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A PoseidonxPercy, not total smut, sex yes, but plot too.

A Last Resort…

"Dad?" It took a minute for Percy's heart to start beating again, it wasn't every day you walked into your cabin to find your godly parent sat on the end of your bed.

"Percy." Poseidon said as he stood up. The god seemed uneasy, watching his son as if he was about to say something upsetting.

"What's up?" Poseidon sighed.

"I need you to come with me Percy."

"Why? What's going on." The demigod stepped back when he father started to approach.

"Nothing, consider this a social call." Percy raised an eyebrow.

"A social call?" He asked hesitantly as the god stood in front of him

"Yes Percy." Poseidon placed a hand on his shoulder, taking them away somewhere else.

"No." His voice sounded out in the all but empty throne room.

"My decision is final brother. It must be you." Poseidon glared at his brother, the king of the gods. "Unless of course you are unconcerned about his fate. It makes no difference to me"

"I am his father."

"It would not be too far of a leap."

"He would not accept it" Poseidon insisted.

"That will be -his- issue." Zeus replied, further irritating the sea god. "Make him accept it, or let him be taken. It is your choice." Poseidon would have gladly liked to rip his brother's head off at that moment, but he was right, and there was no denying it. "But make your choice soon. He doesn't have long."

"Very well" to Poseidon's relief his brother's expression remained stoic.

And so he left, appearing in Percy's cabin. He sighed as he sat down on his child's bed. This was quite possibly going to be traumatic for them both.

He ran through the preceding events to it all, Percy didn't know it, but he'd been marked, chosen by forces unknown. Or cursed as Poseidon preferred to put it. He would be taken as no less than a slave unless he was bound to a god, and it couldn't be a minor god, they wouldn't be strong enough, it couldn't even be anyone lower than the big three themselves. Zeus had a point in suggesting that it be Poseidon himself. Whoever the god was would then command Percy's undying loyalty and have command over Percy's then immortal life, -immortal as long as the god wished it. Considering that Poseidon pretty much already had his son's loyalty it wouldn't alter Percy's mindset too much. However, the bonding itself, the type of curse it was, it was an old curse, a Titan curse, it wasn't fully understood, it required something powerful to overcome it, an intimate bond…

Zeus or Hades would never accept it, neither would Percy, he'd rather be dead. But that wasn't an option for Poseidon, he just hoped Percy wouldn't hate him for too long after it was over.

"Where are we?" The demigod looked around, feeling really rather confused.

"You don't need to worry about that." Poseidon replied, a little too quickly for Percy's liking. He watched his father curiously before looking around again. They were in a beach-hut type place, like you'd expect on some sort of island resort, though from what he could tell this place was huge, and pretty secluded, the view from the large windows showed that it was in a crescent shaped bay, tall mountains surrounding it in every direction except for a gap leading out to the open ocean.

"What are we doing here?"

"You don't need to worry about that either."

"I don't understand." Poseidon was nearly choked by guilt, he couldn't believe he was going to do this.

"Relax Percy, sit down." The demigod stayed where he was, timidly waiting for an explanation. "Please." Poseidon added, gesturing to a large cushioned sofa not far behind Percy.

He looked between his father and it before sighing in defeat and sitting. Poseidon walked to the other end of the room while Percy examined his surroundings.

The god returned with a wine glass containing a sparkling liquid. "Drink this." Percy gave him an unamused expression, he didn't know what the hell was going on, gods didn't just appear for no reason, and they certainly didn't take you with them somewhere.

"What is it?" Poseidon huffed, Percy was smart for asking questions, but this really wasn't the time to be difficult.

"Something to make this easier." Percy stared at him, what the hell was all this about?

"Dad, what's going on? I not doing anything until you tell me." The god took a moment before answering.

"You've been cursed, but I'm going to help you, you'll be fine." Percy stared at him blankly, he'd never seen his father so worried before. "No more questions, that's all I know. Now please, drink this, all of it."


"Percy." Poseidon said firmly, cutting him off. The god sighed for the millionth time that evening. "Please." Percy stared at him a moment longer before taking the glass, his father stepped away, giving him room.

It smelt like sweet wine… he took a sip. Yepp, heguessed, definitely wine-like. He heeded his father's words and downed the glass as fast as he could, once empty it vanished from his hand. The liquid burned oddly in his stomach, after just a minute he started feeling a little weird, like his limbs were really light, his head had begun feeling dizzy and his body unco-ordinated. He was no expert, but he was sure he shouldn't be getting drunk this fast. "Um, dad?" He asked.

"Relax Percy." How could he only say that?

"Dad, tell me… tell me what's going on…" Percy blinked hard, everything was spinning in a rather peculiar fashion. "Dad…" the god seemed to be pacing a little, pausing to stare at his son with torment in his eyes. "What's wrong?" The demigod asked dopily, under the influence of one of Dionysus' milder concoctions. Poseidon walked over to him in fast strides, kneeling in front of where his son was sat.

"Do you want me to help you Percy? It's that or… a rather grim fate." Percy stared at him in confusion. "Percy?"

"Of course I wants you to help me, why wouldn' I?" The god took a deep breath, looking into the trusting eyes of his son.

"Okay, come on." He grabbed Percy's hand and pulled him onto his feet. The demigod immediately swayed, legs failing to hold him as he fell into his father's waiting arms. He snorted in laughter, giggling as Poseidon walked him unsteadily into another room, oblivious to the Conscience-stricken expression on the god's face.

Poseidon laid him on the large bed, trying to ignore his son's drunken giggles. "What're you doing?" He asked, calming down and attempting to sit up. "Why'm I on bed?"

"Relax Percy." The demigod had no idea what was happening, his vision was blurred and his body just would not do as it was told.

"Dad, I have to tell you something…" he slurred, looking vaguely in the direction of his father.

"Later Percy."

"But dad…"

"Percy." The demigod held his voice, hardly realising when Poseidon climbed on top of him, hands invading the underside of his t-shirt before pulling it over his head to be discarded elsewhere.

The god turned Percy's head to face him, he took in the sight of his drunken demigod, he could see that Percy was attractive, but he couldn't bring himself to be turned on by it, he was far too guilty for that. which was where a gift from Aphrodite came into play, he sighed before leaning down and kissing his son.

"Mmph." The demigod might have been drunk, but he knew that his dad shouldn't be kissing him, he suddenly felt very unsafe, topless in his father's hold, he could feel the fabric of his dad's shirt tickle against his bare chest . His lips tingled under the onslaught, making his limbs hesitate in their rebellion. When Poseidon withdrew, he felt an odd sensation run the length of his body, it made him dazed, but in a different way to the alcohol, his skin felt hot when it really shouldn't be. Poseidon watched his son's eyes dilate as the Aphrodisiac took effect. He was sure he'd rather have been doing anything other this right at that moment. "Dad… what're you doing?" He mumbled.

"Saving you Percy."

"You kissed me… you can't kiss me, you're m'dad…" Poseidon furrowed his brow, Percy really wasn't making this any easier. "He kissed me, he hurt me… don't hurt me" Percy's head started dropping to the side, Dionysus may have made the wine a little too strong.

"Who hurt you Percy?"

"Who… what?" The god sighed, Percy needed to wake up a little, this was going to be a conversation for another time. He leaned back, stripping himself of his clothes before moving onto Percy's jeans.

The demigod just laid there and drunkenly looked at his dad's body, he was fit and muscled, toned and lithe, he was too drunk to react at all when he stole a quick glance at Poseidon's manhood, it was big and he was at least half hard, it was hard to tell with his blurry vision, he could barely even see Poseidon. He panicked a little when he felt strong hands pull his jeans down and off his legs and finish undressing him. He became vaguely aware that he was naked, with his dad, on a bed, and he was getting hard.

Poseidon looked over Percy's body, he narrowed his eyes onto the boy's hips where scratch-like scars marked his pelvis.

He tried sitting up and crawling back from the god but he still felt lighter than air, he managed to lean back on his elbows only to be laid back flat by Poseidon. He felt his legs being pushed apart and his dad kneel between them, he didn't react, he couldn't get past that it was actually happening. However he jerked his hips back when he suddenly felt slick fingers push against his hole. He placed his hands on his dad's shoulders, pushing against them in a weak attempt to force him away, he twisted his body away, firmly closing his thighs to keep unwanted intruders out.

Poseidon had no choice, he made a rope out of thing air and tied Percy's wrists above his head, attaching them to the headboard.

"Dad stop it, lemme go"

"Don't fight me Percy, trust me" The demigod glared at him, concentrating hard through the blur of alcohol, he couldn't bring himself to say anything. The wine had something in it, it had to have, but his dad wouldn't have drugged him would he? Then again look where he was now… the god pulled Percy's thighs open again, not missing the shake in his legs.

"Lemme go… you can't do this, uh-" a finger was pushed back into him, he tried twisting away but Poseidon's hand held his hips in place. The god leaned down and pressed his lips to Percy's once more, the demigod was flooded with that feeling again, it took him over, he barely noticed his father stretch him further, adding another finger, he was letting him opening his legs a little more, ceasing his struggles, but he barely noticed because he'd in fact started kissing back, the voice in his mind that had been talking him it was wrong had been drowned out.

Poseidon knew Percy would be easily overcome, he was only a demigod, it had nothing to do with Percy falling in love with him or anything of the sort, it would just relax him, make him more accepting this physicality, no matter who it was, even if as it was now, the person who he'd want it with the least. He nearly felt sick with guilt, Percy was kissing him.

Percy was ready now, there was no denying it, he pulled out his fingers and halted their oral exchange to lubricate himself.

The ease he'd started to hope that he'd have was short lived, as soon as he was pushing in Percy snapped out of his daze. He pulled painfully at the ropes, and after a crack that Poseidon severely hoped wasn't Percy's wrist he had his arms free. He lashed out in pure panic, pushing the god back with all his might. One off target swipe caught Poseidon's face, leaving a set of scratch marks across his cheek.

"Percy stop it, I don't want to hurt you."

"You stop then!" Percy shouted back. The demigod would never have believed how unable he was to defend himself, even if he were sober and able to concentrate he'd never be able to hold his own against the sea god himself. When Poseidon tried to kiss him again he bit his lip forcefully, drawing a little of his golden blood.

"Percy." Poseidon pinned the demigod's forearms together above his head. "Don't make this harder than it has to be." Percy stared at him defiantly, noticing the scratches heal over and fade, and the cut on his lip disappear. He realised there was going to be no getting out of this.

"I'll never forgive you." Poseidon could see fear in his son's eyes.

"That is a sacrifice I'll have to make." Percy winced slightly. Poseidon would rather Percy hate him for this than because of being forced to be a traitor.

Percy squeezed his eyes shut when Poseidon pressed another kiss against his lips, the feeling flooded him again, he could feel the god shift and again press his length against his entrance, pushing into him with splitting pain. He gave a muffled cry of agony, fingernails digging into his palms. The alcohol had done little in the way of numbing the pain, it only served to make it slightly more acceptable in his head, make the ordeal seem not so bad.

Poseidon flinched when he heard his son cry out, his body tense up against the pain. This wasn't going to get better straight away, he pushed all the way in, causing more cries of pain against his lips. He halted when fully sheathed, separating their mouths.

"I sorry, I'm so sorry…" he kept moving, afraid that if he stopped now he'd chicken out and let Percy down, fail to save him.

Percy tried to just lay there and take it, but he was sure something had torn, he practically heard himself rip. The kisses made him want it, but they didn't make the pain go away.

The god released his arms, they immediately went to clutch the bed sheets beneath them and cover his mouth, putting an end to the confusing kisses and in an attempt to stop his cries of pain. Poseidon felt bad that Percy felt the need to do that, he was taking the demigod at his most vulnerable and the boy was still insisting on playing it strong. He felt even guiltier upon the realisation that it was actually feeling good, if only in a physical way and certainly only for him. He knew he was going to have to make Percy enjoy it too, even against his will. He pulled Percy's hand from his mouth, and kissed him deeply. The demigod was reluctant but was some overcome again, he was hesitant at first but soon started returning the kiss, sliding his tongue against the god's invading one.

Percy squeaked at the slight hint of pleasure that invaded his body, it was foreign and unwanted, his dad was causing it and that made it wrong.

Poseidon listened to the innocent sounds Percy elicited, the innocent movements of his body… he was starting to relax and loosen up. He could feel himself changing Percy, he was becoming immortal, there was no turning back now. He shifted them pulling Percy's legs up and creating a better position for him, he reached down between them and stroked Percy's unwanted erection.

The demigod felt disgusted with himself as he moaned uncontrollably, hand balling into a fist at his father's neck. He pushed the god away from his face, re-covering his mouth and keeping his eyes firmly shut. The sting was still there, but the kisses had let him feel something, something good…

Poseidon kept moving, faster, with more urgency, Percy was fast approaching his end and was pulling him along with him. He held the demigod close and kissed his neck. "It's okay Percy, you're allowed to enjoy it, you're supposed to enjoy it…" Percy opened his eyes. The god could see tears forming in the identical sea green orbs before they closed once again as he came, seed shooting over their stomachs. After the high Percy winced, feeling his father come inside of him.

The god pulled out of the boy below him, visibly flinching as he saw the mix of red and gold that wetted the top of Percy's thighs and dotted the bed sheet underneath.

The demigod blinked hard, his body felt exhausted and his eyelids felt heavy, his drunkenness was lulling him toward a deep sleep. He saw his father above him as he eyes were sliding shut.

"I'm sorry Percy, but I love you my son…" Percy blacked out, too tired to keep himself awake.


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