The trip to the watchtower wasn't very long, only a few stories up. Elijah looked around more., he saw that there were other people. Some of them were doing chores, but most of them were just lounging around. He noticed a group of people were crowded and towering over a bed.

"Those are other survivors" Kyle explained "some of them are people that find us here and others are survivors that were here before us. Oliver doesn't want us intertwining with them"

"What are they doing around that bed?" He asked.

"Checking on one of their own" Walter answered sadly "She's gravely ill"

"Oh man...what's wrong with her?"

"We're not sure..." Walter looked down a bit and squeezed his eyes shut, like he was about to cry. He stopped pulling the crank and Kyle pulled the lever.

"Go on without me" He told them as he opened the door and stepped out, his voice quivering. He walked slowly to the crowd; they noticed him and made room for him to walk through. Elijah caught a glimpse of a sick woman on the bed. Her skin toned slightly grey and the whites of her eyes slightly yellow. He also noticed that none of them had numbers. Walter, Kyle and the others had numbers. Walter, Kyle and the others including himself had numbers: Kyle had 5, Samantha had 11 and Elijah himself had 9. come to think about it, what did those numbers mean. He was about to ask Kyle when they suddenly stopped. In front of them was a doorway.

"Here it is" Kyle said as they walked out of the elevator. He opened the doors dramatically, revealing a sort of balcony. On the balcony was a telescope. Elijah could see for miles. The sun was going down and more Risers were coming out. They were everywhere: Milling, standing around, some of them were trapped and others were actually fighting one another.

"Walter and I come here everyday" Kyle told him "It's sorta fun to watch the dead Risers fight the diseased free cable, except you can't change the channel."

"How can you tell the diseased ones from the dead ones?" Elijah asked.

"Sorta hard" Kyle admitted "But usually diseased zombies would have this sort of rash or covered in growths and pus"


"Yeah, I know. And zombies are...well, you know what they look like. The best way to tell diseased from dead is that the dead ones have a white film over their eyes"

"Yeah I noticed" A bit of wind picked up and Elijah shivered, hugging his shoulders, only to feel bare skin. He looked down, gasped and tried to cover himself. He wasn't wearing a shirt! That's must have been why Samantha was looking at him like that on the elevator.

Kyle started laughing "I thought you knew" he said through a fit of giggles.

"If I knew, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed" Elijah told him, which made Kyle laugh even harder; a few of the Risers below stopped what they were doing and turned their attention toward the watch-tower. Kyle stopped laughing.

"Oh Jeez" He said "That caught some attention, I forgot they can still hear us"

"Even up here?"

"You'd be surprised how good they hear; it tells them where their next meal is."

"Hm..." Elijah walked torwards the edge of the balcony. The zombies were everywhere. Some of them were missing their entire face. Others were so bloated from pimples and growths he couldn't see any facial features. A few risers were a little more than skeletons while others resembled the Boomer from...that was that game called...? Left 4 dead.

"Oliver doesn't like coming up here" Kyle said suddenly "He says it's a waste of energy and time. I just think he doesn't want Samantha to see all this... If you ask me, that's like trying to hide sacred treasure with plastic wrap..."

"He's really protective of her" Elijah noted "She his daughter?"

"Close, Niece. Her dad got diseased and her mom got bit. He took her and her sister with him when they ran away. Her sister didn't make it."

"Was Oliver always like that?"

"As far as I know. He is sorta a...pain where the sun don't shine, but you get used to it afterwards. Every group needs a leader after all"

"But what if he's not the right leader?"

"Then he'll do his best. Better have a "bad" leader than no leader at all"

Elijah sighed, looking out at the walkers.

"I hope you're right Kyle..."


Walter stroked The sick women's hair. She was a younger than him, but no one could tell anymore: her hair was short and fluffy, like brown cotton candy with streaks of grey. Her once fair skin was now shaded a slight grey. her cheeks were slightly concave, not having eaten in a while. The whites of her eyes were a pale yellow. She was cradling her right arm, which was wrapped in a bandage that had already bled through.

"Sawyer" Walter whispered, trying to get her to stay awake. She was getting worse by the minute, he knew she didn't have a lot of time left. She grimaced.

"Walter..." She rasped "Please, stay away from me...I could turn..."

"You won't" Walter insisted, even though they both knew it was a lie "I'll make sure you don't turn."

"It's too dangerous..."

"No it's not! Look, Kyle is busy with the new lad, and I'm not busy for the rest of the day. I can stay with you, right here. I can make sure you're alright."

"You don't have to do that"

Walter sighed "Don't you remember?" he took her right hand and rubbed the wedding ring that matched his own.

"'Till death do us apart"