Jamie's POV

Jamie wasn't sure where he was driving. His right eye was slowly swelling shut; it was hard to breath and his left wrist hurt like hell. He knew he needed a hospital desperately but what he really needed was to get the thumb drive to OCCB but he had swallowed the damn thing. He groaned inwardly as he realized what getting the drive back entailed. Jamie realized there was only one place he could go and started to head towards the undercover parking garage he knew Danny used for his unmarked car.

As Jamie pulled in to a spot he panicked as he realized Danny's car wasn't there, and then he saw his brother getting out of a cruiser and realized something must have happened to his brother's car. Just as he was about to get out of the car he saw the OCCB detective in charge of his operation approach Danny and realized he had missed his call-in. The detective must have noticed his car and was pointing it out to Danny as he opened the door.

He stumbled out of the car and had to steady himself against the side. He saw his brother's eyes go wide as he turned to see him. Jamie's legs gave out and he found himself on the ground by his car. Every cop in the vicinity, most of who were detectives in plain clothes, rushed to his side with Danny in the lead. Over the din of cops asking if he was alright and shouting for a bus he heard the OCCB detective shouting for no one to call a bus. He knew they couldn't risk it if he had been followed.

Jamie grabbed Danny's shirt and whispered "Tell him I swallowed it and my cover is intact." He saw a brief look of confusion pass over his brother's face before he blacked out.

Danny's POV

Danny felt like he had the day from hell, first he was forced to taxi around an old con all over the city then said con's arrange escape attempt ended in his car getting shot to hell. Now he was riding back to his stations undercover garage in a black and white to go fill out requisition paperwork for a new car. He didn't think anyone could top that kind of day.

As he got out of the patrol car he heard a strange voice call his name and he turned to answer. "Detective Regan, I'm the detective in charge of your brother's op and I was wondering if you had heard from him. He missed his last check-in and our unit that was supposed to be watching him got pulled for a shots-fired half a block from their location, they couldn't risk not going with the commotion it caused."

Danny was fuming as he listened to the man's words. "Why the hell did you only have one unit on my brother. The op he is working would strike fear into the hearts of even your most experienced undercovers and you sent him in with a single unit as back-up?!" Danny yelled.

"Look Detective Regan I understand you are upset but we couldn't risk more than one unit on him," the man argued.

Danny took a step towards the man and said, "Damn straight I'm upset, my kid brother is missing while on one of the most dangerous undercover ops I've ever come across."

Danny was about to start yelling at the man when he pointed across the garage and said, "That looks like your brother's undercover car. What the hell is it doing here?"

Danny turned to see the car and watched as the door opened. His eyes widened in horror as he saw his little brother stumble out of the car covered in blood. All activity in the parking garage seemed to halt as all the cops with a view of the young Regan saw the state he was in. Danny was frozen in place until he saw Jamie crumple and fall to the ground.

There was a mad rush to the fallen officer. Danny made it to him first and maneuvered himself until he was holding his younger brother in his arms with his back to the car. "Jamie can you hear me kid? Come on kid stay awake for me and answer me." Danny said softly.

"Someone get a bus here!" Danny heard an officer yell and was surprised when he heard the man from earlier reply "No ambulance, you hear me? I need an unmarked car to take him. No questions got it."

The officers seemed confused but accepted what the superior said. Danny was about to yell at him to get a bus here now when he felt a hand grab his collar. He turned to see Jamie looking up at him with one eye swollen shut then he heard a soft whisper "Tell him I swallowed it and my cover is intact."

Danny had no idea what his brother meant by the first part but before he had the chance to question Jamie's eyes closed and he fell unconscious. Danny half heard Jamie's superior telling the other cops they were not to breath a word of what was happening to anyone or they would lose their job.

"Jamie! Wake up kid, come on." Danny yelled. Not wanting to wait any longer Danny scooped his little brother up in his arms and stood up searching for a car to take him to the hospital in. A car screeched to a halt next to him and someone handed the keys to the other detective before helping Danny get Jamie in the back seat.

As the three of them were driving towards Kings County hospital the detective turned to Danny, "What did he say before he blacked out? Is his cover intact?"

Danny wasn't quite sure but he repeated what his brother had said to the man in hopes that he understood what it meant. He didn't expect the man to start laughing though and was even more confused until he said, "You got one crazy ass brother Regan, he swallowed the damn evidence. Good thing it's on a thumb drive or that might have been a problem."

Danny suddenly realized what must have happened and he couldn't help letting out an amused chuckle. He replied "Well he used to do that all the time when he was younger so it's no surprise." The detective laughed even more hearing that.

They quickly arrived at Kings County and as Danny watched them put Jamie on a stretcher and wheel him off through the ER he realized he had to call his father.