In this random story on Detective Conan, we look into the daily lives of some Black Organization members.

In this story they all reside in the same place, referred to as HQ. But we all know they say that just to sound cool.

Note: May contain some references not suitable for young children. Also, I'm broke. I DO NOT own Detective Conan or anything else mentioned, including a large, modern mansion.


Gin and Vodka walked into the large, modern mansion situated next to a serene, calm lake. They walked briskly, because Vodka had to go pee, and Gin needed to catch the new My Little Pony episode.

They opened the door and were greeted by multiple other top agents, the ones good enough to be referred to as alcohol.

"My, back so soon." Vermouth chided as Vodka rushed to the bathroom. "How was the mission?"

"Bitch, make me a sandwich," Gin said, completely ignoring Vermouth's question. He went upstairs into his room, and locked the door so that no one would realize that he was secretly a bronie.

Vermouth glared at him, walking into the kitchen. She caught Bourbon snooping around in the fridge.

"And what might you be doing here?" she inquired. The kitchen was regarded as "her space", and no one else was allowed to enter it. That was why the agents normally preferred Chinese takeout or pizza over the food cooked at HQ.

"There's no more blueberry jam." Bourbon complained. "How can I possibly live without my blueberry jam and peanut butter sandwiches?"

"Well, you're going to have to starve," Vermouth responded. "You're not awesome enough to copy Haibara anyways."

Bourbon sighed and trudged out the kitchen. Vermouth relaxed, happy that her kitchen realm was free of barbarians. Suddenly, Vodka walked in. Vermouth immediately grabbed a spatula and began waving about the air.

"Expelliarmus!" She yelled crazily.

"Sorry, I don't watch Harry Potter," Vodka said with his classic confused face. "Oh, and I heard Gin was making out with Chianti out on the yacht. Better go check it out."

Vermouth stared in disbelief and horror. "That little son of a banana! How dare he make love with someone else! GAH!" With that, she threw down the spatula and ran out.

"Now, where are the donuts...?" Vodka wondered.


Bourbon wandered the halls of the mansion aimlessly. Being a detective, he hated how Vermouth could outsmart him. Now, the blueberry jam has to be somewhere. There's no way I could have finished a new bottle in two days. Bourbon stopped and contemplated on his plight. Calm down, think clearly. I've checked all the obvious spots; her underwear drawer, Sherry's old secret lab, and yacht...wait...I feel like I'm missing something...Right! She was yelling about something before...

**"That little son of a banana! How dare he make love with someone else! GAH!"**

A lightbulb went of in Bourbon's head. He immediately walked over to Gin's room and pressed his ear against the door. If I am correct, Vermouth has a secret crush on this guy and most likely hid the jam in there! As one can see, Bourbon's logic is not comparable to Conan Edogawa's. Bourbon listened carefully. Then...

"C'mon, Applejack. Do you really think you can finish all of these apples!?"

"Don't worry, I got this covered."

"Ah, yeah."

Bourbon's eyes widened. Is that My Little Ponies I hear!? he thought. My gosh, I never knew Gin was a fellow bronie! He banged on the door.

"Open up!" he called. "A fellow bronie wants to watch My Little Ponies with you!"


Vodka was licking the chocolate cream off his fingers when Vermouth came crashing through the kitchen door, her face twisted in a raving rage.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" She shrieked, picking up the spatula that fell. "Prepare to die!"

"W-wait- I didn't do nothing, ma'am!" Vodka stammered.

Vermouth calmed down and attempted to explain in a rational manner.

"First of all, you dirty, retarded (insert vulgar words here), you claimed that you did not know what 'Expelliarmus' was, even though you recognized it was a spell in Harry Potter! Additionally, Gin was NOT making out with Chianti, because he locked himself in his room! Is that good enough for you!?"

"Nope," Vodka replied, which was the worst possible answer to give to an angry lady. After being smacked about for a minute, Vermouth brought Vodka up to Gin's room to prove her point.

"See!?" She yelled. "It's completely lock-what?" she said with a confused expression. Inside Gin's room was a large gathering of BO operatives sprawled around the room, Gin, Bourbon, Korn, and even Anokata was there, watching...My Little Pony.

Anokata, who was really Ayumi, turned to Vermouth.

"Don't be mad!" She said in a bossy tone. "Learn from the ponies! Friendship is the way to go!"

"Ya nigga. Listen to da boss, man," Korn said, who was annoyingly impersonating Lil' Wayne that day. "Gotta problem, nigga?"


"CUT! CUT!" yelled the director. "That Lil' Wayne impersonation was horrible! And why is Ayumi Anokata?! I requested Genta to play that role! Now let's try again!"


Will the world EVER know what the BO does in their free time? No, because Gosho Aoyama will carry the ending of Detective Conan to the grave.

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