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Let's begin!

Naruto stood in the middle of a training field, panting, his hands frostbitten and numb, as his breath was visible in front of him, as he was training for what appeared to be a new Kekkei Genkai. He seemed to have developed Ice Release.

Kori's theory on how this transpired said that the inner exposure to Kyuubi within Naruto at all hours, combined with the huge output of Kori's demonic ice chakra from the outside opened latent genes within his body. It didn't necessarily mean he was part of the Yuki clan; all shinobi have these genes but certain requirements must be met for them to be unlocked, such as the DNA of two Yuki clan members or, in this case, demonic chakra coursing through his system inside and out. So, due to Kyuubi chakra within and demonic ice chakra outside, Naruto has unlocked Ice Release. It may also have to do with that the Uzumaki clan, hailing from Uzushiogakure, were once a part of Mizu no Kuni, where the Yuki clan was founded. Sooner or later, a Yuki clan member might have worked its way into the Uzumaki clan and presto, latent Ice Release.

Naruto didn't understand shit of it, he was too busy being excited that he has a Kekkei Genkai to pay attention. At the Hokage's request, Haku had started training Naruto, with some help from Kori, as his Ice Release was too proficient and laced with demonic chakra that Naruto couldn't learn to wield it without risk. So, he was learning Ice Release from Haku.

He had started with a spar to see where his taijutsu stood, and needless to say, he needs a lot of training. His taijutsu was below academy level, his genjutsu was non-existent, and the only ninjutsu he knew was the Henge, Kawarimi, and Kage Bunshin, his control too horrible for the regular Bunshin.

Kori was tempted to just smack himself in the face at the mess his fiancé had before her. "You need help, Haku-chan?" He asked.

Haku blushed at the affectionate nickname, not yet used to it. "No, Kori-kun. I'm sure Naruto-san will get it. Now Naruto, try the hyoton chakra exercise again. Remember, breathe out your chakra to freeze the moisture in the air, and make the ice crystals large enough to be seen, but not so big you freeze yourself… again." She added.

Nodding, Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated his chakra. He slowed his breathing until he was as calm as he could be. He exhaled, his breath laced with chakra, and tried to will the moisture in the air to freeze. Slowly, ice crystals formed in the air around him. When he let go of control for just a second for a sort of pat on the back inside his head, his control fell. Almost immediately, he was encased in a block of ice, frozen in a pose like he was jumping out of extremely cold water, his eyes bugging out and his mouth open in a scream.

Both Haku and Kori just slapped themselves, seeing the boy botch his training once again. Kori approached the ice block, laying his hand on it, and willed it away. Unfortunately, his version of 'away' comprised itself of the ice block exploding, Naruto being sent flying through the air into a nearby river, until he jumped out with the same expression he was frozen in.

"COLD!" He screamed and quickly ran to shore, stripping off his jumpsuit and throwing it to the ground. "I'm never going to get this exercise, Haku-sensei." He whined, missing Haku's proud smile at being called sensei. Her moment of pride was broken when Kori grabbed her around her waist and pulled her into another hot kiss, letting her go in a daze as she was still shocked by the actions, Kori chuckling as he broke Haku out of her moment.

Naruto watched the affair with a deadpan look. "Can we get on with my training?" He asked flatly.

"I'll take over, Naruto-san." Kori stepped forward, silencing Haku's protests with a wink. "Now, do the exercise right…" He started, and closed his eyes in a smile like Kakashi does, but cracks his knuckles rather loudly, his hair creating a shadow over his face "I will break you." He finished.

Naruto gulped audibly and nodded furiously and returned to his training, starting the exercise with renewed fervor… and fear for his life.

About three hours later, Naruto had managed to master the exercise, to his excitement.

Seeing as that wasted the majority of the afternoon, Kori called it a day and treated everyone to dinner, taking Haku to an actual restaurant after taking Naruto to Ichiraku's. Kori made his dinner with Haku into a date, a fact which brought the ice user to a blush.

Naruto returned home shortly after his dinner, dropping into his bed without bothering to kick his shoes off. He would be in for a busy day tomorrow.

(Next Morning)

"What do you mean I need to marry eight women before I turn 18?!" Naruto yelled at the Hokage, a blush and mortified expression on his face at what Hiruzen had told him upon hearing he had unlocked his apparently dormant Ice Release.

The Hokage, and Kori, merely chuckled at the blonde.

"You heard me, Naruto-kun. Due to your unlocking Ice Release, a very rare bloodline, especially outside of Mizu no Kuni, you are inducted into the CRA, Clan Restoration Act, and are to wed multiple women before you turn 18, or else the Civilian Council will choose your wives, and you know what happens then." He finished sadly, understanding the Council would merely use him for his Kekkei Genkai then have him killed off so as not to oppose the Council, also to kill the Kyuubi; oh, they of little minds.

Naruto merely sighed and plopped into a chair behind him. "This is just great. I unlock a new bloodline and I end up in every perverts dream." He hung his head in shame, missing the Hokage's perverted giggle and slight nosebleed.

"It's not so bad, Naruto-san. Think of it this way: you can finally get the love you deserved all your life but these stupid civilians were too short-sighted to give you." Kori commented.

Naruto slowly nodded, understanding the man had a point.

"Besides, you're 12; you have enough time to find the right women who will love you for you and not your bloodline, not every kunoichi is a manipulative little bitch." He added.

Naruto nodded again, chuckling a bit, as a few kunoichi came to mind; mostly Sakura and all of Sasuke's little fan club, except maybe Ino, she didn't seem as zealous as the others. She might just be 'following the crowd,' so as not to receive the scorn of her peers. Children can sometimes do more damage than even Ibiki.

He then began thinking about what girls he could find happiness with. There weren't many, in fact he could only think of one: Hinata.

He already mentioned Ino, but Hinata was a different situation entirely. She was extremely shy and almost always red and messing with her fingers. But thinking back, he realized she looked incredibly adorable when she acted like that. He then thought about how, the few times he saw her from a distance, she didn't act like that. He then thought back to some of his classmates snickering and commenting on his cluelessness. He decided to try something, although the outcome he thought of might make him look like he was teasing the poor girl. He would see about that later.

"Okay, Jiji, I'll do it. Doesn't mean I have to like it, but if it will get the Council off my back for now, I'll do it." He relented.

"Glad to see you thinking it over, Naruto-kun." Sarutobi replied with a smile.

"Let's go, Naruto-san, you got more training ahead of you." Haku ordered.

"Yes, Haku-sensei." Naruto said, following her in shunshin.

(Training Ground 7)

Naruto appeared at his team's training ground, his teammates eying him when he appeared in a small cyclone of ice dust, the same way as Haku, who they were still wary of.

"Nice of you to join us, Naruto." Kakashi said, eying Naruto with annoyance that he arrived to the team meeting later; that was his thing, dammit!

Naruto merely rubbed the back of his head and smiled nervously. "Sorry, Kakashi-sensei. I had to meet with Jii-san about something. But I'm here now so let's start training!" He said, pumping his fists into the air.

Kakashi eyed him for a second and merely shrugged. "Very well. Today, I'll be training you in your taijutsu and chakra control, I may also throw in a jutsu or two; depends how fast we get done." He said, seeing smiles all around.

And so the next five hours were spent with Team 7 practicing their taijutsu; Sakura's was hopefully dreadful, Sasuke and Naruto were on par with each other, a fact the former hated.

Later they began chakra control exercises such as balancing leaves on parts of their bodies and water walking. Sakura, with her perfect chakra control, easily mastered the first exercise and was making great headway in the second. Unfortunately, her small reserve ran out, and she fell in the freezing water, eliciting chuckles from Naruto, Haku, and Kori, who she glared at once she crawled to shore.

"Why don't you try it if you find it so funny, Naruto-baka?!" She yelled.

Naruto merely shrugged and walked towards the shore, abandoning his leaf, and concentrated chakra to his feet and walked to the middle of the lake.

All his teammates stared at him, wide eyed. "What? Haku-sensei taught me this before we started our real training." he explained.

Shaking their heads and shrugging it off, his team returned to their training, Naruto returning to his leaf.

"Okay, Naruto-san, we'll be working on your speed now." Haku said.

"When am I gonna start working on hyoton jutsu?" Naruto whined.

"When you don't suck." Kori answered for him.

Haku glared weakly at him, but could find no fault in his answer; Naruto's skills essentially 'sucked' and they would need a lot of work to get him ready for even the simples hyoton technique.

They're gonna be a while...

End Ch. 2

So, whaddya think? Naruto's gonna take a while to start learning any actual hyoton jutsu, and he has officially been inducted into the CRA. How will he handle this? We'll see.

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