Not As They Seem!

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This is the sequel to Already Gone that my reviewers have been asking for. Hope you guys and girls enjoy. Please review me with your thoughts.

Riley Jones life had seemed to be back on track for the past three years. She was working in the WWE with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. She would often talk with Randy, but with the guys being on different shows things seemed to be a lot harder to catch up with him. If she was able to catch up with him she would have known that for the past two years Randy and Sam's relationship wasn't doing all that great. They had be fighting more and more everyday since Sam had their daughter Alanna. Sam was the type of woman that never wanted kids, but Randy always dreamed of having a big family of his own he couldn't picture himself growing old without kids. Randy had gotten time to be on Monday Night Raw since they were approaching the 1000 episode.

Randy walked the halls of the arena hoping that he would see someone that he could talk to that would understand his situation. He was more thinking about seeing Riley because she has been in the situation that made her life change forever. Randy loved Sam, but he just couldn't take what she was doing to him. He didn't understand why she wouldn't tell him about not wanting kids before hand, but of course Sam just had to wait until she got pregnant and had the baby. He would never have even thought about hurting his child the way Sam has. Hell Sam doesn't take care of her half the time, all she does is make sure that she is dressed before dropping her off with Randy's parents. Randy just didn't know how much more he could actually take for the woman.

As he walked down the hall he noticed that Ted and Cody were standing in the hall talking with someone much shorter than them. As he got closer he noticed that it was a blonde young woman and that is when he realized it was Riley. His heart pretty much started racing again because all of his old feelings started coming back. He never really stopped loving the girl, but he knew at the time it wasn't the best time for them to start a relationship, but he also never gave hope that they would actually start something when she got out of the hospital. He smiled as he reached them

"What are you three talking about?" he asked

"Damn it Orton! When did you get here?" Cody asked as Ted and Riley looked over

"Haven't been here that long. Actually I just walked into the building." He said

"Its been awhile." Ted said

"Yeah it has." He replied looking at Riley

"So what's going on with you and Sam? How is the baby?"

"Alanna is good. Just growing up a little to fast for my taste." He said not really wanting to answer about Sam

The guys nodded "We better get going. We have some paper work to sign." Cody said pulling Ted along leaving Riley there

"Gee thanks guys." She said

"You know you love us." They said walking away

Randy watched her as she turned and looked at him "Its been awhile." He said

"Yeah it has." She said "So I'm guessing that things with you and Sam aren't all that great anymore?"

"Not really. Wait…how did you know about that?"

"Randy, those two may not know you, but I can tell that something is wrong with you."

"You're the first." He replied

"Yeah well it has been awhile since I have actually talked with Sam. I think we drifted apart when me and my ex broke up." She said

"Yeah I heard about that. Sorry that you two couldn't make things work out."

"It happens. We just weren't meant to be."

He nodded "Would you like to go to catering with me and catch up?"

She smiled "That doesn't sound like a bad idea." She said

He nodded and led her to catering. She smiled following him, but there was something that she couldn't deny…she was in love with the man next to her, but she knew deep down that she was to late when she had got out of the hospital and saw that he was happy at the time she just couldn't bring herself into saying anything. Now that he is married she knew that she couldn't say anything because she didn't want to be the one that would be blamed for Randy and Sam splitting up and she knew that Sam would actually be the one to say that she was the one since she knew that her and Randy kind of had a past together. As they walked into catering she looked around and saw that no one was there so it made it easier for them just to sit down and talk. They got a table and looked around for a little bit.

"So…" she started

"So? How is Aj doing?"

"Good. He just had his third son like three months ago."

"That's great. I bet he is happy."

"Yeah he is, but I know that Wendy wanted a little girl since she did have two boys already, but that doesn't change the fact that she loves all three of their children."

"That is always a plus. Hell I love my little girl to death. I just wish her mother felt the same about her."

"What do you mean Sam doesn't care about her?" she asked

He sighed "It's a long story." He said

"I have the time if you do." She said

"Well when Sam and I got together we talked about having a family and she sounded like she wanted one just as bad as I did, but ever since our daughter was born she hasn't been the mother that she was meant to be. She gets Lana dressed and drops her off with my mother for hours or even days at a time just so she can go out and do things that she wants to do. Then when I get home we get into a huge fight and that leads to her saying that she never really wanted our daughter that she never wanted to be a mother that she just wanted it to be me and her all alone forever. I just don't know how much more I can take from saying all these bad things about Alanna." He said

"Wow. I never pictured Sam saying all that stuff about her own child. But everyone knew that she was the center of attention when you first got with her."

"Yeah well it's getting to the point that I don't even want to go home anymore."

"I'm sorry that your going through this." She said

"It's not your fault. I just needed to vent."

"Randy you can always talk to me when you need too. I'm always here for you."

"Thanks." He said with a small smile

"Not a problem." She said

He smiled as they talked more. He couldn't believe that it has been so long since he has even had the chance to hang out or talk with her. It actually felt really good to sit down and have a full conversation with someone that wouldn't argue back with him over the smallest of things. He smiled for the longest time since he could remember. Maybe this was the chance that he needed to get away from Sam, but he wasn't completely sure that he wanted to end things with her just yet, but than again he knew that being with Riley things would be different. He just needed time to see if Sam was what he really wanted out of life or if he wanted someone that was going to make him happy and wants the same thing he does out of life.