Rio 2: the party is back

Alright, everyone, this is the first movie special story in the saga and a sequel to "Rio the series". I hope you all enjoy this story. Any questions you may want to ask, feel free to ask me. I am an open book.

It was a beautiful day in the peaceful loving city known as Rio de Janeiro. But somewhere off the Rio city's was the local jungle home of the birds. In one hollow in one of the trees was a romantic Toucan known as Rafael with his pretty wife Eva, and there eighteen children all sleeping peacefully. In another tree where the two samba birds, a Canary known as Nico who wears a bottle cap for a hat.

And with his best friend a Red crested-cardinal known as Pedro. But in one more tree where the last birds of there kinds. One of them was a dark blue macaw known as Tyler Blu Gunderson who just liked to be called Blu for short with his beautiful wife a light blue macaw known as Jewel. Along with there three children 2 boys called Rey and Azul who were there sons with there sister call Crystal.

Blu was the first to awake. Blu blinked his eyes a little gaining his vision where he saw Jewel sleeping aside of him in each others wings. "So beautiful." Blu thought. Seconds later Jewel woke up seeing her husband smiling at her.

"Good morning, Blu." Jewel greeted smiling at her love hawk.

"Good morning, Jewel." Blu replied also greeting. "Had a nice sleep?"

"Yeah, it was ok just dreaming about you and me together." Jewel said. Jewel and Blu shared a quick hug and a three second kiss. Outside the tree the local birds started up a rhyme whistling and squawking getting ready to sing there usual song they routine every morning which they like to call 'Real In Rio. The kids woke up at the same time hearing the music starting.

"Jewel, it's that time of the morning again." Blu said getting up on his talons.

"Yeah, better clear are voices." Jewel replied, knowing that they were going to be singing soon.

Outside of their tree hollow, their to closet friends known as Nico and Pedro flew just outside there hollow entrance/exit. "Yo you guys comin' to sing?" Nico asked.

"We're coming, Nico." Blu answered, yawning in mid-sentence.

"Come on guys, it's time to take it to the next level!" Pedro said, before he done his love hawk squawk.

"Isn't this level better?" Blu asked, wondering what was on the next level exactly.

"No." Nico and Pedro replied simultaneous.

"Come on, we're gonna miss it." Jewel said, wanting to join in on the song.

The five Macaws with the two samba birds flew outside just in time to sing along the song. The 7 birds each perched themselves on a branch with the other birds. Their other two friends; a beat boxing black hawk known as Rico who was standing on a branch with his wings crossed, with his best friend a rapping red macaw known as Rapper.

The instrumentals finished making the chorus sing.

All the birds of a feather
Do what they love most of all
We are the best at rhythm and laughter
That's why we love Carnival

Every bird sang perfectly to the song also flying together making different shapes and colors.

All so clear we can sing to
Sun and beaches they call
Dance to the music, passion and love
Show us the best you can do

Everyone here is on fire
Get up and join in the fun
Dance with a stranger, romance and danger
Magic could happen for real, in Rio
All by itself (itself)

You can't see it coming
You can't find it anywhere else (anywhere else)
It's real, in Rio
Know something else (something else)
You can't feel it happening
You can feel it all by yourself.

As the lyrics finished every bird flew back into there tree's like nothing had even happened. As for the rest, Blu Jewel with there kids touched down on the ground with Nico Pedro Rico and Rapper.

"That was fun." "Yeah it was good." "I liked it." "I loved it." Everyone said in usion.

"Meh." Rico and Rapper shrugged.

"What do you mean 'Meh?' that was great." Jewel said.

"Well, yeah, I mean, it was...ya know, buda be, buda do." Rico said not making sense.

"What?" Every except Rapper asked.

"Erm...Nico, is the club open?" Rico asked trying to change the subject.

"Er, yeah sure Rick." Nico replied.

"Ok see ya." Rico said quickly flying off with Rapper.

"I still don't get how you met that guy." Jewel said.

"Neither do we." Nico and Pedro replied in simultaneous.

"Wanna go get some food?" Blu asked his family.

"Sure." the Blue Macaws replied. " The five macaws took flight leaving there Samba birds alone.

"Sooooo what now?" Pedro asked.

"Er." Nico thought as he started whistling fly love.

Chapter 1 is completed, ladies and gentleman. I got quite a few chapters coming so be sure to stay tuned.