and cuddle together, and I swear it will happen :)