Chapter 6 - Duty…

"Percy." Triton called quietly. He watched the demigod stir, turning in his sleep, foot catching the blanket and pulling it down his body, revealing a beautifully sculpted shoulder blade. He hesitated, continuing to watch as Percy rolled onto his back, his face looked so peaceful… he almost didn't want to disturb him.

He reached out, letting his fingers brush against the boy's cheek, his skin was warm and soft. He could feel his gentle breathing against his palm, slow, steady breaths. He wondered what he was dreaming about, he thought it must be something nice, what with such a content expression… he sighed, Percy was so touchable, yet so untouchable… he tilted his head, admiring his handsome features, totally ignorant of the dreamy look that had taken over his face.

He felt a rush of guilt when he realised that he'd woken him from his slumber. Quite rightly receiving a disgruntled and startled look as Percy scrambled to get away before he recognised him.

"What the hell are you doing?" The younger brother asked, half asleep and half in fight mode, eyes blinking hard to adjust to the darkness.

"You were asleep." Triton said simply, regaining his composure.

"No shit, it's sort of what people do at two in the morning." He whispered angrily, though he has no idea why he was so annoyed. Sure, it was a lot later than he usually came to get him, and he'd been gone so long that he had begun to think he wasn't going to come again at all. Wait, yes, that had to be it. How could he be gone for so long? He'd been getting… worried…

Triton had told him never to worry about him. He was the god. He was the big brother. He wasn't to be worried about.

A thought came to mind, making Triton smirk when he quickly swiped at his chin. He gratefully found it drool free.

"What do you want now?" He asked impertinently.

"Mind your tongue."

"Get out of my room."


"No, I don't want to hear it."

"What is the matter with you tonight?"

"You are!"

"Percy!" He whispered hastily, trying to quiet his little brother.

"I said get out." Percy said, sticking to what he'd already said. Triton didn't. Instead he grabbed his brother's wrist and pulling him out of bed, not giving him chance to utter another word as he took them to their usual training spot. "Let go of me!" Percy wrenched his arm free and kicked back from his brother.

"What's the matter with you tonight?!"

"What's the matter with me? What the hell is wrong with you!" Triton gave him in insulted look. "You wake me up in the middle of the night, not giving a shit how tired I am at school. You involve me in this-" he held him arms out, gesturing to where they were. "-and don't tell me a fucking thing about why. You're fucking horrible to me, you've never even liked me, yet you insist this is for own good. And worst of all! Worst of all you- fuck me and then treat melike a stupid child, after all the things you do!" Percy panted a little from his rant.

"Mind your tongue toward me Jackson-"

"Fuck you!" Percy sent a blast of water toward his brother, forcing the god back a few feet. Triton called his trident, starting to defend himself from a garage of attacks, water and power alike.

Percy's eyes glowed a deep green as he vented his anger straight at Triton, pushing him back until he was against a rock, he couldn't be sure, but it seemed to be the same one he'd been pushed up against weeks ago. He swam forward, threading his fingers into his brother's head and yanking his head backwards, pinning him. Triton must have saw it coming when Percy kissed him, a knee and a foot trapping his hip and the top portion of his tail.

The kisses were rough, and once Triton had let him have his moment he thought back, grabbing his arms and flipping them around, holding Percy against the rock, pinning his wrists back. He pressed his body hard against the demigod's, delving his tongue into his mouth as the boy wrapped his legs around him, clawing hard at his torso.

Just as Triton was starting to get into what was happening, Percy bit his lip, hard, and pushed him away. He could see the gold on his lips disappearing off into the water.

"Take me home."


"Now!" He did as he was asked, though he knew he shouldn't, he should have made the brat wait, and made him listen instead. "Go."

"Percy, listen to me, I didn't intend…" speaking and explaining himself in any sort of apologetic way just wasn't his thing…

"Just lay off it would you. If you don't like me like that then fine, but don't pretend. Give me the respect of telling me how it is." Triton stalked over and caught Percy by his jaw.

"I'm not 'pretending' anything, and I detest whatever is making you think I am insincere in my affections."

"Affections? That's what you call it…Where have you been?!" Triton furrowed his brow.

"Where have I- Percy-"

"I thought…" Percy tried to stop himself getting upset about it. "You insert yourself in my life and then go away without a word. You make me feel all weird and different and then leave me alone…" Triton paused, looking at his little brother, he was upset, because he had been away for so long…

"Percy, I'm sorry, I've been so busy… we've been trying to cut off the last of Oceanus's generals… I'm one of our father's main generals Percy, I have responsibilities…" Percy felt a little bad, Triton did have a job to do… "if you were upset why did you not call me?"

"What are you? My mother?" Percy said, hiding his feelings, but he didn't stop himself from enjoying the hug Triton gave him, awkwardly pulling the slightly reluctant demigod into his arms.

"Percy, I will not leave you, you need not worry…" the younger brother melted into the embrace, it was something special when Triton was affectionate. He slid his hands up to the god's shoulders as he lifted his head, nuzzling his cheek.

"Kiss me." Percy said, wanting to test himself as much as he wanted to test Triton.


"I know what you're going to say, and don't. Just kiss me. Right this time." Despite his reluctance, the kiss came easy, their lips meeting gently, contrasting with their earlier oral fight. Percy slid a hand up into the god's hair as he deepened the kiss.

When they pulled hesitantly apart neither of the, dared to open their eyes, content to live in the moment just little longer, sharing the air between them.

Triton held him securely, physically vowing to protect him. Was this all Percy wanted? A little affection, adoration and reassurance? What a fragile thing… He wasn't used to needing to show affection to anyone, but he'd never felt so involved with someone… Percy was special to him, and as dangerous as it was, he might be the most important thing in the world to him.

"Come, get some rest, it's late and you worked hard tonight… I don't want you to be tired." he said quietly, fingers carefully lifting Percy's chin so he could look into his sea green eyes.

The demigod could see he was genuine. He held his wrist and lifted the hand so he could nuzzle into the palm. Triton watched the action with confused curiosity, what a odd but cute gesture… Percy must have caught his expression. "I like it when you hold me."

Triton smirked, taking a deep breath and regaining his composure. "Yes, well, as amusing as more of your dog impression is, you need to go to bed, and I need to go." He said with his usual tone, all trace of mush gone. "Goodnight Percy. And… don't worry." How he managed to say that in a stern but caring way, he didn't know.

End of Chapter 6…

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