AN: Okay quick notes AU obviously, but even for 'K' canon as Tatara and Yata-chan are not related AT ALL in canon whoops.

Where ages ever mentioned in the manga or anime? I don't believe so… so lets go with… Yata-chan being 19 and Tatara being 23 when he was shot and killed, Okay?

This is a crossover between Harry Potter and the anime K.

K: Memory of the Damned


A visible puff of air appeared as he blew into his hands to try to warm them up. Giving a sigh the boy who looked barely 6 years old, but was in reality 8, looked down as tears started to pool into his eyes. He was locked out of the house, though what in all honesty did he expect. He knew he was calling it close when he noticed the sun setting as he skateboarded home.


He expected it because his uncle told him over and over so much so that it was pounded into his head that FREAKS DID NOT DESERVE TO LIVE IN HOMES. Did not deserve warm beds (that's why he slept in the cupboard), did not need food (he was only give bread if he did ALL of his work RIGHT).

In the distance he could hear the roaring of cars; he had made his way to a more city like area, to see if he could find warmth somewhere else. But he couldn't. No one noticed the fact that he was a child all alone with no adult supervision walking out by himself at what must have been 10 pm.

He was all alone…

Tears leaked from his eyes as he jumped on his skateboard and pushed off weaving through the people in the crowd.

He was utterly alone and no one would care if he died, so why didn't he?

And then, as if by a stroke of luck or perhaps fate telling him "Go, enjoy your life… you are free..", he BUMPED INTO SOMEONE

Falling back on his butt he hurriedly got up and started to apologize profusely.

"Ano… it is okay…" The person said as if he had to sound out the words.

He looked up to see a kind looking 12 year old boy with blonde hair and generous looking brown eyes.

"A-Are you sure…?" He sniffled.

"Of course!" The boy looked around as if trying to find the others parents or guardian and tilted his head to the side. "Are you alone…?" A frown was evident on his face.

"Y-yes…" the black haired boy whispered.

"Where are your oka-san? Oto-san?"

He tilted his head to the side.


"U-Uhmo… Mother… Father?"

"They are dead." The older boy flinched.

"Would you… uhm… like to go with… me?"

His eyes widened and he nodded.

"My name is Totsuka Tatara? Whats your name?"

"I… don't have one…"

"Really, then I'll give you one! How about… Yata Misaki, Misaki-chan for short!"

The newly dubbed Misaki's eyes widened and he nodded. "Okay!"

"And I'll be your new Onii-chan, your new brother!"

Misaki started crying then and there so happy to have a family.

"H-Hey stop crying…!"

11 Years Later

"Guys!" Someone crashed in through the door of Kusanagi's bar—and HOMRA HQ. "Bad news! Totsuka was shot and killed…!"
Misaki's eyes widened the glass of soda in his hands crushed under the pressure he had been applying to it—his eyes were widened.

"Nii-sama…" He whispered, clenching his hands he glared at the wall. "I'll fucking KILL THE BASTARD."

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