Chapter 4 - Home…

Percy screamed, hands clutching the bed sheets, eyes squeezed shut as he writhed. Poseidon burst in, rushing over to his son, he grabbed his shoulders, shaking him awake. Percy was wet with sweat but his body was cold, he screamed with intense fear on his face, body twisting and tensing against his nightmares. He shouted in broken tongues, mixes of language, Poseidon saw sparkling gold printed on the sheets and squeezed between his fingers. He moved to hold Percy's head, his usually soft ebony hair was damp with sweat, his forehead burned and his face was wet with streams of tears.

"Percy!" Poseidon shouted. The boy's eyes shot open, his green eyes only thin rings around large black circles. As soon as the light hit him they shrank, the familiar green was comforting, he watched him blink himself back to consciousness. "Percy it's okay, I'm here." He was almost surprised when his son swiftly moved close, hugging his body tight as he buried his face against his chest. He could hear his muffled sobs, feel his chest heave with his ragged, laboured breathing.

He pulled him into his lap, despite Percy being rather big for such things, he just curled his legs up at his side. Poseidon held him close, raking his fingers through his wet hair, attempting to pull it from his face.

"Dad, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. You can hurt me, just don't leave me alone, I don't like being alone." Percy said, half into the fabric of his father's shirt.

"No no, Percy, I'm not going to hurt you, you don't have anything to be sorry for." He continued stroking through his hair, soothing him as he listened to his receding cries.

Percy slept better when cuddled against Poseidon's warm chest, he looked so far away from his internal turmoil.

Poseidon hadn't been able to do this for nearly 18 years… hold his child… he didn't want to let him go. He doubted Percy would feel the same once he woke up. He was only where he was now because he'd been half-asleep and terrified.

The godling nuzzled him, his fringe tickling beneath the god's jaw. It had taken Poseidon this long to realise Percy had passed out rather than fell asleep, but he didn't blame him for being so exhausted after this upheaval.

Percy furrowed his brow when he woke up, someone was holding him. He was snuggled up and cozy against a strong chest, in his daze he didn't resist, it took him a while of thinking how caring his dad was to actually remember his predicament. He blinked himself into focus, instantly shoving himself away from the god.

"What are you doing?!" He fell to the floor, disgust clear on his face.

"You didn't want to be alone…" Poseidon tried sadly.

"Alone is better than you! Dead is better than you!" Percy shouted, willing the sleep from his muscles as he got to his feet. The sea god couldn't answer him, he hid his heartbreak poorly as he nodded, simply leaving the room. He stood behind the door, listening to Percy sob. His fists clenched, anger overtook him.

He swiftly left, he needed to go destroy something.

Percy tried all of the windows, pushing the panes of glass from every which way he could think of. They had to open somehow, he needed to get out, he was suffocating in there, he need out, now.

The slammed his fistsagainst the glass in frustration before turning and trying the door, yanking violently at the handle, he kicked out, barely even denting the wood of the door. Why was he a prisoner? It wasn't like he could undo what he had done to him, there was no going back…

The ramifications of his immortality were sinking in. It was like being born again, but remembering your old life too, becoming a different person when you were already who you wanted to be.

He could have gotten past the rape, the betrayal… but he'd stripped him of the things that made his life worth living, and that was unforgivable… he just wanted to get away now. He tried the door again, taking a step back and landing a kick just below the handle, again, and again.

If he were thinking straight he might have considered that it was a normal door, that maybe isn't was held strong by something a little more powerful than a lock, but for now he was ignorant, beating his fists bloody against the door.

He slumped down, the shredded skin of his knuckles poured gold, he just stared at the ichor that was now his blood.

It was hours before Poseidon opened the door to see him there, passed out against the doorframe. It didn't take much to wake him, revealing sore red eyes, aching and tired. He crouched down and the boy lifted his head slightly, looking at him with such desperate hopelessness.

Poseidon watched him stand up forlornly, he stared angrily at the floor, waiting for his father to act first. Which he did, sighing and picking up Percy's hands, looking sadly at the dried blood on his knuckles. He held one hand and pulled Percy out of the room gently, walking through the house and into a bathroom.

The sea king hated how subservient Percy was being, quietly going along with him. He leaned him against the sink, retrieving a cloth to clean the boy's hands. It took him a minute or so to realise that Percy was staring at him in a rather unusual way, gazing at him intently.

"It will all be okay Percy, I'll look after you…" the godling leaned forward… suddenly pushing away from the sink and stepping away from his father.

"Thank you." He patiently waited aside for instructions.

"Are you hungry?" Percy shook his head, he didn't want to give in. Poseidon sighed. "I've made up a room for you…" his son just looked at him. "Come on, I think you'll like it." Percy followed him out, walking through the lounge that he'd first arrived in to the other side of the building and up some stairs that curved slightly to the left. At the top was his room. It was shaped like a square with a semicircle stuck on one side, the curved wall had windows like the room he'd been staying in -giving a nice view if he were ever going to be in the mood to enjoy it- to the left side of them was a low chair that even Percy had to admit looked comfortable and opposite them was his bed, it was a double bed, but didn't have the large four poster frame as the one he'd been staying in did. It was made of a nice light wood and the sheets were airy whites and blues. The walls were white and the floor was a sandy wood colour. He had a desk and a bookshelf but there wasn't much on it.

Percy felt so hurt, he couldn't help but realise what this would have meant to him, before…

"Does this mean I'm staying here?" He asked quietly.

"At least for now."

"Will I ever get to go home?"

"When things have settled, you may visit and stay there whenever you want." They were both silent for a moment. "I know there isn't much in here at the moment, but I'm sure, if you tell me what you like, I can get you some things, books perhaps?" Percy didn't respond. He hated that he wanted to hug his dad and he hated that he was grateful for what he was being given. He wished he could just tell his feelings to go and do one while his head put things straight. "Things will get better."

Percy actually wanted to believe him.

Poseidon barely even paid attention while the other immortals spoke. He just twisted his trident in his hand and stared at the floor with a dark brooding expression on his face.

There were several times when he'd usually have jumped in to argue, but didn't, and the others noticed though daren't question.

"Must you bring your personal business into the meetings?" Zeus asked with a sigh, striding past his brother, pausing to hear his response. The room was empty but for the pair of them.

"Must you flaunt your contempt for my child so cavalierly."

"You wanted him saved, and you saved him."

"He hates me for it."

"He'll know better soon enough." Zeus said, locking eyes with his brother. Poseidon for once didn't see contempt in them, but, was that a little comfort? Neither of them acknowledged the look, but for just a moment, they truly felt like brothers. It was true that Zeus felt for his brother, the pain he was in, but both knew that he couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't tell him. They knew, and it needed to be just left at that.

End of Chapter 4…

Let me know what you think! I do rather like this personal battle between being his usual rebellious self and being almost instinctively submissive.

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