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It's so wrong. But it's so right.



The hero of Olympus stood on the beach, Sally and Paul had brought him on vacation with them, they were just down the beach in the cabin, a little inland over some small sandy hills. It was late in the evening, his mom and Paul were snuggled together on the sofa and it was really beginning to make him uncomfortable, so here he was, out for a walk. The moon was out, making the entire beach glow, he was busy watching its light ripple across the waves.

"Hello Percy." the demigod turned, his stance battle ready. It took him a moment of squinting before he recognised the source of the voice.

"Triton?" the sea deity smiled, devilishly so. He looked so different, he had legs for one, his skin was no longer green either, he looked human, no longer his merman self. He resembled Percy and Poseidon, but his eyes, they were still the same as when he'd last seen them under the ocean at their father's palace. "you're…"

"I do have my own tricks you know…" Percy looked over his body, he wore only dark, ripped jeans that hung on his hips. He was taller than Percy, muscled yet lithe, like he and his father were too. He had the same ebony hair, longer than Percy's, and a goatee along with the whiskers of a moustache, he looked exotic, Spanish or something similar. Like Greek? He asked himself sarcastically, it should have been sort of obvious. "I can take this form if I choose…" Triton sauntered over to his younger half-brother. "When I choose…" he seemed to circle the demigod like a shark ready to take a bite of his prey. Percy narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want?"

"I'd speak to me with a little more respect if I were you."

"Why's that?" as soon as the words left his mouth Triton suddenly appeared behind him, strong hands holding the tops of his arms and lips dangerously close to his ear.

"Because I am your superior, I am a god" he whispered tenderly. Percy tried to wrench himself away but froze when he felt a warm moist tongue stroke the shell of his ear. His stomach dropped and his breathing seemed to stop.

"What the hell are you doing?" he span around and looked at him in shock, but he'd only managed to turn within his hold, he was still very much in Triton's grasp. "Let me go."

"Do not struggle Percy, I wish you no harm." the demigod ceased his escape efforts but still glared suspiciously at his elder half-sibling.

"What do you want with me?" Triton sighed, there was no need for the aggression, he slid a hand from Percy's shoulder down to his waist, pulling his hips closer to his own. Percy knew he should freak out with the action but he didn't, he legs shook slightly, he was being touched intimately and he found that he had no willpower to act against it. He was mesmerized by Triton's eyes, they were hypnotic…

"I want you little brother, just you…" he leaned forward, not missing the shaky breaths Percy was taking.

"What are you doing?" he whispered uncertainly.

"kissing you." Percy's breath hitched, he wasn't sure, but he suspected that he might just want him to… The elder pressed their lips together, moving his own against the demigod's inexperienced mouth. Percy had no idea what he was thinking when he started kissing back, but he'd never had such a full on kiss, he could all but literally feel Triton's experience and sexual prowess. The fact that Triton was actually his brother fled his mind completely, then again, that meant little to the Greek gods. He felt Triton delve his tongue into his mouth, he was hesitant to recompense, gently moving his own against it. He placed his hands onto Triton's chest, leaning into the embrace, giving himself to their oral battle. "Very good little brother." the sea deity suddenly gripped beneath Percy's thighs, heaving his legs up and wrapping them around his waist. He smirked at the whimpering moan that escaped the demigod's lips when Percy's already hard length came into swift contact with his stomach. The god turned to face away from the sea and knelt down, laying Percy in front of him. The younger man was surprised to find not sand beneath him, but a large blanket, soft and gentle on his skin. He was beginning to think that much more of his skin was going to be touching it before the night was over. "Despite the rumours about sex on the beach, sand really is a pest."

Triton leaned down over him, devouring his neck with passionate kisses. Percy wasn't sure what to do with himself; he had little experience with intimacy and no experience at all with another man or being submissive as he so clearly was at that moment. He kept his knees bent and his thighs open, letting his sibling settle between them easily.

When the god pulled his t-shirt over his head and off his body he became acutely aware that they were in fact in public, someone could walk by at any moment. "Triton, stop, we can't."

"we can, have no fear little brother." the god descended on the newly revealed chest, hands groping at the demigod's youthful muscles. Percy mewled, he'd never been so expertly touched before, it was good, so good, he didn't want it to stop.

"Why are you touching me?" he breathed, barely able to form words. He had meant to ask 'why are you doing this' butbeing touched was all he could think about.

"I find you desirable Percy. Do you not find me desirable?" Percy arched up into the god's ministrations, letting out a sudden yelp as a fingers stroked under the top of his jeans, caressing the curve of his waist, he couldn't help it, it was a sensitive spot. Triton smirked and popped open the button of Percy's jeans, giving himself better access to the interesting spanse of skin. "Well, Percy?" the god gave him a moment to breath as their eyes met.

"Very." Triton smiled almost wickedly and raked his eyes over his little brother's body, fully admiring his 'cute godling physique'. Slim, lithe muscles, just like himself, though Percy was lean and smaller in stature. His skin was tanned and beautiful, he smiled, as the son of a Greek god's should be. His chest was soft and smooth, hairless but for a dusting of dark hair on his navel leading down to his crotch. Speaking of which, there was no denying the raging hard on Percy had, to be so young, so inexperienced… "Should, um, should we being doing this?" the demigod asked hesitantly. Triton chuckled.

"Are you asking because we are both men, or because we are brothers?" Percy looked unsure.

"um, both?" the god smiled, so naive and innocent…

"We can do anything we please, little brother. It is not… unprecedented." in fact there were many examples… triton sighed, they would be boring to get into, but even their father had the occasional hand in affairs such as these. "now, let's make things interesting shall we?" Percy shivered at the dominant stare he received right before he felt Triton's fingers hook under his jeans and boxers, pulling them down his thighs and eventually off his legs.

He blushed intensely under Triton's gaze, lifting his leg slightly in an subconscious attempt to cover himself. He'd never been naked in front of anyone before, he felt so exposed, it was invigorating, his hardness throbbed with the feel of it. The god admired Percy's shyness, it had a unique alluring appeal.

He stroked a finger down Percy's shin, showing a gentleness that the demigod wouldn't have expected. It encouraged him to lower his leg, albeit shyly, letting his hardness come into full few. Triton voiced no encouragement or compliment, but there was a sort of silent understanding between them, as if they just clicked.

The god slid his hands over Percy's legs, smoothly spreading his thighs and kneeling between them. He had a good view of his bashful little brother, as Percy had of him.

The demigod looked up at his elder sibling, no small amount of uncertainty on his face. In this recently new light he took his first good look at his brother, they looked quite similar, but Triton was older, he looked like more of a man. His eyes raked down his chest, he had more hair than him, he blushed, that wasn't difficult, other than his happy trail he was bare. That wasn't to say that Triton was hairy, no, just a little on his chest, sexily so. Ugh, sexy, there was a word he never imagined he'd use to describe Triton. The god was between his legs, he could feel the flesh of hips against his thighs, he found it a little intimidating, how was this going to happen? He gripped the blanket beneath him nervously, was this going to hurt? Was he going to just… push in? He didn't know the specifics. His head was swamped with questions that he just couldn't ask, among other things that would just be embarrassing. "relax little brother, I'll take care of you." the god placed a hand on the underside of Percy's thigh and slid it down, reaching the cheek of his arse.

The demigod twitched, his body tensed, arching slightly away from his touch. "No, I've never…" his face burned red with embarrassment.

"I know." he leaned down and pressed their lips back together, whatever concerns Percy had were momentarily forgotten, Triton was a fantastic kisser… when the god withdrew, Percy followed, not wanting their lips to part, for a moment Percy wondered why they couldn't just make out, because Triton is seducing me, that's why. "I'll take care of you…" Percy wished he'd stop saying that in such a purr, it had so many meanings.

Triton knelt up and pulled something from his jeans, a vial, of water? Percy eyed it curiously, no, it wasn't water, it moved around too slowly, oil? The god offered him no explanation, merely content to continue with his current task. Percy watched him with fascination as the poured some of the substance onto his fingers, coating each digit of his right hand. Lube. He dropped back over his younger brother leaning on one arm, he watched the boy's face as he trailed his fingers under his thigh. The demigod shivered, unsure whether to arch into or away from the touch, a small yelp erupted from his lips as a finger found its way to his entrance, circling delightfully. Percy's mind went wild, it was all so foreign to him, but he wanted it, he wanted Triton's fingers in there now.

He let out a surprised moan when one finally did, his whole body tensed with the intrusion. His first thought was how weird it felt, having the finger slide in and out of him, twisting and wiggling. "Relax Percy" How could he not? He melted into the velvety voiced perfection… He squeaked when another finger was pressed in, it was getting to be a tight fit, but it didn't hurt. Triton leaned down to kiss him as he worked, thrusting his fingers inside of the demigod with skilled haste. Percy found that he wanted more, he wanted it deeper, bigger… he nearly choked on his own moan when a pleasure filled buzz burned through his body, whatever that was he wanted it again… but it seemed like Triton was purposely avoiding it, grazing that place lightly, not giving him what he wanted. His groan of frustration seemed to only amuse the god.

Triton pressed in a third finger, eyes flickering with concern when Percy squeaked with pain. It hurt, he felt like he couldn't move, but his older brother didn't seem to have that issue, he continued twisting and scissoring his fingers, carefully stretching and widening Percy's entrance with seemingly no reprise.

"Relax Percy. You'll enjoy it." he stroked his free hand down the demigod's body, flicking his thumb over a perk nipple before trailing down to rub lovingly at his bare skin. The demigod rested his head down against the blanket, relaxing his muscles and letting Triton work his body. He soon got used to it, taking deep breaths and trying to concentrate on how close his brother always got to that place.

When Triton felt that he was ready he withdrew his fingers, finding that he missed the tight warmth of his younger brother's body. He knelt back, smirking as Percy watched him unfasten his jeans and reveal himself. The demigod couldn't help but gasp a little, seeing someone else's most intimate area, especially a man's, there was a first time for everything.

The god retrieved his vial, pouring its contents over his erection, rubbing it over himself, partly just to give Percy something to watch. The demigod's eyes flickered up to meet Triton's, he kept himself calm, not letting his eyes betray his emotions as he brother dropped back over him, as he felt the head of his cock start to press against his hole, demanding -and readily receiving- entry.

Triton groaned, completely unaware of his little brother's discomfort, the demigod bit his lip, tensing his throat against any sort of yelp that might escape. The god buried his head against Percy's neck, kissing his skin passionately, he held the boy's thighs, pulling his legs up onto his hips. But Percy couldn't help the small cry of pain as his brother started moving within him, he could only feel the pain, the burn, but for some reason he didn't want Triton to know, he just wanted him to carry on, enjoy himself and go. It would be less embarrassing than him having the story of their encounter ending in his little brother wimping out of it half way through, he didn't want Triton to think of him as a bad lay.

"Percy…" Triton had halted his movements. "Percy. This is not pleasurable for you…" the demigod swallowed thickly, not wanting to let any of his discomfort trickle out into his voice.

"I'm fine." Triton gave him a disbelieving stare, concern adamant in his features and started to carefully pull out. But Percy decided on other plans and swiftly maneuvered the god to lay down, putting himself on top and straddling Triton's waist. He couldn't help grunting a little in pain as he sank down, impaling himself further. He steadied himself with his hands on the immortal's waist, stopping the majority of the pain, keeping them both as still as possible. When he finally caught his breath he dared to look his brother in the eyes, but to his surprise there was no regret that he'd tried this with his 'wimp of a sibling' or that he was annoyed with his clear lack of experience or any lack of patience with the fuss he was causing. His eyes seemed analytic and concerned, as if trying to calmly figure out the situation.

"Kiss me." Percy furrowed his brow, out of all the possible scenarios that had flew through his head this didn't even make the top ten. He hesitantly leaned down capturing Triton's lips in a longing kiss, hoping, but also fearing that Triton would understand and know what to do, hell, Percy didn't even know what to do. But the god did understand, he already knew. He slid a hand into the demigod's hair, another onto the boy's body, passion clear in his actions.

Percy hardly even realised when the pain faded away, but when he did he pulled away from Triton's lips, not too far, trying to maintain the worry free feeling. He gave an experimental roll of his hips, it wasn't bad, and the sharp intake of breath it caused Triton definitely wasn't bad either. He felt the immortal's hands slide down to his hips, both of them having the same intentions in mind, Triton guided his pelvis as Percy sat upright, moving himself as directed. The god knew what he was doing, their angle and position starting to drive his little brother wild, the demigod could feel it, the building up pressure, just a tiny shift and… there. That place… he dropped his head back in a moan, moving his hips faster, desperate for more.

Triton smirked, groaning as he watched Percy move so naturally now, letting his body take over. "like that Percy, just like that." Triton groaned, now digging his nails into the demigod's hips as the boy bounced himself up and down on the god's cock. Percy voiced his pleasure freely, clawing at his brother's lower stomach, his only anchor to reality was the feel of Triton's hard length slide quickly in and out of his entrance, but it was the same thing that was driving him insane, hitting that place, it was incredible, all of it was, the way Triton just fit him perfectly, the way they were moving together, in sync, Percy had never felt so alive. He knew he was going to cum soon, he was trying desperately to hold it off, but his hips still bounced erratically meeting Triton's hands and meeting the god's upwards thrusts eagerly.

He shouted out his finish, his seed hitting Triton's stomach in streams. He just about felt the god cum under the haze, his essence burning his insides. The demigod collapsed on top of him, arms shaking in attempt to hold himself up.

Triton rolled them back over, holding Percy's waist as he gently slid himself out. The demigod looked exhausted, but definitely satisfied. He smiled softly, he'd taken his brother's virginity, but gave him something special. He eyed the tattoo of a shell that had appeared on the curve of Percy's hip. The demigod himself hadn't noticed, Triton had chosen that place specifically, intimate but slightly noticeable too.

Percy felt drowsy, so sated, but tired, his muscles felt worked and his nerves burnt out. He didn't notice when he drifted off with the sight of Triton above, smiling down.

The god cleaned himself off before leaning down and kissing his little brother's new tattoo.

"try to behave now little brother."

Percy woke later to find himself still on the beach, it had gone completely dark, he could see the waves of the glistening black sea roll against the shore. He was dressed again but for his t-shirt, which lay in the sand not far away. The blanket was draped over him, shielding him from the cool night air. He held it around himself as he sat up, wincing at the twinge in his backside. That had definitely happened. He looked around, Triton was nowhere to be seen.

His legs shook as he stood up, groaning when he had to bend down again to pick up his top. He padded back to the cabin, finding his mom and Paul asleep on the sofa, his step father unconsciously holding a blanket around them both. Percy smiled and continued to his room, dropping down on his bed and quickly falling back to sleep, still blissfully unaware of the scar of a different kind that now marked his skin.


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