Piptastic Pip

by The Ramona of Beezus

Pip is one of the smallest moshlings. Pip can is a boy. One day, Pip woke up, and something very strange happened. "Tiamo," he asked the tipsy little heart shaped moshling, "Is there anything..different about me?"

"No, Pip."

Then he walked through the woods to Pocito's house. "Hey, I feel weird." Pip said, cutting to the chase.

"Huh, that sucks man." Pocito said

And they settled sown and played a game of football. "I feel like a boy!" Pip said excitedly.

"Yeah, you are Pip."

This came as a shock to the little moshling, and soon the tears started flowing.

"Its okay, Pip. We all like you just the way you are. Piptastic Pip."