"Misaki~ Smile for the camera!" A cheerful voice rang out, a 10 year old Misaki glared at his older brother figure—a 14 year old Totsuka Tatara.

"Why the hell should I?" he growled, blushing and looking away from the video camera. Tatara gave a small wistful smile.

"I'm not always going to be here…" his eyes darted around and Misaki's eyes narrowed in suspicion. Lately his brother had been coming home, really just an abandoned building the found in the city they were living it at the moment, late something he had never did before. When he had confronted his brother about it he had just brushed it off and didn't say anything.

"What the fu—sorry—what are you saying Onii-sama! Of course you are always going to be here!" Misaki said pleadingly.

"Of course I will…" He gave a sad smile. Still holding onto his camera he accessed his precious younger brother, his precious Misaki-chan. How was he going to tell him he joined a 'gang' which he supposed was the best word he could come up with at the moment.

"Haha~ Don't lie to me like that Onii-sama!" The smile on Misaki's face made Tatara wince just how long was he going to lie to his foster brother? He knew his brother was suspicious though. After he came home all bruised up with his leg and arm broken.

"It's okay. It will all work out Misaki-chan…"

Misaki growled as he kicked over trashcans in the back alley of Kusanagi's bar. Who the fuck dared mess with his brother. Who the fuck dared kill his brother? His brother was not much of a fighter and he knew that which was the reason he would fight for his brother. His brother always was a kind one and preferred to stay behind that camera of his. But… now he would not have his brother to randomly pester him for a picture or a video anymore. And the worst part of this was no one in HOMRA knew his exact relationship with one Totsuka Tatara.

They didn't know how this hit him ten times worse; they didn't know how Tatara had literally saved him from a home of abuse and gave him a life and something to live for.

In his abandoned apartment, once shared with his brother—his things still scattered around the house—Yata Misaki couldn't help the few tears that fell from his eyes.

"Onii-sama…." His anguished voice breathed out. He still remembered the scene he rushed on to with Kusanagi. Him holding his brother.

"Tatara!" He called out, momentarily forgetting to call him by his last name. "No. Don't do this don't die!"

His brothers looks toward him, smiling even in the wake of death.

"Don't worry…" He had said in his last breaths. "It'll all work out."

"Sorry…" Sorry I couldn't see you grow up, sorry I couldn't protect you anymore, sorry I broke my promise to you. That sorry could mean so much to Misaki.

Kusanagi had looked at them and walked away to give them some time alone, and to call their King.

"Tatara…." He said… tears filling his eyes as he noticed that the other's eyes didn't show any life in then. "Tatara… Onii-chan!" And then full blown tears came to his eyes as he hugged his brother to him as tightly as he could. It had been too long since he called his brother that childish term.

"Don't go falling asleep… Onii-chan…"

Perhaps, he thought, it was time to tell his fellow clansman about his and Tatara's relationship. But… that damned monkey was the only one that knew their relationship and it was such a secret thing that… No. He was going to tell them.

He had decided. Wiping the tears from his eyes he started walking to the front of the bar determination in his step.

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