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Narrator's POV

"What happened?" Shadow asked as he appeared next to Twilight with concern in his eyes.

"I saw….something while I was meditating. It was something green and then I felt like I was being burned." Twilight said before the smell of singed fur hit her nose.

Twilight quickly looked Shadow over and noticed that he was indeed singed in a few places.

"What happened to you?" Twilight asked.

"Nothing much. Me and a dragon had a…disagreement." Shadow said dismissively.

Twilight looked at him in disbelief before asking, "Was it a green one?"

"Yes it was." Shadow answered. "It seems like our connection is getting stronger."

Twilight nodded and said, "Yes, but I don't much care for this development." Twilight then got a thoughtful look and asked, "Why were you even in a dragon's cave?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now, I have somewhere else to be." Shadow said before hugging Twilight. "See you soon."

With that said, Shadow backed away and disappeared before Twilight could say anything else.

"You're father infuriates me sometimes." Twilight huffed.

"You're the one who married him." Mint countered.

They heard somepony land behind them and turned to greet who it was. It was Icy and hovering right behind him was Rainbow Dash.

"Why are you here Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked.

"Ice here mentioned a fight between Shadow and Itachi. I am not going to miss it." Rainbow Dash answered.

"Well, you just missed Dad. He just let with a few burns." Mint said.

"What?!" Rainbow Dash and Icy shouted at the same time.

Twilight smiled and Mint started laughing.

"Don't worry, you didn't miss the fight. Shadow came to check on me. When he arrived, he was already singed." Twilight explained. "Where is everypony else? I assume you told them."

"Yeah, Applejack and Pinkie Pie are on their way. Rarity and Fluttershy don't want to see it. Seeker won't come since Fluttershy isn't." Rainbow Dash answered.

"What about Ice Blitz?" Mint asked.

"I couldn't find him." Rainbow Dash replied.

"Twilight, can you…Twilight?" Mint started before noticing that Twilight was gone.

"She left after Rainbow Dash answered your question." Itachi said from next to Rainbow Dash.

"Ahhh." Rainbow Dash and Icy screamed in shock.

"How did you do that?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I'm a trained ninja." Itachi answered simply.

"But, but, can you teach me?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"No." Itachi answered.

"Why not?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"You're too loud." Itachi replied.

Rainbow Dash was appalled by this and just looked at Itachi with her mouth open.

"Dashie, you catch flies if you don't close your mouth." Pinkie Pie sang on Rainbow Dash's other side.

Rainbow Dash jumped and looked over to Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash opened her mouth to say something, but got an idea. When she turned back, Itachi was nowhere to be seen.

"Where did Itachi go?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"He left when Pinkie arrived." Mint answered.

"Darn. I was going to ask him something." Rainbow Dash complained.

"I'm back." Twilight announced as she arrived with Ice Blitz in tow.

"Ah'm here as well." Applejack announced as she left the tree line. "That's quite a walk ta get here."

"So all that's left is to wait for Shadow and Itachi." Twilight said.

"Actually, Itachi is here, somewhere." Mint said.

"Oh, must be hiding from Pinkie then." Twilight said.

"Why would he be hiding from me?" Pinkie asked innocently.

"Honestly, I think he is wary of you. He was a little shaken when we brought him back from Sugarcube Corner. You can be scary when someone tells you they don't care for sweets." Twilight explained.

"I don't know how anypony can not like sweets." Pinkie said.

"Pinkie, there is something you need to know. For humans, a lot of sweets can make them very sick." Mint explained.

"What?! That must be horrible. I couldn't imagine not being able to eat sweets all day long." Pinkie said sadly.

"What does he eat then?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, lots of nuts, and occasionally fish." Twilight informed.

"Did ya just say 'fish'?" Applejack asked. "As is he eats meat?"

"Yes. He requires protein to live and be healthy. That's why he eats a lot of nuts and other high protein foods." Twilight explained.

"Aren't ya afraid he might eat ya?" Applejack asked.

"Or some of Fluttershy's animals?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"No." Twilight answered. "He told me that he is trying to convert over to a vegetarian diet, but he is having trouble getting all the necessary protein. Plus, Fluttershy already knows about this. She gave us some tips on how he could get more protein."

"Well, if but you and Fluttershy are fine with it, then ah guess ah can be as well." Applejack said.

"So when is Shadow going to be here?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Don't know." Twilight answered. "Let me ask him."

"Shadow, how much longer are you going to be?" Twilight asked.

"Half hour at most." Shadow replied.

"He said it will be a half hour at most." Twilight informed the others.

Half an Hour Later

"I'm back." Shadow announced.

"What took you so long?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"You try getting the smell of burnt fur off you. It took three showers and a lot of shampoo." Shadow replied, then he looked around. "Wow, that's a big crowd. I'm surprised you didn't invite the princesses."

"Hey, that's a great idea. "Rainbow Dash said. "Let's get the princesses in on this. I bet they would love to see exact what Itachi can do."

"Me and my big mouth." Shadow mumbled.

"I agree with Dashie." Pinkie sang as others nodded in agreement.

"I don't think we have a choice." Itachi said as he flickered into existence next to Shadow.

"Fine, but let me ask first." Shadow said but disappearing.

A minute later, Twilight announced, "The princesses have agreed and are awaiting our arrival. Follow me everypony and Itachi."

They all took a few steps before they teleported to the princesses' throne room.

"Twilight, it's good to see you and your friends again." Celestia said from her throne.

Twilight ran up and gave her a hug while everypony else bowed. Itachi nodded his head.

"Where is Shadow and Princess Luna." Twilight asked.

"They are with Yuri and Cammo in the practice field for the magic school." Celestia said. "Shining Armor and Cadence are on their way there as we speak."

As soon as she finished speaking, they were all engulfed in a flash of light. When they light dimmed, they saw that they were in a large open field with stands to one side. Luna was sitting at the top of the stands with an impatient look on her face and Yuri was sitting off to one side. Celestia took her place next to Luna while everypony else filled in the seats below them. Itachi walked to the center of the field next to Shadow.

"We will wait for Cadence and Shining Armor to arrive before your match begins." Celestia announced in a magically enhanced voice.

"Well Itachi, it looks like we are today's entertainment." Shadow said to which Itachi nodded. "I don't think you should use your mist jutsu from yesterday. We wouldn't want a group of angry ponies after us now would we."

"I agree." Itachi said.

"I've been meaning to ask you, where do you keep all of those daggers and metal stars? I know you didn't have any on you when I brought you here." Shadow asked.

"You mean my kunai and shuriken? They are sealed within seals that are sewn into the sleeves of my cloak." Itachi answered while turning his sleeve inside out to show a weird symbol.

Itachi then brushed his hand over it and a kunai appeared in his hand.

"That is neat." Shadow said. "What else do you have in there?"

"You'll see." Itachi answered and by this time Shining Armor and Cadence arrived.

"They took their seats next to the princesses. When they were settled, they created a barrier around the stands with their combined power.

"Shadow, Itachi, you may begin." Celestia announced.

The two separated from each other and pulled out their weapons. Shadow held a katana in his mouth while Itachi held a kunai in each hand. Shadow tensed when he saw Itachi's eyes turn red. Shadow released the katana from his mouth and lifted it with magic while drawing his other one as well. Shadow charged forward and slashed at Itachi in rapid succession, but every attack was easily blocked without Itachi moving from where he is standing. Itachi kicked out and hit Shadow directly in the chest. There was enough force behind the kick to send Shadow back a few feet. As Shadow hooves touched the ground, a giant fireball left Itachi's mouth. Shadow jumped back and teleported away. He reappeared directly behind Itachi and slashed at him again. Itachi spun around and attempted to block the attack, but Shadow's katana fazed through the kunai. Itachi's eyes widened in surprise as a blade erupted from his right shoulder. Itachi's startled expression turned into one of confidence as he exploded into a flock of crows. The fake Shadow flickered out of existence as he let the illusion die. Shadow eyed the crows warily as they circled around him. He watched as a few crow turned into shuriken and shot at him. The shuriken were stopped by one of Shadow's barriers.

'So that's why Mint froze them quickly." Shadow thought to himself.

Shadow let the barrier drop as the crows fused back into Itachi. Itachi threw a handful of shuriken at Shadow followed closely by multiple fireballs. Shadow teleported out of the way, only to have to teleport again as water dragon flew at him. This time, Shadow reappeared next to Itachi and he proceeded to stab him. As soon as the katana made contact, Itachi exploded in a shockwave of water. Shadow was thrown back and hit the ground hard. Shadow quickly got back to his hooves, but was panting heavily as he looked at Itachi, who barely even looked winded. Shadow levitated both of his katanas back to him before he closed his eyes and cleared his mind. A moment later, Shadow opened his eyes to reevaluate his situation.

After a minute of rest and thinking, Shadow went back to action. He jumped forward and disappeared from view. He reappeared directly in front of Itachi in mid attack. Itachi blocked it easily, but as he did, Shadow vanished leaving behind a black spear that hovered in midair. Shadow then appeared from another spot and repeated this cycle of attacking and blocking for a few minutes. Shadow jumped back from his latest attack on Itachi and brought his front hooves up. Itachi noticed this and looked at the virtual wall of spears that had him trapped. Shadow brought his hooves down and all the spears followed suit. As the spears hit, the exploded and threw up a huge cloud of dust. Shadow swayed a little from the exertion, but managed to keep himself upright. As the dust cloud started to clear, a skeletal hand shot out grabbed Shadow. It lifted Shadow into the air and held him there as dust cloud finally cleared. Itachi stood there with a skeletal ribcage surrounding him.

"This fight is over." Itachi announced before setting Shadow back down and releasing the Susano'o.

"Yeah." Shadow agreed. "I can't go on."

Shadow was then bowled over bright a green object.

"Mint, can you get off me. I can't breathe." Shadow gasped.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Mint asked with an edge in her tone.

"I'm still sore from getting kicked and from the explosion." Shadow wheezed.

"Oh, sorry." Mint apologized as she got off of him.

"That was a most impressive display." Luna said as she walked up.

"Indeed it was." Celestia agreed.

"It was awesome." Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Was that the Susano'o?" Twilight asked.

"Yes." Itachi answered.

"From the way Shadow described it to us, I thought it would be bigger." Luna said.

"That was only a partial manifestation of it." Itachi replied.

"Can we see the full thing?" Celestia asked.

"No, even summoning that much of it still damaged my eyesight." Itachi answered.

"Oh." Luna said disheartened. "Wait, I could always heal whatever damage your eyes take from using it."

"No." Itachi replied.

"Why not?" Twilight asked.

"She is not very gentle when she heals others." Itachi answered.

"Ungrateful human." Luna huffed.

"Spoiled princess." Itachi retorted.

"Break it up you two." Shadow said from his position laying on the ground. "I may be weak, but I can still send you both to the moon."

"Can he?" Itachi asked.

"Yes he can." Twilight answered. "As can I."

"I suggest we all get some rest before anypony says something they might regret." Celestia said trying to diffuse the situation.

"Ah think that might be best." Applejack said.

"And tomorrow we can have a party." Pinkie Pie yelled.

"Well, I guess I know what we're doing tomorrow." Twilight said. "Come on Mint, Shadow. Shadow?"

When Twilight turned around, said pony was fast asleep.

Twilight sighed and asked nopony in particular, "What is it with him and always pushing himself too far?"

Author's Notes

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