Shendu, wearing an ancient sorcerers robe, watched Ratso with a stern glare as he attempted to crack the puzzle box and reveal the location of the next demon portal. Minutes later the box activated and beamed a magical map onto the wall of the Dark Hand's hide out, revealing the location of the next demon portal.

"Okay someone check the warrantee on the box, according to that thing the portals half way to the moon" Chow stated sarcastically.

"Where else did you think Tso Lan the Moon Demon would be found" Shendu replied venom dripping in his voice.

"And how are we supposed to get to the moon?" Chow complained, hoping that Shendu would be merciful or perhaps allow them to skip this particular portal if they are unable to get to it.

"We could go to Florida and board a shuttle at N.A.S.A" Ratso pointed out, much to the Dark Hands dismay.

"Very well then there we shall go" Shendu stated.

"Oh why couldn't it of been the Earth Demon" moaned Chow as he took another look at the map the Panku Box was projecting.

A Couple Hours Later At Section 13…

Captain Black was informing Jackie that they had just got word that the Dark Hand were heading to Florida, neither of them knowing that Jade was merged with Jackie's shadow, thus hearing each and every word, Jackie was then taken to Florida by section 13s jet.


Jackie easily spotted the Dark Hand and began to follow them, making his threw the large crowd that had assembled to watch the shuttle launch, however, while Jackie was making his way through the crowds the Dark Hand had boarded the shuttle and the shuttle was about to launch. Jackie began to climb up the inside of the shuttle, trying to get to the next section before the flames were lit, Jade could see that what he was attempting was nearly impossible, so she overshadowed him before taking on a shadow form and making their way to the inside of the shuttle where they waited in the shadows until they were in space.


Jade released her uncle and took on her human form "Jade what are you doing here…how?" Jackie asked.

"I was merged with your shadow and heard what you said to Captain Black so I thought I would tag along after all Uncle is always saying magic must defeat magic so demon must defeat demon" Jade replied, with a smug look.

"Oh great I guess you forgot that whenever you're near a demon portal you open it, aw well, just get into a space suit and try not to get into any trouble this time" Jackie said as he passed her a space suit before putting one on himself, he then phoned Captain Black and told him to tell Uncle to research a way to seal the Moon Demon before making his way through the shuttle, searching for the Dark Hand.

Jade then smirked as she took on her shadow form and slithered through the shuttle until she was right behind the Dark Hand and overheard them say that the shuttle had nearly intercepted with the portal belonging to the Moon Demon, meaning she would have to act fast to 'stop' the release of the Moon Demon.

Jade them took on her demon form "Give me the box mortal" Jade commanded in a demonic voice, the Dark Hand then span round and were surprised to see the Shadow Demon.

"How'd you…" Finn stuttered in absolute fear.

"Non of your business, all you need to know is that I'm going to take that box from you" Jade roared, Chow then smirked, remembering what Shendu had said about demons and good magic, he then stepped forward and pressed it against her forehead, just as the Shadow Demon took a step back, a green form of energy then surrounded her sapping her and her powers weakening her in the most painful way possible, she then fell to her knees, her demon form then shifted back into her human form before falling into unconsciousness.

"Be carful you fool or have you forgotten what she is and where we are?" Shendu yelled at his minions. It was then Jackie made himself known and attacked the Dark Hand and within minutes they were on the ground, he then grabbed the box, picked up Jade and ran from Shendu.

Jackie then stopped next to an airlock and tossed in the Panku Box, it was then Jade's eyes began to open slightly.

"Place me in there Jackie" Jade said weekly.

"What!" Jackie stated, shocked by what she had said.

"I need the darkness and the light of the moon…I need to…get my…strength back" Jade whispered, Jackie then remembered back to what Jade had told him the night he had first found out what she is, she became stronger under the full moon and that her powers derived from darkness, meaning this was the perfect place for Jade to recover from the harsh exposure to good magic. He then placed her in the airlock and hit the button releasing both her and the Panku Box into deep space. Jade instantly began to bask in the moon's light absorbing its power and the power from the darkest of darkness in the whole universe, space.

Shendu then had the Enforcers, who were back on their feet, to attack Jackie while he sent Hak Foo after the Panku Box and instructed him to stay away from the Shadow Demon.

Hak Foo began to enter the airlock, when he stopped, he could see what was happening outside the shuttle, the young girl had began to glow green and had a beam of energy firing out of her into deep space where a demon portal began to open, the resulting shockwaves causing it press against the space shuttle, making it easier for him to retrieve by simply going out for two seconds.

The Dark Hand then focused on finding a way back, just as Tohru came aboard with the chi spell without been noticed by the Dark Hand, he then prepared the spell for Jackie, while Uncle was on the speaker, talking him through it and ready to cast the chi spell at any moment.

Meanwhile outside the Moon Demon had noticed the Shadow Demon basking in the power she was receiving in deep space and knew if he didn't deal with her soon he would be sealed in the Demon Netherworld within that blasted box again, he then used his gravity power to bang her down upon the moon's surface, big mistake.

Jade now in her demon form again launched at the Moon Demon, merging with it and obtaining all its powers before shooting out of its back and blasting him with a beam of her shadow powers from behind causing him to fall to the ground, he then returned to his feet and returned to face her only to have himself slammed on the moon's surface by Jade's newly required gravity powers, which completely overwhelmed him due to Jade's power increase from the darkness in space and been so close to the moon's light, Jackie then came out wearing some sort of jetpack and cast the chi spell on the Moon Demon sealing it away once again, she then used her shadow powers to get her, Jackie and Tohru back to earth, the Shendu then used his teleportation magic to retreat to earth, glad that he was one step closer releasing all his brothers and sisters from the demon netherworld, created within the Panku Box, they retreated back to their layer so that they could focus on locating the next demon portal.