With a heavy heart, the First of the Royal Knights took the blade to the creator of the world itself.
Such a being that could only be called "God".

Heeding the loyal Paladin's final request, God set out to work.

However, in the Second's creation,
God came across a fault.

By itself, the Digimon born of the blade could not exist.

To solve this issue barring it from its birth,
Those who bore the Crests of Courage and Friendship were used to grant the blade life.

But before the process was complete,
Yggdrasil betrayed the Heir of the White Paladin.

The First of the Royal Knights was outraged.

"Yggdrasil... what is the meaning of this?!"

For the sake of this world, knights are needed to protect it.
Omegamon shall be MY Knight.

"You would betray Imperialdramon's wishes!? Yggdrasil-"

You are to sleep, Alphamon.
This age will come to and end with Imperialdramon's death, and your disappearance.

"How dare you!" Alphamon roared, straining against the bonds Yggdrasil had set on him. "How dare... you..."

But if was far too late.

Hopeless, Alphamon began to fall into a deep slumber.

"Fa... ther..."

- These were the last words he, the Heir of the White Paladin, spoke.

As strong as Alphamon was, he could not withstand the influence of God.

Slowly, his memories began to seep out of him.
Memories of the days he had spent with his father.
All forgotten within his mind,
But sleeping, deep within his heart.

He fell into a deep sleep-

A slumber that he would not wake from for a long time.

His existence became hailed as nothing more than a legend- a fable, if you will.

And that, is how the treacherous god stole the family of the Royal Knight, Alphamon.

With his memories sealed by God,
He would never come to remember what had been taken from him.

Whether this was for better or worse,
None can say.

And what of the child born of the Omega Blade?

He was raised by God.

He grew, not knowing the origin of his birth,
Having been lied to by God since the very beginning.

The two brothers, Alpha and Omega.

By design, the First would always be the first to die.
If there was ever a moment where the world should end,
He would appear only for that reason,
And give his life to protect it.

Giving him the name, "The Aloof Hermit".

By design, the Second would continue to live.
Lacking family or emotions, he would always serve God;
He would not be allowed to die,
As he was the strongest Knight of God.

Giving him the name, "The Omega of Power."

As a failsafe to protect this world,
God created this system,
Thus locking the two forever in a cruel fate.

The First would never remember his past,
Or the family that was taken away from him.
He would never remember his past lives either;
And would continue to exist to save this world from destruction.


The Second would never realize his connection to the First,
And would always exist to support him.
The truth would forever be kept from him,
And he will continue to protect this world by his lonesome.

Neither would remember their origin-

The two brothers would forever work together in an endless cycle,
Together, as the First and Last.

Unknowingly, but perhaps, it was kinder of the God to do so.

But God, in the end, could not separate the heirs to the Paladin's will completely.

That, however, is another story...