Many people believe in the concept of parallel worlds, that each choice we make splits off into a new world were all the different ways our lives could go play out. I propose a similar idea. When Caesar was five he made a friend, when he felt bad about being second she supported him, when his father left she put him back together, when Carmen was arrested she became his anchor and when he had a path to choose she led him down the darker route. Yes some times the smallest factor can flip your world upside down, but sometimes it's a dark siren that leads you down the road to hell.

Caesar Vega stared into his girlfriends eyes, the emerald green orbs pulling him in and holding him there. It had been like this since the beginning, nothing else mattered when he had his arms full of Bella. They had been friends since they were babies, Caesars loyalty to his girlfriend was absolute. It even took the edge off of being Carmen Vegas second born, while his idiot brother Sebastian sat on the throne.

His mamma had been in jail for two years and already father and son had run the business into the ground. For the love of all that he cared for in the world he could not understand how they had virtually destroyed his mothers empire this quickly. Carmen had risked everything to establish her empire, family, love and even her children to an extent, but she had been at the top of her game. Now everything was falling and he had no where to turn.

Within six months of her going to jail the cartel had started to loose ground, once at the top of there game they were slowly falling down the ladder. Now that little upstart floflo was running their town. All Seb worried about was were tonights party was being held. He and Bella were barely holding onto the clubs and other semi legal business's. Shea Williams crappy syndicate had even started calling for protection.

So here he sat outside his fathers apartment building up his will power, when Belle spoke. "Caesar, you need to decide which path is going to be ours. Either we drive to Miami and forget this life, or you go up to that apartment and finish what you starred". It was decided one way or another tonight their fate would be sealed.

That night Hose Rodriguez was discovered stabbed to death, no connection was ever made between his death and his sons rise to power. This was also the day that Sebastian Vega was de throned. His father Malcolm had been butchered like a dog but his punishment was exile. Caesar and Bella would rule, neither would realise the true cost of success, or the risk of leaving poisonous snakes alive for a very long time.

This was the first failure for the breakout kings, Carmen Vega was never discovered at the shipping yard. Her son held strong during his interrogation, it was latter revealed that he had staged a coup that night. Santata (can't remember the actual name) had summoned all her lieutenants and they had sworn allegiance to Caesar. In one clean move every boss who swooped in after her incarceration was taken out by her son.

A ripple can change the entire fabric of time, every action has a opposite reaction that should never be ignored, no matter how small or insignificant. Changing one factor can diverge a entire event. Caesar had another anchor in the criminal world and it changed the course of his life.