Renzulli POV

Anthony Renzulli had no idea what was going on. First he gets a memo that his rookie is going to be out sick for a few days, what the kid couldn't call him and tell him himself, and then he gets a call to report to the Commissioner's office. That's where he is now, waiting for them to call him in.

Finally they call him in and as he walks in the door the first thing he sees is the back of his rookie's head. "Kid, what are you doing here I thought you were sick." Renzulli questions.

He watches as Jamie stops talking to his brother Danny. Renzulli then realizes that Henry is there to. It must be big if all the Regan men are here, Renzulli thinks. Then Jamie slowly turns to face him as if to keep from jarring sore ribs and Renzulli freezes at the sight of the kids face.

Jamie's face is swollen and bruised. It looks like the kid was in cage match, and lost.

"With all due respect Commissioner, what the hell is going on here and why does my rookie look like he got mauled by a bear." Renzulli says noticing the splint on Jamie's wrist and the bruises poking out from under his shirt.

Danny laughs at his analogy and says "Not far from the truth, but instead of a bear it was a couple of mobsters." At this Renzulli's eyebrow goes up, what was the kid doing with mobsters and what did he do to get himself beat up. Danny continues when he sees the look of confusion on Renzulli's face, "Well it's a sensitive matter but seeing as you are Jamie's TO, you have a right to know."

Renzulli is wondering a right to know what when the Commissioner finally speaks up from behind his desk, "What we are about to talk about can never be spoken of to anyone outside of this room. Do I make myself clear Sergeant Renzulli?" Renzulli nods and Frank continues, "Now understand that Jamie has been under orders not to tell you of this but for the past few months he has been occasionally pulled off duty to go under cover with the Capezzari crime family. He stumbled across an in when he saved the life of a Lieutenants son while on an undercover stint at a bar a while back, I'm sure you remember it. This past week he has been working at one of their businesses in an attempt to gain information. He successfully completed his assignment but as he was leaving he was approached by one of the men in charge. Jamie hid the evidence successfully but the man decided to teach him a lesson." Frank finished and the room went quiet for a moment.

Renzulli looked at Jamie and felt a bit of pride that he had a hand in teaching the boy but he also felt angry not only at those who had hurt the rookie cop but at OCCB and who ever put him on such a dangerous assignment.

"Where was his back-up?" Renzulli questioned, "There is no way in hell that he would be looking like this if he had back-up on scene."

Danny's eye grew hard with anger as he answered, "They answered a nearby call-out so as to not draw suspicion. But those idiots at OCCB only put a single car on him so once they left he was all alone."

Renzulli felt his anger build at the statement, who the hell left a rookie undercover without backup? As if Jamie knew what everyone in the room was thinking he said, "It's alright Sarge, I'm still alive, my cover is intact and we got everything we needed."

Renzulli shook his head in disbelief at the kid, how was he so positive after all that? "Well you are something else kid. Just one question though, how did you hide the evidence well enough to keep your cover intact? I'm sure they searched you pretty thoroughly during all that roughhousing." Renzulli asked.

Jamie answered with a smirk, "I swallowed it."

Renzulli looked at the rookie in shock then laughed.