"Harvey" Mike called as he looked at the toddler he felt worried. Mike had been busy briefing some files as Harvey ran past him trailing his long cuddly snake, it was not that that concerned Mike he was pleased that Harvey was acting more like a child it was the state of dress that bothered him, in that Harvey was not dressed his little naked bottom was proudly on display. "Harvey where is your diaper" Mike asked the question for about the fifth time today, bending to Harvey's level smiling as Harvey leaned in for a cuddle and held his hands up smiling.

"Where did you put your diaper" Mike asked raising an eyebrow picking Harvey up and tickling the toddlers sides slightly Harvey looked up at him before grinning mischievously "hiding" Harvey replied waving his hands in the air to demonstrate his point.

"Your diaper is hiding?" Mike repeated rolling his eyes when he was faced with a nod "Do you think that you can help Mike find it" the associate slowly asked his boss pleased when Harvey nodded. Mike put him down on the floor following Harvey as the tot pulled at his hand dragging him into his bedroom. Harvey's bed had now been replaced by a toddler bed well it was still there but Mike had ordered a toddler bed as he felt worried about allowing Harvey to sleep in the bed meant for an adult. Harvey had been living with Mike for a month and neither him nor Donna knew when if ever the potion would wear off. Harvey was in toddler mode a lot of the time and he didn't fight it off as much as he had done previously, he enjoyed having no responsibilities and being able to play all day and when he wanted to.

"Your diapers in your closet" Mike asked as, they reached the bedroom Harvey pointed at the door" Mike went over and opened the door laughing at what greeted him, Harvey had hung his diaper on the door handle, "Nice Mr," Harvey laughed and climbed onto his bed bare bottomed jumping up and down. Mike took the wet diaper placing it in one of the diaper changing bags quickly wiping his hand shaking his head as Harvey rolled about on the bed delighted with his little practicle joke. Mike wanted to quickly get a diaper on Mike he didn't want to have to wash the sheets, he had loads of work to do before they were going out later.

"Come on Harvey lie down for your diaper" Mike said kneeling on the bed, Harvey giggled and rolled onto his bottom lying on the bed exploring his willy "You are going to give me grey hairs and I am only 26" Mike mock complained as he diapered Harvey.

"Now Harvey your diaper stays on until we have mastered potty training" Mike stressed "Harvey!" Mike warned as the toddlers fingers made their way to the tabs, they had tried potty training Harvey the next day after Mike had purchased the potty but the toddler just couldn't get it he wouldn't use the potty even though he had protested vehemently against wearing diapers. Mike wasn't quick enough to tell when Harvey had to go as he was not used to dealing with a little toddler. On the first day of toilet training they had managed to go through one whole pack of Spiderman underwear in one day.

"Harvey how old were you when you were fully potty trained" Mike asked surprised that at three Harvey couldn't master potty training. Harvey planted his head onto his pillow shrugging his head as he popped his pacifier In his mouth. Mike was hoping that the toddler would fall asleep for a little nap "Maybe we need to wait then until you are bigger" Mike said lying down on old Harvey's bed, Harvey crawled off his toddler bed and climbed onto the same one Mike was on, he climbed onto Mike's hips straddling him "Hordey" Harvey said as he sucked his thumb grinning at Mike. "Mike get up we gwots to pway" Harvey whined "Stop be bwowing pupee" "

"I am not boring I am going to take you out today" Mike told the toddler who raised his ittle eyebrow wondering where on earth the puppy was going to take him. "Somewhere good" Harvey asked. Mike grinned "Somewhere awesome where adults can go to socialize and kids go to play" "This adult wouldn't happen to be Rachel would it?" Harvey enquired as lay on his tummy cuddling his snake. Mike shook his head smiling at the todder; nothing got by Harvey. "It may be it may be because Rachel is taking her nephew" Mike finished quickly jumping up from the bed before Harvey could start shouting abuse at him.

Mike started to get worried when Harvey entered the room seconds later wearing a shit eating grin, that was never a good sign, it usually meant he was about to screw you. "What did you do before you had a toddler to get dates?" He asked looking very smug, smiled even as a toddler Harvey could make him feel inferior. "Haha Harvey you are hilarious now march your butt into your room and get dressed" Harvey rolled his eyes at Mike as he toddled off. Mike followed closely behind him sniggering at the little boy being directed at him.

"You can't use me to get a date with your 'girlfriend'" Harvey complained as he struggled with trying to put his hoodie on getting tangled up in the arms. Mike sighed and helped him out of the mess. "I'm not using you to get a date, Rachel just happened to be taking her nephew Ben to Monkey world" Mike tried to explain, Harvey pouted crossing his arms as Mike tied his high tops "You can't take me I will tell Donna that you are using me" Harvey threatened wagging his eyebrows smirking. "Kid it was Donna's idea" Mike explained taking delight at seeing the outrage on Harvey's face "Okay Donna is fired and you are in so much trouble" "Yeah and what are you going to do" Mike asked as he felt the three year olds tiny hands aimed slaps at his legs.

"I am not going in" Harvey wailed as Mike had to practically drag him out the car as Harvey was refusing to go to the play area. "NO NO NO NOT GOING" Harvey screamed, some parents through Mike some sympathetic looks glad that it was not their child who was being difficult in public. Mike hauled Harvey onto his hip trying to open the stroller with his foot while trying to keep a hold of the flailing toddler Harvey was struggling so much that Mike was feared that he may drop him. "Harvey stop it" Mike instructed forcing Harvey into the stroller avoiding the kicks that Harvey was aiming to his jewels. "Harvey we are going to play not get shot what is up with you?"

"YOU ARE NOT USING ME" Harvey screamed again, Mike ignored him grabbing the diaper bag pushing the stroller towards the entrance.

"Mike" Rachel called seeing Mike come in with the stroller "Hi Rachel how are you?" "Yeah I am great thanks how is Harvey?" Rachel whispered leaning into Mike "He is a nightmare" Mike whispered back looking over to Harvey who was leaning back in his stroller arms crossed not looking at all happy. "We have good and bad days don't we Harvey" Mike asked ruffling Harvey's hair, Harvey aimed a good kick to Mike's leg "Harvey stop it" "ahhh" Harvey whined

"You fancy a coffee we can let the kids play or Harvey sulk" Mike nodded in agreement "Yeah coffee sounds good, where is Ben then?" "He was in the ball pit just a few minutes before you came" Rachel said as they sat in the café "Harvey let's get you out" Mike said bending down and unfastening the clips of 'Harvey's prison'. Harvey stormed over to the play mat and sat down crossing his arms turning away from Mike "He looks like a handful" Rachel said sympathetically as she returned with their coffees "He can be but we also have fun at other times he is a great kid just stubborn"

"Harvey would you like some juice or Milk" Harvey wanted to say no but he really was thirsty, he toddled over to the table and climbed onto Mike's knee grabbing his sippy cup and going back to his sulking on the floor.

A while later Harvey started to get bored and looking around at all the toys surrounding him, he just wanted to play with everything.

"Auntie Rachel can I play with baby Harvey" Harvey looked up at that glaring at the boy who had called him a baby. "Go ask Harvey if he wants to play sweetie" Rachel encouraged. Ben hung back a bit leaning against his aunties leg. "Ben is a bit shy aren't we sweetie" "Hey Ben I am Mike would you like to go an see if Harvey would like to play?" Mike asked, Ben nodded shyly taking Mike's outstretched hand

"Yeah are you Harvey's daddy?" Ben asked as they walked over to where Harvey was busy building Pearson Hardman with the coloured blocks. "Harvey I have a friend for you here" Harvey usually would have answered that with a rude comment but seeing the little boys pathetic looking face and he was bored playing by himself he nodded allowing the tiny four year old to sit next to him . "What do you want to build" Harvey asked "What are du dwoing" Ben asked when Harvey heard him talk in toddler speak it reminded him of the fact that he had to do the same. "I building daddy's work" Harvey told him "That cwool cwan I help you" Harvey pulled the remaining blocks away from Ben "I don't want you to play blocks with me"

"You can build your own" Harvey instructed, not wanting the kid to play with him. Ben pouted he wanted to play with Harvey, but started to build a house. Harvey looked over at the little boy, he looked so wimpy and weedy and Harvey at three one year younger than him was near enough the same height. Harvey tried to remember what the kid was called "Benny do you want to hwelp me build den" Ben grinned leaping up from the floor and bounding over to where Harvey was.

"What's the story with Ben then, he looks quite nervous and uneasy" Mike asked as he and Rachel sat drinking their coffee watching the kids "Let's just say his dad was not a very nice man, my sister is raising him by herself he is a beautiful little boy but his dad neglected him and he is shy and acts younger than his actual age"

"Poor kid he seems like an intelligent todder" Mike replied watching as Ben was helping Harvey with his model.

"He is he is very bright but he gets nervous easily and doesn't have many friends, look Harvey is playing with him" Mike looked over to where Rachel was gesturing to and could see Harvey smiling and giggling as the two of them built their tower. "Mike look" Harvey yelled beckoning the young man over. Mike smiled walking over and kneeling in between the two little boys "Hey guys, Harvey is this our work?" Mike asked raising an eyebrow at the toddler who nodded smiling sheepishly.

"Now after all your hard work I bet you boys are ready for some ice-cream" Harvey was up and toddling towards the table before Mike could say another word. Ben hesitantly made to get up sitting down again "Ben you too you like ice-cream?" Mike asked Ben looked up at Mike with teary eyes "I get to come too?" He choked out, Mike felt like he had been stabbed in the heart this little boy didn't think he was worthy of an ice-cream, his father really must of made him feel like shit. "Yes of course you get ice-cream, now would you like a piggy back" Ben nodded and Mike hoisted him onto his back

"Harvey you like being with Mike then?" Rachel asked as she helped Harvey pick an ice-cream from the menu, Harvey nodded "The puppy is quite fun" Rachel smiled at the senior partners reply, she noticed Harvey's frown when he saw Mike carrying ben "It's okay Harvey, Ben was just a little upset okay" Harvey was going to say something but it hit him how happy Ben looked since they arrived, and he wasn't a complete pig he felt sorry for the little boy.

"So what do you say we grab a movie and pizza tonight" Mike suggested as he mopped Harvey's face and clothes with a wet wipe after the toddlers attack on the chocolate ice-cream. "Wow has anyone ever said you know how to treat a woman Mike" Rachel replied jokingly Mike laughed "It has been said"

"That sounds good though dinner and a movie I have Ben so if it's okay I can bring him"

"Yeah go for it we can put him and Harvey in front of the TV" Mike replied ignoring how much of a parent he sounded.

"When is Ben coming?" Harvey asked Mike as he climbed onto the sofa holding his 'brother bear' story book, Mike had promised him a story.

"Soon so we need you bathed and ready for bed Mr" Mike replied switching the internet off and shutting his laptop down.

"I thought you said we could watch movies" Harvey complained as he trudged behind Mike into the bathroom, "We are Harvey but I need you ready for bed so when the movie is finished you guys go straight to sleep" Mike thought that the 'guys' part would have gone over Harvey's head "What Rachel's staying the night, you hoping to get lucky pup" Harvey teased, Mike smiled awkwardly and nodded

"Come on Harvey let's have a race and see if you can take your clothes on in two minutes" Harvey's attention was fully engaged in the challenge he had been set and he quickly pulled his clothes off. Mike shook his head un taping the diaper and plopped his boss into the water.

"Harvey what would you say if I was to allow Donna to babysit you if I was to go out with Rachel" Mike asked hoping that Harvey wouldn't mind "I trust and like Donna " Harvey replied in between Making boat engine noises as he ran the toy over the bath tiles. Mike grinned satisfied and washed the toddlers hair making sure not to get the soap in mini Harvey's eyes otherwise there would be tantrums.

"Mike have you ever had a girlfriend before?" Harvey asked suddenly staring at Mike with his wide brown eyes he didn't seem to be mocking Mike "I have had a few but they used to treat me like their own personal performing circus monkey" Harvey scrunched his little nose up but nodded "They used you for your brain" Mike nodded "Yep high school and I really didn't get on" Mike confided "Right let's get you into your pyjamas, Ben will be here soon" Harvey nodded standing up he hadn't realised how hard life must have been for the pup and his constant digs didn't exactly help.

"You are actually going to wear wearing those pyjamas, I thought you would be on the phone to Donna screaming abuse" Mike said as the toddler stood before him in just his diaper and vest holding the chosen pyjamas Harvey nodded as Mike fastened the poppers on the onesie "I like these dammys they have awiens on dem. Mike had noticed that as Harvey got tired his speech started to regress and he couldn't help but find it adorable " "Donna will be pleased that you finally like something she bought, I know she was disappointed about the monkey ones with the feet" Mike said to Harvey as the toddler sat on the couch waiting for his milk Harvey ignored the remark climbing down and going into his bedroom to get some movies bringing them back to Mike.

"Yeah nice try kiddo- Mike said as he read the films that Harvey had brought from his movie collection" I seriously don't think I should let you watch 'the law abiding citizen' or 'Taken' do you have any kids films" Harvey gave him one of his favourite 'Are you shiting me looks' Mike sighed realising that he hadn't bought any kids movies he hoped Rachel would have thought to bring some "Do you have an i-pad?" Mike asked getting an idea; Harvey nodded as he dragged his mega blocks out. "We can download some movies" Mike decided grabbing the I-pad from the table "Do you like disney? They have some awesome movies, Ben would like them too" Mike said as he picked some ignoring the filthy look Harvey shot him.

"Okay you guys be okay in here, Rachel and I will be in the room next door, Harvey be nice" Mike warned the toddler who was sat on the couch with his blankey, snake and was twirling a pacifier in his hand another one in his mouth, he looked the picture of innocence but could be a right little horror when he wanted to be. After discovering that Mike had nothing that the little boys could sit and watch he had downloaded the Madagascar films and had put the third one on for the little boys while he and Rachel enjoyed a nice glass of wine as they watched 'Ghost'. "This movie is rubbish" Harvey decided , secretly enjoying the movie, he thought that he would be made fun of for watching kids movies (he didn't think that no-one would know that he used to be a man, he was sitting with a four year old after all) he was intrigued by the animals who could talk he just felt babyish sitting there watching it "You want to make a den" Harvey asked crouching onto the floor stripping the cushions of the couch. Ben who was enjoying the movie but felt nervous to say nodded Harvey noticed this "How about we build a den and watch the movie in it" Ben grinned nodding sliding off the couch to sit next to Harvey "Shall we go and see what Mike and Rachel are doing?" Harvey asked once they were sitting in their den, Harvey wanted to go and annoy Mike just to make the situation awkward but he also wasn't very happy about being away from Mike for so long he felt like he had been abandoned. Harvey knew he was being silly and over exaggerating the situation as Mike was only just next door.

"Mike" Harvey cried he knew that if he appeared upset he would be given some more attention. Mike turned around groaning as he pulled away from Rachel "bwottle Mike" Harvey cried walking over to the couch climbing onto Mike's knee "It's not bedtime yet bottles are for bed time" Mike explained hoisting Harvey onto his hip ready to take him back through to the 'kids room "Now though bottle fwirstay" Harvey cried hitting his fists off Mike's chest

"Rachel does Ben still have a bottle" Mike asked as Rachel followed him out the room "No he doesn't have a bottle any more, I have a plastic cup for him that he has his warm banana milk In" "We've got sippy cups if he wants to use that" Mike suggested taking the bottle out the cupboard along with a sippy cup

"Sorry Mike he will only use his own" Rachel said "That's okay, Harvey likes all his own things as well, don't you" Harvey nodded as he popped his pacifier back in his mouth leaning his head tiredly on Mike's neck

"Aunty Rachel me and Harvey mwade a cool den" Ben said running into the room wondering where his new little friend went to "Aunty RACHEL" Ben cried pulling at Rachel's dress "

Oh wow let's go see what you guys made"

"This is good guys" Rachel cooed bending down to see the den that the boys had made. "Wow this looks amazing Harvey did you help" Harvey nodded shyly hiding in Mike's chest "I think he's getting tired Mike, he looks exhausted" Rachel said smiling at Harvey, she was used to dealing with Ben when he was tired and she could see that the little boys energy had suddenly dropped. "Yeah you are aren't you we've had a long busy exciting day today tomorrow I think we could go to the park, does that sound good Harvey?" Harvey looked up at Mike smiling "Bottle and bed yeah" Mike said carrying Harvey over to the couch to feed him.