Hey guys, I have been wanting to write a toddler Harvey fic for ages, I think a little demanding Harvey is just what everyone wants to read. This is make believe lol. Harvey is turned into a toddler by a potion :P and Mike becomes his main caregiver.

See Mike battle, toilet training, tantrums and cushy fluffy moments.

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"Harvey! What's happened to you?" Mike asked seeing his boss lying on the floor; he couldn't have been older than two or three. Harvey started crying "The Potion she gave me" Harvey cried. Mike awkwardly picked his squirming boss up, Harvey didn't want to be picked up he squirmed and kicked "Harvey stop it, just calm down it is Mike your associate"

"I know idiot, I know it is you put me down and find me some clothes" Harvey ordered in the same voice that Adult Harvey would have used when instructing his associate to do something.

"I don't have toddler clothes Harvey who do you think I am" Mike asked looking around for something to wrap Harvey in; He settled in a blanket and attempted to wrap his boss in it.

"No no I am not going out wearing that"

"We are going to Donna's she will know what to do"

"Mike you wrapped a towel around his butt" Donna said trying to contain her amusement at seeing her boss wrapped in just a blanket and a towel for a diaper. "Mike how did this happen"

"I don't know we were seeing Nancy demon and Harvey asked me to go get her some water and I came back and he was lying on the floor" Mike said gesturing to Harvey

"Ow Harvey" Mike cried as Harvey bit him "That hurt"

"Stop talking about me then now pup go get me clothes" Harvey ordered waving Mike away Mike laughed "You really think you can order me about Harvey you are three and two feet tall, before Harvey could respond to Mike, Donna had swooped him up and passed him to Mike, "Come with me Mike I have some diapers in the cupboard for when my niece stays unfortunately for Harvey they are girls diapers. "WHAT I AM NOT WEARING A DIAPER NO WAY" Harvey yelled, Donna thrust the pull up diaper at Mike who looked at her incredulously "You want me to put it on him, he will kill me"

"Mike he is three years old-you are scared of a three year old"

"This is Harvey have you seen him" Mike sat on Donna's couch and took the towel and blanket off Mike and opened the pull up diaper "NO NO NO MIKE YOU ARE FIRED" Harvey kicked and slapped Mike.

"Harvey Specter one more kick and I will smack your bottom" Donna warned "Mike sniggered, that was something he never thought he would hear. Harvey stopped his tantrum intimidated by Donna's words. Mike pulled the pull up on Harvey and Donna gave Mike a t-shirt to put on him "It's for a five year old so it will be huge, but fine until we get some in his size"

"I am still here you know, get off puppy I can dress myself" Harvey complained slapping his knees in frustration when he found that his hands didn't work as well as he wished they would. Mike smiled and buttoned the polo-shirt for his boss.

"Harvey we need to decide who you are going to live with" Donna said siting down on the couch and trying not to smirk that Harvey was still sitting on Mike's knee and had begun sucking on his fingers. "I can stay by myself I am an adult" Harvey stressed scowling at Donna who smiled and shook her head "You are three years old Harvey, you are not an adult, like it or not you need someone to look after you Mike will do it won't you"

"What?! I can't I can't look after… Harvey" Mike said abruptly lifting Harvey onto the floor

"He likes you Mike" Donna said smiling as Harvey looked upset at having been lifted off Mike's knee.

"I don't like him. I just need someone to do my work" Harvey defended himself

"Sure we all know you care about me Harvey"

"Shut up Mike" Harvey warned
"Then it's settled Mike will take care of you and you will stay in "

"In my condo, and you touch nothing" Harvey said finishing Donna's sentence before she decided that he would stay in Mike's cesspit.

"Mike come and get some lunch you need to put some meat on" Donna said looking at Mike and tuting "Mike do you ever eat?" Mike smiled and dug into his lunch, Harvey was sulking in the corner having been put there for biting- again

"Harvey you can come out now" Donna said as she plated some sandwiches on the plate for Harvey with the crusts cut off. "No I am not I am staying here you don't tell me what to do" Harvey yelled stomping his foot on every second word.

Donna sighed and picked Harvey up placing in the high chair set up in her kitchen "NO NO NO GET ME OUT OF HERE I DO NOT SIT IN A HIGH CHAIR" Harvey kicked and hamoured his hands on the tray. "Do you like this then Mike" Donna asked as Mike dove into his food helping himself to seconds "I do you are a great cook Donna, you should have been a chef"

"Mike it is sandwiches" Donna said laughing taking a glance over to Harvey who was still very much in his tantrum, he was trying to climb out of his high chair and yelling when he couldn't accomplish it. "It is good meat though none of that crap that I have to get" Mike explained as he devoured another slice of the 'posh ham'

"You try your hardest Mike-; Donna said kindly "You have a great burden of having to pay your grandma's home, it can't be easy"

"Thank you Donna" Mike said gratefully.

"Harvey are you ready to come and eat with the grownups" Harvey yelled and knocked the plate off the tray. "I'm not eating that it's demeaning" Harvey said as Donna glared at him as she picked the plate and mess up off the floor. "It is sandwiches Harvey" Donna said patiently.

"You cut the crusts off" Harvey moaned he would deny that it was a whine- but it definitely was.

"Your child side will not like crusts Harvey"

"I DO NOT HAVE A CHILD SIDE" Harvey screamed outraged at the mere suggestion "You have been throwing tantrums since you came here, you are a child"

"It's not my fault" Harvey protested rubbing at his eyes he was starting to get tired, Donna picked him up and held him properly rubbing his back "I know it is not your fault Harvey you need to eat something and sleep before Mike can take you home- Mike stay here and make sure he eats something then put him down to nap in my bed" Mike nodded taking Harvey from Donna and putting him in the high chair.

"You want me to make you fresh sandwiches then" Donna has smoked salmon "I bet you eat that expensive shit" Mike said looking at the expensive salmon "You pay Donna a lot?"

"Not that you will ever find out pup now get me clothes and food I am cold and hungry"

"You only need a diaper and top to nap after that Donna will have clothes for you" Harvey scowled at mentioned diaper, he looked down at his bottom half and pulled at the diaper glaring at it as if it would disappear. Mike smiled and put the plate of sandwiches on the tray, "I am not going In that thing again" Harvey warned Mike, Mike sighed and carried Harvey to the couch dropping him on it "Eat there then don't drop crumbs" Harvey looked up at Mike and stuffed a sandwich into his mouth dribbling and dropping crumbs everywhere, groaning at the mess that he was making. "It's okay Harvey we will get you some bibs" Harvey flipped the bird at Mike and went back to gobbling down his lunch.

"I am not wearing that" Harvey protested when it was bed time, they were back at Harvey's condo and Mike was trying to put Harvey in the all in one baby grow with baby lions on that Donna had bought- it was okay for her to buy these things, Mike had to be the one to convince Harvey to wear It. Mike was begining to get fed up with little Harvey. He fought everything but him standing there pouting with his arms folded was cute no matter how hard he was trying to be naughty.

"If you put it on I will let you have your pacifier" Mike had discovered that Harvey liked the pacifiers, he liked sucking on his fingers and Mike had had to pry to pacifier away in order to feed his boss some tuna pasta. Harvey sighed but nodded "You know you need to start talking with a lisp when we go out in public, three year olds do not have perfect speech" Mike told Harvey concerned about how well he spoke and knowing that people would question it.

"I refuse to talk like a toddler, I am well educated" Harvey moaned, Mike ignored him and continued to dress him in the baby grow fastening the poppers. "Why did Donna have to get babyish pyjamas" Harvey complained as he toddled behind Mike taking the 'cars' Sippy cup offered with Milk and climbed onto his sofa leaning his head against the pillow as he stared at his cup like it was poison but drank from it when Mike said there was no other cups for him to use. "i think Donna is enjoying this" Harvey whined as he drank his Milk and clutched his new polar bear teddy- he was NOT cuddling it byany means- how dare anyone suggest such a thing. He was merelly feeling the textures- as you do.

Mike sank down in Harvey's luxurious sofa, it was so comfortable and felt wonderful on his back, he closed his eyes. The day had been well.. confusing and tiring, he was unprepared for Harvey to crawl into his lap and slap his face lightly "Wake up pup you need to put me to bed" Harvey ordered Mike shook his head and picked Harvey up. It was going to be a long night.