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"Hey" -Human speech

'Hey' -Human thought

"Hey" -Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey' -Demon thought

Drip -Slight sound effects

Let's begin!

Naruto saw nothing but red. His teammate had been struck down by the mysterious hunter nin that aided Zabuza. He felt something inside him snap, and a foul voice whisper evil nothings into his mind. It told him to kill the one who killed Sasuke, kill everyone who might hurt him, and kill everyone who wronged him as a child. It wanted him to keep killing…

Just as he was about to deliver the final blow that would surely shatter the hunter nin's jaw and nose, the splintering bone piercing the brain, killing it quickly, a gloved hand captured his fist. The fingers to it were clawed and the armor for the hand and fingers was layered ridges. The oddest part was the grip felt cold… So cold. The hand threw him back with surprising ease, and his back hit the ground. As the Kyuubi's influence slowly dissipated, his red slitted eyes turning cerulean again, and his feral features retracting, he groaned to himself and looked up at the figure that halted his attack.

From his viewpoint on the ground, the person was very tall. Easily as tall as Kakashi or Zabuza. He wore very strange clothes and armor, every inch of it was hued either a shade of blue that brought the image of ice to the mind, or white. He seemed like the stereotypical ninja: a strong yet slender build, a mask over his head to hide his face, depicted as a sort of black eyed creature with some odd mouth piece like a breathing apparatus, and a long katana within his right hand, the tip sliding along the ground. The design of the clothes/armor was very odd; it seemed like layered cowls down his entire body, with what looked like small slabs of ice here and there. With how the figure's head eclipsed Naruto's source of light, he seemed like the Shinigami himself, of a frozen hell.

Suddenly the figure chuckled, its voice grating with some voice modification device. "You alright, kid? Sorry I had to get rough with you. Gotta protect my fiancé and all." He said, kneeling down to Naruto's eye level, not solving the problem of the vacant black slits in his mask.

"H-huh?" Naruto asked, mesmerized by them, if not slightly shaken in fear from how he couldn't see the figures eyes.

"Guess we got off on the wrong foot. Name's Kori." The person said, hoisting Naruto up with one hand and patting his shoulder. "And you're Naruto Uzumaki." He added.

Naruto was shocked that this complete stranger knew who he was and at his sheer strength. Naruto wasn't a lightweight. He was around 150 pounds, and this man lifted him up with one hand like he was a feather. "Wh-what did you mean your 'fiancé'?" He asked.

Kori chuckled again and reached for his mask, both Naruto and the dazed Haku watching with bated breath to see who this mysterious Kori was.

He held the mask in his hand at his side, his face shown. His face was very pale, almost as if he was dead. It even had a slightly blue hue, just barely noticeable. And his eyes were clouded, again as if he were dead. His hair was a raging sea of blue, black and white, spiking upwards and forward a bit as more hung down his neck to the base of it. He smirked and turned to Haku. "I mean this." He said and with no warning, seized Haku by her waist and smashed their lips together, his mouth feeling cold yet to Haku, so warm. He invaded her mouth with his tongue and she was shocked and frozen for a bit, until something in her relented and she returned the gesture, slowly wrapping her arms around his shoulders and neck and moaning ever so slightly.

Naruto blushed at what he was seeing, shocked out of his mind. These people were trying to eat each other's faces in the middle of a battlefield. Once they were done, he asked the question that plagued his mind. "What the heck?!"

Kori chuckled once more, his hand wrapped around the shoulders of the dazed Haku, her face oddly flushed even in his cold proximity. And her wounds from Naruto's feral assault were all healed. "Just saying 'Hi' to my fiancé and great-granddaughter." He said, shocking both of them.

"What?! You just kissed your granddaughter?!" Naruto asked, pointing an accusing finger at the man.

"Technically, yes. However, this body isn't related to her, only my soul." Kori answered as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

Though she didn't know what that meant, Haku was oddly calmed at that answer and didn't feel as frantic from finding out she just openly made out with her supposed great-grandfather. "What do you mean 'this body,' Kori-san?" She asked.

"I'll explain later, Haku-chan. Now, we gotta go save Zabuza-san. He's in danger, as are you. Your benefactor Gato is a lying snake." He answered gravely.

Though they didn't understand, both Naruto and Haku followed Kori to where Zabuza and Kakashi were fighting, sensing a spike in the latter's chakra and hearing the sound of chirping birds. Kori stood in front of Zabuza as Kakashi neared with his final blow, holding his hand towards the approaching scarecrow. He grabbed the Raikiri in his hand as if it were someone's fist, the lightning chakra burning his skin underneath his glove, said cloth remaining unaffected. Kakashi was wide-eyed at who this complete stranger was and how he blocked his Raikiri with his bare hand. Said man diverting Kakashi away, batting him like an annoying fly.

Kakashi stumbled as he was directed towards the right, his Raikiri fading from his hand. As soon as he had his bearings, he turned a kunai on the man. "Who are you? Why did you stop me from killing Zabuza?! How'd you stop me?!" He asked, though more of a demand.

The man merely chuckled at him, he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "I can't have you killing my step-grandson, Scarecrow-san." He answered, smirking at the vein that popped up on Kakashi's forehead.

"What the hell are you talking about? Zabuza has no relatives!" He reminded, still keeping the kunai in his hand.

"It's true, he doesn't. But he's my step-grandson through my biological great-granddaughter." He answered.

Kakashi was confused, as was Zabuza, now free from Kakashi's dispelled dog summons.

"And don't try and keep up the tough guy façade, Zabuza-san. I know you love my Haku-chan as if she were your own daughter." Kori called over his shoulder at said Demon of the Mist.

Said man grumbled to himself about know-it-all strangers. "Haku, what the hell is happening?" He gruffly asked.

"To be honest, Zabuza-sama, I don't know either. This man saved me from Naruto-kuns assault, justified as it was and…" She said and trailed off as a blush formed on her face and her eyes glazed over.

Everyone present except Kori and Naruto were puzzled as hell at her answer, the former smirking and chuckling again, the latter blushing and his left brow twitching.

"Well, well, well. Looks like the 'Demon of the Mist' is just a big softy for that bitch that broke my arm." Gato called over, appearing at the other side of the bridge behind his army of thugs. "Men, kill them all. And save me the ice bitch. I plan on getting her back for this." He emphasized with his arm in a sling and a lecherous grin.

Everyone felt the temperature drop around Kori, low enough as it was in his presence. He merely took up his mask and put it back on his face as he unsheathed the katana from his back and turned to face the army. "Everyone. Stay back. They're mine." He growled out, the aura around him distorting and turning a hue of ice and darkness.

For fear of being in the path of the awaiting slaughter, Naruto, Zabuza and Haku all stepped back, as did Sakura and Tazuna that arrived earlier and didn't say anything under the man's oppressive aura, leaving him to the army's mercy. Or perhaps the army to his non-existent mercy. One could only speculate before it began.

Gato merely smirked and ordered his thugs to take care of the man who wanted to throw away his life. The thugs smirked also and rushed the man, unaware of their impending deaths.

Kori merely stalked towards them, holding his katana in a two hand grip and dragging the tip along the ground as he approached.

For the first thug that approached, he merely swiped the sword in the space before him, then walked pass the thug that was puzzled at how he missed him. Then he thought no more, as a cut formed around his stomach and ice froze his blood and splintered his organs within his body, making him into a human pincushion from the inside out.

Kori repeated this with many more approaching thugs, silent the entire time. Turning towards a group of clustered thugs, he impaled the closest one in the stomach and clenched his grip, ice erupting from inside the body and exploding backwards into growing ice crystals that skewered the men behind him.

He then walked towards the center of the army, the thugs giving him a wide berth in fear. He then proceeded to himself through his stomach with his own sword, though drawing no blood, and started weaving handsigns together. Taking the opportunity presented to them, the thugs rushed the man, only to run into their deaths. As Kori finished, he pulled out his sword, again drawing no blood, and slammed it into the ground forward and yelled "Demonic Ice Release: Frozen Hell!" as he did this, ice erupted from the ground, moving forward like a wave of death. It crushed and impaled all in its wake. Within 10 seconds, every thug before Gato was dead; either pierced so many times by sharp ice crystals or crushed between two large ice slabs. He pulled out his sword and stalked towards the terrified businessman. He ignored his pleas for mercy and raised his sword. But instead of slicing him to bits or decapitating him, he merely put the very tip of the sword to Gato's forehead. Within seconds, Gato froze solid. He was frozen completely, every cell in his body frozen stiff. Kori pulled his sword away and sheathed it and held his clawed gloved-hand out as the aura around him converged to it. Soon, the aura formed a giant astral hand mirroring his and he slowly grabbed the statue of Gato and lifted it into the air for all to see. He then clenched his hand shut and the astral hand mimicked him, crushing Gato out of existence and sending ice shards everywhere around him, shocking everyone to the core.

He then turned around to face everyone, and shocked them again as the vacant black slits of his mask glowed a blood red. He slowly breathed deeply to calm down as the glow died down and returned to their empty blackness. He slowly walked back to the group, walking through the forest of ice and death he created as it snowed a bit from the higher shards of ice that were falling now.

Naruto was the first to snap out of his stupor. "That… was… AWESOME!" He said with stars in his eyes.

Everyone sweat dropped at his attitude which killed the mood of fear they had.

"Well that was… interesting. You're alright in my book, Burradiaisu-san." Zabuza remarked.

Kori raised an eyebrow at him. "'Bloody Ice'? Really?" He asked flatly.

Zabuza merely shrugged. Kakashi then approached Kori. "Answer my questions from before. Who are you and how did you stop my Raikiri?" He repeated his questions.

"I am Kori Yuki and I stopped it with my hand, duh." He answered, smirking as Kakashi was starting to develop a twitch in his eye.

"How? It's almost pure lightning! No human hand could stop it!" Kakashi reminded.

"Maybe I'm not human." Kori remarked gravely, walking passed a stiffened Kakashi to stand next to Haku and hugged her, doing a complete 180 of his personality, acting like a loving cat now, making Haku giggle at him.

"Care to explain, Kori-kun?" Haku asked, not realizing the suffix until it was too late and blushed, making said ice man smirk.

"Certainly, Haku-chan." He answered, stepping back to get everyones attention. "My spirit and mind is that of Kori Yuki, but my body is, I believe, someone named Suzaku Kururugi. (Code Geass FTW) If you want to get technical, I am a malevolent spirit of the first Yuki that died in the First Shinobi War, but my power and favor of both Kami and Shinigami allowed me to be reincarnated into a leech spirit. I traveled the Earth to find a body. I found a dead body of a man said to have been a hero. I jumped in and rose. As I lived, it slowly changed to what I looked like before I died." He emphasized with a flourish of his hands around his face. "I can still die and take damage, I just don't feel it. The body takes the damage as a sort of shield and once it can't move anymore, I jump ship and find another corpse. I will not steal the body of a living human unless it's absolutely necessary and they are truly evil. Of course, I can't just borrow any corpse, for I am an honorable man. I ask the departed spirit of the deceased if I may use his body to both continue his legacy and mine. Some have refused, saying their time was over. Others have whole-heartedly agreed and here I stand. A soul favored by the gods to body jump heroes." He explained, seeing the shocked faces of everyone present.

He soon developed a sweat drop when he realized they weren't getting out of it. He walked up to Kakashi and waved his hand in his face. No response. He poked him and the scarecrow fell back like an unbreakable statue. "Uh, I think I broke him." He remarked.

Everyone's lives just got a whole lot more interesting.

End Ch. 1

So! How'd you like it? I know I keep using the Bridge Battle to start my stories but that was one of the few events where something major can happen. So sorry. So yeah, we got an OC with Demonic Hyoton, wed to Haku, and Naruto still hasn't showed any signs of my promised Kekkei Genkai. Hold your shit, it'll come soon.