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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin

A five-year-old Naruto was running for his life yet again, a mob of drunken civilians and shinobi chasing after him, yelling obscenities and death threats, many brandishing weapons of all sorts. His tears had dried long ago, so he only had a look of desperation and fear on his face as he maneuvered around anything in his way. Turning into an alley, bringing up his mental map of the various back ways of Konoha, Naruto cursed when his memory failed him and he found himself in a dead-end. Turning around and hoping to bolt out before the crowd closed in on him, Naruto found no such luck facing him; the mob stood at the only exit, various victorious deadly smirks across their faces.

Trying to melt into the wall, Naruto closed his eyes he prepared himself for the pain to come, and they didn't disappoint. Naruto was no stranger to pain, but he sure as hell wasn't friends with it, so, like any other time, he screamed and begged them to stop. Of course, they didn't.

Only once his limbs were staked to the ground did it stop, but not for the better, as a shinobi stepped forward and drew a tanto, raising it high, intent on ending his life; the person in question swung down, egged on by the mob behind him.

Cold. Naruto felt cold. And not the kind of cold one gets when at deaths door; no, this was a type of cold that comes from the heart of the most savage blizzard. A cold of ice and snow.

A cold that kills.

The shinobi about to kill Naruto was instantly turned into naught but a statue, frozen to the very bone, those behind him speared with giant icicles that shot from the ground, staining the ice red, as several screams came from the alley, snuffed out just as quickly as they came. The alley was completely silent, save for the clangs of metal as the kunai in Naruto's biceps and thighs were pushed out of his flesh, the wounds steaming before closing, allowing the boy to slowly sit up, staring in awe at the ice.

With his attackers gone, Naruto made his escape, mind abuzz with questions. When he got to his apartment, his body seemed to go on auto-pilot, taking him to his bedroom and lying down, then everything went black.


"Took you long enough to show up, gaki." A deep, rumbling voice snapped Naruto awake inside what appeared to be a sewer.

Sitting up from his position on the floor, Naruto looked around until his eyes fell onto a massive pair of crimson eyes with slit pupils behind a gate that reached high up towards the shadowed ceiling. "What's going on? What happened in the alley? And where am I?" He asked as he got to his feet.

"'What's going on' is that you've finally answered my calls. I guess activating your bloodline in that alley finally got you to dive inside your mind." The voice answered, showing a bit of annoyance at Naruto's apparent ignoring of its 'calls.'

"What the heck are you talking about; what calls? And who are you, anyway? This is my mind? It's more... empty than I expected." Naruto commented flatly, looking around what was apparently his mind.

"Your mind is like this due to your own stupidity, and the villagers actions towards you impacting your psyche. As for my calls; I've been trying to contact you since you could first speak. It's incredibly boring in here, and I'm up for company, even if it's my jailor. Plus, we need to talk about your Kekkei Genkai. As for who I am..." The voice left off, before a light filled the area behind the bars, revealing the owner of the voice.

Rust-orange fur, black markings around its eyes reaching to the interior of long, rabbit-like ears, black lips outlining massive fangs, the upper torso of a human, complete with opposable thumbs on its forepaws, and nine bushy tails swaying behind it, was the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The bijuu was said to have been slain by the Yondaime Hokage five years ago when it suddenly appeared and attacked Konoha.

"J-jailor? Wh-what?" Naruto stuttered, backpedaling at the sight of the strongest bijuu, until his back hit a wall he was sure wasn't there before.

"I'm sure you're thinking about how your village goes around saying your Yondaime killed me five years ago? Ha! No mortal can slay a bijuu, let alone the mightiest of them! No, your leader decided to cut my chakra in half and seal one in his child, and the other in the Shinigami's stomach alongside his soul that was sacrificed as payment. You, my young gaki, are my jinchuriki." The Kyuubi explained, amused at Naruto's immense shock.

"Y-Yondaime's child? J-jinchuriki? Wh-what?" Naruto responded in horror, before his overloaded mind found the only reasonable solution to the situation: shutting down.

The Kyuubi laughed boisterously at his container fainting like a scared goat. However, once the giggles were gone, he found himself at a loss at waiting for Naruto to wake up. He didn't even have a stick to poke him, since he can't move any part of his body out of the seal. So he just lied down and slept.

Not once did he even think about how the boy could faint in his own mind.

(Three hours later)

"Aah!" Naruto screamed as he shot up, finally awake in his mindscape.

Looking around, he found himself in the same place he last was, though he thought it was a dream. Spying the Kyuubi no Kitsune sleeping on its back, drooling, leg kicking like a dog, Naruto realized their meeting truly happened. Time for some answers, then. "Hey!" he yelled.

"Zzz... yes, right there, Mata-chan..." It muttered, before giggling perversely.

Naruto, being only five, was completely oblivious to the context of the Kyuubi's sleep-talking. He got up and walked closer to the bars. "HEY!" He yelled louder.

"AAH! What?! Who?!" The Kyuubi shot up right onto its feet, head on a swivel as he looked around, before spying the cause of him waking up. "Oh, it's you. I was wondering when you'd wake up." It commented, laying its head on its arms as its tails swayed lazily behind it.

"I want some answers!" Naruto demanded, his face nearly touching the Kyuubi's snout, showing how unafraid he was at the moment.

"Sure; shoot." The Kyuubi responded as lazily as he looked.

"Firs- huh? Shouldn't you be yelling about how 'a weak ningen like myself daren't demand something from the great Kyuubi no Kitsune?'" Naruto asked, imitating his apparent prisoner's voice as best he could.

The Kyuubi shrugged its shoulders as best a quadruped could. "Eh, when I first got sealed, I was pissed, but there wasn't much I could do about it; the Shodaime's wife was a sealing master, so it was strong. Then I was sealed in your mother, and she wasn't exactly that hospitable. I was pinned to a miniature moon with stakes through pretty much everywhere on my body. This seal is the most flexible, and this cage is really my only binding; I don't exactly desire making my situation worse, so being cooperative with you is necessary. Plus, like I said, I'm bored, so someone to talk to would be nice. Also, I'm kind of obligated to give you answers, since I'm partially the reason you're in this situation." It explained, shrugging again.

Blinking owlishly, Naruto just went with it. Until something the Kyuubi said registered in his mind - which they were already in, but that was splitting hairs. "Wait, you were sealed in the Shodaime's wife? And my mother? Why?" He asked.

"I was summoned by Uchiha Madara, the clan head at the time, for his clash with Hashirama. Some time after that, the Shodaime began rounding up the bijuu, and I was sealed into his wife. Nearly 50 years after that, I was moved to your mother, Uzumaki Kushina, when Mito died." The Kyuubi answered.

Blinking in though, Naruto wondered about what else the Kyuubi could know due to its age and being sealed inside the Shodaime's wife and his mother. Filing it away for now, he got back to the first thing the bijuu mentioned. "Okay, so what did you mean about my situation? You mentioned I had a Kekkei Genkai?" He asked, thinking back to the display in the alley.

Finally getting to the meat of the conversation, the Kyuubi got up to sit on its haunches, forepaws resting on its knees. "Now we're getting somewhere. This requires a bit of an explanation, so pay attention. The Uzumaki are originally from Uzu no Kuni, which was close to Nami and Kiri no Kuni, which were shared amongst other clans of prominent Kekkei Genkai, including the Terumi, Kaguya, and, in this situation, the Yuki. The Yuki were a clan of Hyoton users, and eventually, various members coupled together from both clans; a Yuki and, of course, an Uzumaki are your ancestors. Ever since then, there have been a few Uzumaki born with Hyoton, but yours is a special case, as you appear to be a transmigrant of the founder of the Yuki clan, Yuki Kori, originating back centuries before the shinobi villages were even a thought. A transmigrant is someone who has not only inherited a predecessors blood, but their soul and chakra. What I'm about to tell you is completely true: Kori was powerful in his own right, capable of amazing feats with his Hyoton, but eventually he died; when he did, his desire for vengeance against the one who killed him brought his soul from the Pure World to here, manifesting as what could be approximated as a male Yuki-onna, though he obviously actually wasn't. His Hyoton mastery brought his spirit back as an undead of ice and snow, inhabiting the bodies of whatever poor sap he happened upon, jumping from one to another until he enacted his revenge, succumbed to the insanity of nigh-immortality, and let himself die. Over the years, he had honed his Hyoton into a truly masterful thing, and that was passed to you. As his transmigrant, his soul, chakra, and abilities are stored within you; this was all possible due to, upon becoming my jinchuriki, my chakra momentarily passing through your entire system and unlocking your Kekkei Genkai. That moment in the alley was the Kekkei Genkai reacting to you unconsciously channeling chakra; we'll be working on that." The Kyuubi threw in at the last second, throwing Naruto for a loop.

"Whoa, wait what?" Naruto spouted in surprise, processing the history of his ancestor; he had hoped he had been a good man, but obviously he wasn't. Instead he was a man driven by revenge and dying when the insanity of too-long a life reached him.

The Kyuubi looked at him as if it were the most obvious thing. "Obviously, I'll be teaching you how to use your chakra, and my own. I will not have a weak container. You will refer to me as Kurama-sensei; am I clear?" 'Kurama' asked with narrowed eyes, not allowing Naruto to worm his way out of this.

Not that he would want to; being a shinobi will be awesome! "Yes, Kurama-sensei!" He responded.

(Seven years later)

It wasn't awesome. Kurama was a grueling master, and constantly pushed his body passed its limits without a hint of remorse. 100 pushups, squats, punches and kicks to dummies, and a five mile run per hour. More than once Naruto damned his powerful stamina he inherited from being an Uzumaki and Kurama's jinchuriki.

Thankfully the ninjutsu training wasn't anywhere near as dangerous to his health as overall physical training. Thanks to his time being inside Mito and Kushina, Kurama knew many things about ninjutsu training, including chakra control exercises, like leaf and senbon balancing, tree walking, and water walking. With his chakra control growing, Kurama endeavored Naruto to train in his techniques to the point where he didn't require handseals or to say the technique out loud, the latter being easy enough since it didn't contribute anything; as one would expect, it was slow goings for the Kyuubi's high standards.

Naruto had managed to create a good amount of techniques on his own, both in Hyoton and its components Wind and Water, affinities he inherited from his mother, yet not her supposed 'Yin Release', whatever that was, while also learning what Kurama remembered from her and the Shodaime's wife. He also had a couple of non-elemental techniques, such as Kage Bunshin, his saving grace in training, as each clone can pass its experience to the original, and his reserves allowed him to create hundreds; Kurama told him about this technique from his memories of being in Mito, who witnessed Senju Tobirama create and gift the technique to the Uzumaki when they needed a clone technique to pass the Konoha Academy, and Kushina's subsequent training in it. That massive headache he got the first time wasn't fun, though. Kurama laughed at him for a good five minutes from that fuck up; he also learned Henge and Kawarimi. Despite his massive reserves and less-than-desirable chakra control, Naruto managed to learn a couple genjutsu, but really only the simplest ones, but they were helpful all the same; one to silence conversations to eavesdroppers and one to mask his face to prevent his lips from being read. He also took up fuinjutsu, since both his parents were masters in the art; as of now, he was intermediate, at best.

But we were getting off-track; through frustratingly great effort, Naruto managed to keep these latest developments a secret from the Sandaime to avoid questions, at Kurama's behest. Today was the day he, after passing the 'disappointingly easy' Genin Exams - Kurama's words, not his - would be put into a three-man squad and they would be assigned a Jounin sensei. He just hoped he wouldn't be put in a team with Uchiha Sasuke - the sole survivor of the Uchiha massacre two years ago, and a massive vortex of brooding and angst - or any fangirls, Sasuke's or his. Yes, Naruto had fangirls; that's what happened when you repeatedly kicked the asses of people like Kiba, and Sasuke himself, in spars, and was overall 'so cool.' While gaining the ire of Sasuke's fangirls, a branch of them broke off and pined after Naruto.

Again, Kurama laughed at his misery, even though it was technically his fault, since his training molded Naruto into the man he was.

Theoretically, as top Rookie of the Year - a title Sasuke raged should be his - he would be teamed with Kunoichi of the Year - which was, unfortunately, Haruno Sakura, Sasuke's most loyal fangirl - and the dead-last, which was Nara Shikamaru, who only passed the bare minimum in all instances, preferring to sleep any other time. Shikamaru, he didn't have a problem with, but Sakura?

'Pleeeeeeaaaaaase, Kami-sama, be merciful!' Naruto mentally begged, waterfall tears streaming down his face as he had his head flat against the desk, a small storm cloud floating above his head.

Naruto had changed a lot in the seven years of Kurama's training, at least in terms of his ex-chibi self and how he looked now. He had lost a majority of his baby fat, leaving some on his face that refused to leave, giving him a naturally round face like his mother - according to Kurama - and his hair reached his shoulders in a shaggy mess, two bangs framing his face, like his father. His cerulean eyes, once like a pair of vibrant sapphires, were now like two glaciers. His body was covered in lean muscles, built for speed, but capable of packing a lot of power thanks to Kurama's training. He was currently dressed in his new clothes he chose once he started training under Kurama, an orange jacket with long sleeves, a black section down the front that excluded the pockets but continued into trench coat-like extensions, orange iceberg-like structures halfway up them, and the Uzumaki swirl inside the Yuki snowflake on his upper back, just above the black cloth that continued from the front of the jacket, mesh armor underneath, over normal black pants tucked into black shin-high sandals. Once he graduated, Naruto got rid of his kunai/shuriken pouch, opting to replace them with ice proxies from now on.

He also had a sword made for him - a lot of pick-pocketing and masquerading as others with Henge went into funding the damn thing, but it was worth it - that he currently had tucked into the sheathe he personally put on to the inside of the jacket in the back, a hole at the shoulder to slide the blade into. The first day he came to class with it, he had to divert Sasuke's demands for it; 'divert' meaning knock the punk out until he stopped asking. He named it Hyoryu Kiba, and it was the first documented case of channeling sub-elemental chakra into a blade.

He also learned a four-part taijutsu/kenjutsu style from Kurama, completely of his devising, collectively known as Fox Claw, but each part was called Trickster, Royal Guard, Swordmaster, and Dark Slayer. Trickster focused on quick movements and was best suited when fighting multiple opponents, as it was used to divert their attacks towards each other; let them destroy themselves. It also had a technique that functioned similar to his father's Hiraishin: after marking his opponent with his chakra, he could appear right above him with pure speed.Royal Guard absorbed and redirected physical attacks, tanking the blows and building up kinetic energy into one powerful burst; absorbing enough would even be able to take out Kage-level shinobi, theoretically. At its highest level, he could create armor made of pure chakra, a technique called Dreadnaught. Swordmaster was just as it sounded; the peak of kenjutsu prowess, quick and decisive moves, some a bit flashy, but they all got the job done. Dark Slayer was the more ruthless side of Swordmaster, but it also utilized Jikukan ninjutsu, a branch Kurama was having Naruto practice in; with it, he could transform simple movements into debilitating attacks, slicing the very fabric of time-space.

Speaking of Jikukan ninjutsu, Naruto was also looking into teleportation techniques, as well as ones that dealt with pocket dimensions; Kurama mentioned there have been several Uchiha whose Mangekyou Sharingan, the second level of the doujutsu, dealt with pocket dimensions in one form or another. With enough hard work and dedication, what can be accomplished with Kekkei Genkai, can be accomplished by any shinobi. Except maybe that Shikotsumyaku thing Kurama mentioned; that was pretty out there.

"Team 7 will be..." oh, there was Iruka-sensei. "Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura..." and there was Sakura, spouting about true love, or some nonsense, towards Ino, the Yamanaka heiress not caring in the slightest, as she was Naruto's most loyal fangirl, Sakura's opposite in the 'field.' "...and Inuzuka Kiba. Your Jounin sensei will be Hatake Kakashi." Both Naruto and Iruka gave Kiba a sympathetic glance at the future torture he will suffer, the dog-affiliated clan heir moping with his puppy, Akamaru. "Team 8 will be Uzumaki Naruto..." Naruto perked in attention. "...Nara Shikamaru, and Hyuuga Hinata. Your Jounin sensei will be Yuhi Kurenai." Naruto nodded at his teammates, receiving a lazy one and an incredibly shy, blush-filled nod in return. "Team 9 is still in circulation from last year. Team 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Choji, and Aburame Shino. Your Jounin sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Now that everyone's been given their teams and sensei, you can go off to have lunch, but come back to wait for your sensei." Iruka announced, exiting the room with the rest of the class, Naruto approaching his teammates on the way out.

"Hey, you guys wanna have lunch together; get to know each other as teammates?" Naruto asked.

Shrugging lazily, Shikamaru nodded. "Sure. It'd make sense anyway. You guys know anything about Kurenai-sensei?" He asked.

Nodding to Naruto, Hinata spoke up. "Th-that'd be nice, Naruto-kun. A-as for Kurenai-sensei, all I heard was that she is the top genjutsu mistress in Konoha." She supplied her teammates.

Face stern in concentration as he walked with his teammates, Naruto hummed in thought. "Genjutsu mistress? Sounds like she's specialized herself; she's probably weaker in other areas. We'll either need to convince her to broaden her horizon's, ask around for help from other Jounin, or petition for a Jounin exchange. While your Juuken will most likely have given you great chakra control, Hinata-chan, I'm not so great in genjutsu; I use the more stealth-oriented, easier genjutsu. What about you Shikamaru?" Naruto asked, oblivious to Hinata's blush at the affectionate suffix he used.

Shrugging again, Shikamaru sighed. "My chakra control isn't that great; I have less-than-average reserves, and they drain really fast when I use Kagemane, since I can only hold it for five minutes straight. My clan doesn't really delve into genjutsu, so I don't know any; but do we really need to go to that extreme? I'm sure we can just train in other arts with our fami- oh. Oh, shit, sorry Naruto." Shikamaru caught himself, rubbing the back of his neck and looking away as he damn near hit a sore spot for his teammate.

Smiling softly at Shikamaru's apology, Naruto chuckled and waved his concern off. "It's okay, Shika; I've made my peace with my situation. And while that's true for you two, your families won't always be there to help you, and that creates gaps in your training. I believe in constantly bettering yourself whenever you can, so these spaces won't fly with me. Then again, this could all be moot and she could surprise us with her knowledge." He said, bumping into a wooden wall when they found themselves at Ichiraku Ramen. Discovering that he accidently lead his team to his favorite place in Konoha, Naruto blushed discreetly when his stomach took over his brain to lead them there.

When they noticed Naruto's embarrassment at possibly leading them there by accident, Shikamaru and Hinata chuckled/giggled and went it before him, showing they were fine with eating there.

"Naru-chan!" Ichiraku Ayame piped, popping up from behind the counter, scaring the shit out of Shikamaru and Hinata with her sudden appearance. "You brought friends! Ooh, and a girl; she's cute. Is she your giiiiirlfriiiieeeend, Naru-chan?" Ayame teased, appearing behind Hinata and poking her cheeks slightly. Not giving the blonde room to answer, she moved on to Shikamaru. "Ooh, and you brought another boy with her; you guys a little group, or is he along for a spitro-" Before Ayame could make her incredibly lewd comment, Naruto suddenly attacked her face, grabbing it and applying a light amount of ice chakra to knock her out. Thankfully, Hinata and Shikamaru were completely oblivious to what she was going to say. Leave the mental scarring to their shinobi career, not a perverted ramen waitress.

"Shhhhh-shhhhh-shhhhhhhhhit I'm good." Naruto shushed before announcing once Ayame finally went down, passed out.

"Ha-ha!" Ayame piped again, appearing behind the counter again, a hand-shaped layer of frost on her face as she smirked triumphantly.

"I SWEAR TO FUCK, SHE'S A SHINOBI IN DISGUISE!" Naruto snapped, pointing an accusatory finger at the civilian girl, going through the motions of every one of their meetings; he shows up, she makes some kind of perverted comment, he stops her and knocks her out, she appears, totally fine, just to mess with him, and everything goes along like normal. Teuchi just stood in the back, laughing his ass off at Naruto's misery.

There were too many people in Naruto's life that laughed at his misery.

"I believe you... Naru-chan." Shikamaru teased, his smirk not leaving even when Naruto threw a sandal at his peacock/pineapple haircut.

"WHERE'D MY SANDAL GO?!" A random person yelled halfway across Konoha.

"So, what'll it be, Naru-chan and friends?" Ayame asked.

"V-vegetable ramen, please." Hinata stuttered.

"Miso." Shikamaru answered with his face buried against the counter.

"3 miso and 5 pork!" Naruto answered exuberantly, ignoring his teammates shocked looks.

"Y'get that, tou-san?!" Ayame yelled to her father, bending back almost painfully to look at him upside-down.

"Got it!" Teuchi yelled back.

"So, Naruto..." Shikamaru spoke up, drawing the attention of the blonde. "What's up with the new clothes and sword? You just showed up to class like that one day and didn't answer when anyone asked. I hope, as teammates, you'll share the information with us." He asked with a bored, yet somehow serious, tone.

Silent for a while, Naruto eventually gave a minute nod and turned to them fully. "Yeah, you're right, Shika. The clothes were just a change in wardrobe I went with when I started training seriously, and the sword is a remnant of my distant ancestor, the founder of the Yuki clan, which eventually crossed over to the Uzumaki clan, the Hyoton bloodline cropping up here and there, including in myself, but I'm a special case. I asked the Hokage about my family, and while he couldn't tell me about my parents - something about keeping their identities a secret to protect me from their enemies - he told me about my ancestors, the Yuki clan, and gave me a scroll containing information about the founder himself, since I showed similar potential to him in terms of the Kekkei Genkai. This sword was based on his, and I worked hard on it, both in saving up the money to commission it, and kenjutsu training. My sword can channel ice chakra, and I've worked on ninjutsu and kenjutsu ever since I found this all out." Naruto lied smoothly to his audience of four, his teammates and the Ichiraku's.

"Well... that's pretty crazy, but really cool that you know something about your family." Shikamaru commented.

"Yeah, I appreciated it when jii-san told me, though I'm still annoyed he won't tell me about my parents." Naruto commented, truthfully this time, knowing the Sandaime 'did it for his own good.' Didn't mean he had to like it. "So, any questions?" He asked when Ayame brought their ramen.

"Wh-what do you know about your ancestor, N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata piped up after a couple seconds, curious about that bit of information.

Naruto hummed for a bit, thinking of a way to translate what Kurama told him into something he would read in a scroll. Well, Yuki Kori - that was his name - was a powerful shinobi, but the more interesting bit of information comes after he died. He was killed by his enemy, someone the scroll doesn't mention by name, and some time after that, he appeared in our world; people thought he was an imposter, but the people close to Kori, and Kori himself, said he was who he said. Then that man died; when they collected his body, they found it was someone else entirely. Again and again, Yuki Kori reappeared after his death, each body a different person from the last, until he finally killed the man who killed him in the first place. After that, he lingered for a while, until he was observed to have begun descending into insanity, and when he died again, he never reappeared afterwards. Some people say his desire for vengeance allowed him to come back and possess people until he achieved his 'unfinished business', then he went mad with being around for so long that he didn't come back when he last died." He finished his slightly altered, but still pretty dark story about Kori.

Hinata and Shikamaru both grew pale as the story went on, disturbed by the kind of person Naruto of all people was related to.

"C-can you do the same things he could, N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, trying to change the subject.

"Now that..." Naruto answered, poking her nose, chuckling when she turned crimson. "...would be telling. You'll find out as we go on missions." He said, before turning to his food, his teammates doing the same to take their minds off his story.

With that, Team 8 fell into silence, Shikamaru and Hinata enjoying their meals while Naruto virtually inhaled his multiple bowls at the same pace they finished their single ones. After Naruto paid for everyone, they returned to the Academy, sitting together this time, like many other teams, waiting for their sensei, who appeared with someone Naruto recognized as the Sandaime's son, Sarutobi Asuma, who was also a former member of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve, personal guards of the Daimyo.

Their sensei, on the other hand, was a raven-haired beauty dressed in... bandages? Okay, whatever; that's cool.

"Team 8/10?" Both Jounin called, seemingly okay with the fact they spoke in synch, their respective genin teams perking up and signaling either shinobi one way or another.

"Meet me at Training Ground 8." Kurenai asked of them, disappearing down the hall.

"Meet up at Akimichi's Barbeque." Asuma said, chuckling at Choji's ecstatic face at their location.

Looking at each other, already seeing that these Jounin might know each other, considering their speech patterns, closeness, and showing up together in the first place, Team 8 left the room and building before taking to the rooftops and heading for the designated field, finding Kurenai waiting for them in the middle of the field.

In the space of those five seconds the children took to walk from where they landed to a respectable distance in front of Kurenai, the Jounin greenhorn eyed all three of them for a quick thought and to see of their class transcripts matched up.

'So, a Nara... I can already tell he'll be lazy beyond belief, so I'll have to have patience when dealing with him. His papers say he was the dead last, but I highly doubt he's actually as horrible as they say. The Nara are notorious for their laziness, but also their frightening intelligence, so those are as good as useless.' Kurenai scoped out Shikamaru, already dreading having to get the boy to do something. Then again, that all hinged on these three passing her test. 'Hinata... I want to say she'll definitely pass, and that she's changed a lot, but... I'd be lying. That idiot Hiashi has destroyed all semblance of confidence the girl could have had, but maybe being in a team will scrape up at least a bit of that. While that Haruno girl was named Kunoichi of the Year, Hinata definitely deserves it in terms of practicality. She has actual skills, as opposed to Sakura's book-smarts, which mean absolutely nothing in the real world.' Kurenai was one of Hinata's few friends outside of her clan, and thus was secretly rooting for her all the time to prove her asshole of a father wrong in any and everything. Now came the big moment... 'Uzumaki Naruto... Just by looking at him, I can tell his papers are relatively true. Ever since one of the instructors - Iruka was his name, I think - blew the whistle on a couple of his colleagues being prejudiced asses, no one could get away with fixing his results. However, that's only him answering things on paper everyone else gets; even if someone asks about him, they just get the cold shoulder.' Kurenai felt dirty now, for some reason she couldn't think of. 'Somehow I blame Kakashi. Anyway, other than the answers to basic questions he's answered like all the other students, no one really knows much about him. Who are you, Uzumaki Naruto?' Kurenai pondered not for the first time ever since wind of the Kyuubi jinchuriki not taking the peoples' shit anymore reached up in the higher ranks. Good for him, though; they're all morons. "So, welcome everyone!" She greeted somewhat cheerily, complete with a clap of the hands, causing the two boys to look at her with raised brows and Hinata to giggle slightly, knowing beforehand about this side of Kurenai. "As you know, I'm Yuhi Kurenai, and unfortunately, you aren't genin yet." She dropped the bomb, secretly enjoying at least Naruto's reaction, as all Jounin sensei did when they made this very same speech, but Hinata's face sort of canceled that delight, looking all kicked-puppy and whatnot.

"WHAT?!" Naruto yelled indignantly, causing his possibly not-teammates to wince due to their proximity.

"Aren't you curious why the Academy Exam was disappointingly easy?" Kurenai asked, raising a brow as Naruto pouted at that choice of words.

"See?! I told you!" Kurama yelled in triumph, complete with a clap of the hands and woop.

'Shut up!' Naruto mentally yelled to his smug tenant. "Well, what do you mean, Kurenai-sensei?" He asked.

"Think about it. Do some test about nonsense questions that even civilians can answer - so think about what that says in terms of bringing up potential shinobi - then doing the three easiest techniques in the world." Kurenai explained, showing just how she felt about the standards of this generations Academy Exam.

"Well... when you say it like that..." Naruto said, ignoring his own situation with the Bunshin no Jutsu; what the instructors didn't know won't hurt them.

"Exactly. So that Exam was to weed out the ones not ready for a shinobi career - but I say it's still not enough, but whatever - and thus, you will now be doing a second test to see if you are truly worthy of being shinobi. If you fail, you will be sent back to the Academy for another year. But before all that; introductions!" She announced cheerily again, Naruto wondering if she was 'all there', as it were. "I'll go first, so you know how to do your introductions. My name is Yuhi Kurenai; I like increasing my genjutsu repertoire, having an evening drink with friends, shochu, vodka, and takowasa. I dislike perverts, slackers, hypocrites, and most sweets. My hobby is training in genjutsu and treading new ground in terms of rounding myself out. My dream is to see the three of you become strong shinobi and maybe find someone to pass my genjutsu knowledge to if none of you wish to specialize in that art." After that, she gestured for Shikamaru to introduce himself, her smile falling when she caught his mutter of 'troublesome.' 'Yep, definitely a Nara...'

"My name is Nara Shikamaru. I like cloud-watching, playing shogi, and mackerel and kelp, I guess. I dislike having to do anything unnecessary, like fighting most of the time, and getting in trouble in general, and boiled eggs. My hobbies include my first two likes, and I don't really have a dream worth aspiring to to anyone else. I just wanna live a normal life, marry a normal girl - not too pretty, not too ugly - have two kids - a girl, then a boy - retire after she's married and he's a successful shinobi, spend the rest of my life playing shogi, then die before my wife." Shikamaru introduce himself with silence prevailing over the field, flat stares all around.

"...Is it possible for something to be boring and dark? 'Cause I think you just did it." Naruto commented, causing a tic mark to form on Shikamaru's forehead, but eventually he went ignored.

"Uh... well then... Hinata?" Kurenai asked of the girl.

"U-Uh, yes. M-My name is Hyuuga Hinata. I like p-practicing our Juuken with my sister, zenzai, and cinnamon rolls. I dislike shellfish, p-prejudice and the belittling of others, and the d-divide in my family because of 'tradition'. M-my only real hobby is flower pressing. M-my dream one day is to abolish the tradition that divides my f-family and breeds hatred." Hinata introduced herself, ending with a polite bow, not seeing Kurenai's sad, yet understanding gaze.

Shikamaru paid no attention to the whole thing, knowing the exact details since he was a clan heir, and that concerning himself with the problem would only cause issues since it was the business of another clan, and that he really couldn't do anything about it anyway. Naruto, on the other hand, didn't know about these issues cropping up if he decided to interfere, so he was concerned by his future teammate's - they're definitely passing if he has anything to say about it! - distress and this 'tradition' causing such problems.

Shaking his head before everyone else looked to him for his introduction, Naruto mentally vowed to try to help Hinata, feeling a duty of care for his comrade. Not needing to be told it was his turn, Naruto didn't miss a beat. "My name's Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, red bean soup, my friends, and practicing my kenjutsu kata to clear my head. I dislike prejudice, blind hatred, and how long it takes for the ramen to finish. My hobbies include watering my plants and practicing all my techniques, and my dream is to be acknowledged and respected by everyone!" Naruto proclaimed determinedly.

Kurenai gave a small smile at Naruto's apparently intact personality; given his drastic change, she thought he would also be a changed man and possibly even cold to everyone, but finding he was still the same ball of energy somewhat brought her peace; this business about kenjutsu was new to her, though. Shikamaru merely rolled his eyes and muttered something along the lines of 'troublesome blondes.' Hinata, however, was wide-eyed and in awe of the sheer confidence behind his words, once again cementing her obvious-to-everyone adoration of him.

Subtly giggling at Hinata's face, Kurenai got everyone's attention before they went off on a tangent. "Well, now that we know each other better, the test to be true genin will be tomorrow. Come back here at 8:00 a.m. and don't skip breakfast or anything stupid like that. Ja ne!" With that, she disappeared in a shunshin, leaving three confused children.

"Well... I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow morning." Naruto said slightly awkwardly, waving as he left for his own personal training ground to train some more.

Shrugging, Shikamaru waved back and left for his home.

Hinata, on the other hand, strayed a bit longer before going after Naruto. "N-Naruto-kun!" She called out.

"Hmm?" Naruto hummed, looking over his shoulder, before turning around to face Hinata when he saw it was her. "Oh, hey Hinata-chan; was there something you wanted?" He asked.

"I-I wanted to a-ask if you would... t-train with me today. I-I want to be r-ready for Kurenai-sensei's t-test." Hinata stammered.

Blinking in surprise, Naruto shrugged. "Sure, why not? Let's go; I have a training ground I've used regularly for the past 6 years." He said, leading the way while thinking about the fact that Hinata would see his little surprise before she was really supposed to, alongside Shikamaru and Kurenai-sensei, but he shrugged it off, reasoning she'd see it anyway, so no need to raise a fuss about it.

(Training Ground 42)

Naruto found this training field a year after he met Kurama and discovered his Kekkei Genkai, having jumped between them over the months so no one would find him. He stayed at this one because no one came near it due to its proximity with Training Ground 44, the 'Forest of Death', for whatever reason. It consisted of a waterfall - perfect for the second stage of wind manipulation - a large boulder, which Hinata noticed had several craters and slashes in it, and three stumps for taijutsu practice.

"Th-this is where you've trained for 6 years, Naruto-kun?" HInata asked.

"Sure have. A year after I found out about my Kekkei Genkai and ancestor, I found this place and set up shop; no one else comes here because we're too close to Training Ground 44, and apparently that's some scary shit." Naruto answered, thumbing over his shoulder to the massive enclosed forest to the east, various warning signs on the chain-link fence around it. "So, you wanted to train?" He asked.

Nodding, Hinata turned to him. "Y-yes, I wanted to train with you so w-we could be ready for Kurenai-sensei's t-test." She stammered. 'Plus, it's much better to train here than... at home.' She added mentally, frowning at the thought. Were she to train at home, her father would pit her against her sister, again, and she would lose, again, and Hiashi would reprimand her for her weakness.


Plus, doing it with Naruto would kill two birds with one stone.

"Sure thing, let me just slip into my training gear. I meant for all three of you to see it at once, but there's no real problem if you see it before." Naruto commented before unzipping the hoodie slightly, revealing he wore mesh underneath, and putting two fingers to a seal on the inside, going up in a cloud of smoke.

When Naruto trained, and eventually when he would go into combat, he had commissioned a full set of armor by the same person who made his sword, the design pulled from the lingering tastes from Kori; after it was made, he made seals on his clothes that would summon it and seal them in a copy of the formula on the armor, instantly outfitting him with it.

Stepping out from the cloud of smoke that was rapidly dropping in temperature, Naruto appeared like a wraith arising from the mist thanks to his armor. The first part Hinata saw was the mask, something fashioned with the top half of a hunter-nin mask, thus the eye slits and porcelain make, while the bottom half seemed akin to the fanged grin of some monstrous skull, a pair of nozzles on the sides; part of some breathing apparatus, probably. Naruto's hair was mostly untouched, save for what was caught behind the mask, but the rest of his head was covered in a fabric that filled in what the armor did not, with various pieces of padding underneath to protect him while not restricting his movements. His body was revealed next as the lazy winds blew the smoke away; he wore what appeared to be many cowls overlapping down his torso, a light-blue color with lighter edges, giving the feeling of ice, white his shoulders were uncovered but still padded and clothed. His biceps were armored slightly much like his torso, while the gauntlets he wore were carved with winds and ice, which carried on to the plate on the back of his gloved hand, his fingers clad in armor that ended in claws that were made to appear like ice, jagged and rough. His lower body was armored much the same as the rest of him, with plates on his hips much like those worn by the Shodai and Nidaime Hokages, but about a third shorter, and carved much like his gauntlets and the greaves below them, ending in armored boots of a similar color scheme and design as the armor on his fingers.

The 'mouth' of the mask unhinged ever so slightly, and Naruto's voice arose from this being before Hinata, this creature of ice and snow. "So, whaddya think, Hinata-chan?" He asked, a grin heard in his voice since only darkness pervaded the masks open maw.

"Wh-what... what is this, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, slightly scared but at the same time awed.

"This is my ancestors armor design, updated for my tastes. Really, all I changed was the mask, which used to completely encompass his head, and got rid of the shoulder armor; too cumbersome for my tastes. Everything else is the original design." Naruto answered, looking over the armor. Yuki Kori was one of those people that, when he was coming for you, you'd know who was coming to kill you because of his armor. "I put this on when I train, since I put a bunch of seals on it; I got some that weigh me down, so physical exercises are enhanced, some that drain my chakra to help with my control so I use what I have left more efficiently - I used to have really shit chakra control, so these, or something like them, were a must - and a couple that, when I channel chakra to them, release a mist I can use to my advantage." He explained.

"Th-that's amazing, Naruto-kun! You know fuinjutsu to that level?" Hinata asked, awed.

"Yep, I took an interest in it and, according to jii-san, took to it like a fish to water. I plan to be as good as the Yondaime Hokage someday, so I'm training in it every day." Naruto answered with pride in his father's strength and his own future in fuinjutsu. "So, let's get started." He said, taking the initial stance of his Fox Claw style.

Nodding, a rare fire formed in Hinata's eyes, before she fell into her clan's beloved Juuken, which she altered slightly since she wasn't currently under the watchful eyes of her father or the clan elders; Hinata always felt that the normal Juuken was too stiff for her, so she eventually created, in secret, a more fluid version of it.

At some unseen signal, they charged at each other, Naruto's claw-positioned hand slapped away with Hinata's open palm, its twin gunning for his stomach, only to be blocked as Naruto suddenly withdrew into himself, taking her attack and moving with it, shuffling backwards, causing Hinata to stumble due to the lack of resistance. Immediately, Naruto appeared before her, fist buried in her stomach faster than she could react, a flash of yellow-orange energy going off as she hit him, and an impact that felt very much like a Hyuuga-style palm strike, combined with the fist of an angry Uzumaki, took the breath out of her, sending her tumbling.

Cradling her stomach and coughing profusely, Hinata picked herself up and prepared herself for the approaching blonde.

Already charging at her, not giving her a moments rest, Naruto threw a somewhat sloppy right hook, blocking and rolling with Hinata's retaliatory jab of chakra-laden fingers, ignoring the sting in his arms. One of the negatives of Trickster was the purposeful exposure to harm and danger, but it could also be called a positive, since built up his pain tolerance tremendously.

Again and again, Naruto threw obvious attacks that were either blocked or deflected, taking the hits with a rock-solid block of his own, building up kinetic energy and pure force. As their spar progressed, they drew closer to the large boulder in the field, and Hinata found her back against it without her noticing, and Naruto's fist was closing in.

An explosive impact that nearly deafened her followed, the wind from his fist whipping her hair and lashing her face, but ultimately not harming her, Hinata rolled away when she felt the boulder at her back give way and crash down around her and Naruto. When she came to a stop and looked back, she saw the blonde standing in the center of the chaos, arm outstretched from his punch, the only slab of the boulder still grounded now reduced to shin height as the rest of it was virtually atomized from his hit. As Hinata realized how close she was to instant death at the hand of her crush, Naruto pulled his fist back.

"Ah man... that was too much energy." He commented, lamenting as he watched the armor around the knuckles at fault fall off in pieces. Whatever he did, it was too much for his armor. Then he shrugged, and the broken pieces still attached to him glowed brightly with chakra and began mending themselves, as he turned to her. "I forgot to mention the self-repair seals I put in, too; suck up chakra like a motherfucker, though, but I got plenty to spare." He commented. "So... you have questions." He said.

"Wh-what was that?!" Hinata nearly yelled.

"That was Trickster, one part of my taijutsu style that absorbs kinetic energy from the enemy that I can then use on them. After that first hit, I kept absorbing yours to see how much I could hold before it started to hurt, and that was apparently way too much for the armor, though it was more than the last time I did that; I didn't break the boulder last time." Naruto commented absently. "Obviously I purposely missed you; wouldn't want to hurt a hair on that pretty little head of yours." He added, chuckling as he patted her on the head, causing her to turn a previously undocumented shade of crimson.

"Th-that was a part of your taijutsu style, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked to get her mind off the compliment to stave off the dizziness of approaching unconsciousness.

"Now now, can't have you learning everything about me. You'll find out with the others. So, you ready for a second round?" Naruto asked suddenly.

Paling, Hinata was just about to refuse and head home, but then she saw her father's stern face, locked in disappointment, like always. 'No... never again.' Her only answer was to fall into her Juuken, Naruto's grin forming as he fell into Fox Claw, and they charged again.

End Ch. 1

For those of you who remember, this is a stark contrast to the original version of the story. First and foremost, this story starts much sooner; heck, it's even before canon. The OC I put in is gone, now demoted to dead ancestor, but now Naruto's usage of Hyoton is a lot more believable, as well as abusing Kishimoto's beloved transmigrant business. Kori's backstory is altered a bit, as well, and Kurama has more of a prominent role, too, so that's great. Team's changed as well, so no dealing with Sasuke and Sakura, since Naruto was awesome going into the Academy. And, as stated before, a touch of DMC a la Dante's styles, minus Gunslinger, since... no guns, duh.

I'm slowly but surely rewriting a couple of my stories, either to update them with knowledge from the manga since they were made before it finished, updating them to my new word limit, just fixing things I didn't like, or some combination of the three. This is obviously one of those.

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