The Skyrim Alliance – Z

The dragons are returning to Skyrim, rising from their ancient slumber. Skyrim is crying for a hero. A warrior of honour, strength, majesty and pure heart. Someone to hug the children and save the puppies, as well as Skyrim. Instead the get Z. An emotionless assassin, who has disassociated from Skyrim, and into her own world of darkness and murder… And she has never owned a puppy…

Chapter 1: Destined

"That was too easy" he gruffed, dusting his bloody hands off as he strode down deck to leap off the side, black and burgundy boots landing on the dirt of land. The ice coated ocean beat lightly upon the island, the cove leading into Solitude was split by a span of ocean, he shuddered as he slipped into the cold water.

Arnbjorn was a big man, animalistic with his white hair braided in two locks, the rest falling freely the length reaching to his shoulders. His body was subtly haired, yet furry. His white beard was more kept than the rest of his savage body. His eyes small in a square head with a large nose and mouth. Arnbjorn was not a pretty man, but he held a charm within his amazingly expressive brow. His body was thick, vein covered from overstraining his muscles; the huge steel axe on his back would easily defeat most men in a single swing.

He pulled his feet under him as he strode out of the ocean with a growl, shaking himself off. The water slicked off his strange leather armour with ease, leaving his head and forearms wet from their lack of covering. The sun however was shining in the grey sky as dusk fell, Solitude was not yet aware that the ship would not arrive. The important Imperial General would not arrive in Skyrim's capital… Alive anyway.

What reached Arnbjorn's ear shocked him, not that a child was crying but that he felt drawn to the child's plea. Arnbjorn was not usually bothered by children crying; in fact it made him hungry. He cursed as he felt his feet moving him towards the crying, his eyes on the crib it came from floating in the water. So this was the 26th passenger, a crying baby. Arnbjorn had gotten the guest list, soaked and most of the ink running. The final passenger's name had been obscured, only the letter Z obvious.

Arnbjorn crept the tip of his toe against the crib, it somehow flipped, the baby falling into the water. Arnbjorn looked at the bubbles erupting for a few moments before diving in. He had intended to let the babe drown but the cries haunted his mind. His big hands closed around the baby, he gasped as he erupted from the water. He stared down into the silent babies face and sighed. She was beautiful.

Her hair wasn't even grown, but already he knew she would have hair darker than the void. Her skin was amazingly pale, like the snow gently falling as night blew in. Her face quite rounded her eyes large and innocent. What caught Arnbjorn by surprise however their colour… Their colour was the deepest midnight blue you would ever lay eyes upon. Instantly Arnbjorn knew she was destined for greatness, even his driven wife would agree.

She could, one day be, the Listener.