~Rarely the she wolf chooses a pack female to aid in the birth process. The female must be trustworthy and is often a mother figure." - Jacques Hale, 1627~

The pack realizes that Stiles is missing just as Derek's phone rings.

"Derek, you need to bring some towels down to your basement."

"What? What's going on? Are you with Stiles?" Derek and the rest of the pack feel tension in the air.

"Yes, I'm with Stiles. We're in your basement. The baby's coming." Derek can hear Stiles whimper in the background. "I need you to bring me some towels. Everything's okay, just don't come in. Leave them at the door. He'll probably attack if anyone comes in."

Derek runs up the stairs. "How are you with him, then?" He grabs some towels and leaps back down the stairs.

"I don't know. He just let me." Stiles howls in pain. As Derek hears it over the phone, the rest of the pack hears it as it echoes up under the house.

Derek runs out the door yelling at the worried group to stay put.

After he hands off the towels to Melissa, Derek stands at the gate and waits. It takes about thirty minutes for her to call his name. He charges in as soon as he hears her. The first thing he sees is his mate. Melissa has covered him up using his shirt. The towels are piled in the corner of the dark room. Then, he sees the baby. She's wrapped sweetly in the fluffiest towel.

Melissa stands up. "Say hello to your new daughter."

Derek is nervous to hold her at first, but his fatherly instinct kicks in, and his heart melts. Stiles weakly looks up at him.

"Laura Nicole Hale," Stiles grins.

"She's beautiful, Stiles." Derek can't take his eyes off his sweet little angel. "You did great. You…"

"I did something."

"Yeah, you did something."

Derek wraps Stiles up so he can get him back into the house. His stomach is already as flat as it was before he got pregnant. Derek picks him up and carries him out. Mrs. McCall takes the baby. Derek enters the house first. Mr. Stilinski worriedly asks if his son is okay.

"I'm fine, Dad." Stiles assures his dad with a yawn, even though he's too weak to open his eyes. Derek carries him up to bed and helps him wash off.

"Where's Laura?" Derek can tell that Stiles is too tired to really know what's going on, but still, the only thing on his mind is his daughter.

"Scott's mom has her. She's showing her off to the pack."

"Go get her."

"Ok." Derek goes out the door and goes down to the living room. Mr. Stilinski is holding his new grandchild. The whole pack is cooing and awing.

"Stiles wants to see her." Mr. Stilinski lets Derek take the precious bundle. Derek slowly walks up the stairs and enters the sparsely lit room. He can hear the sound of Stiles gently snoring. He isn't heartless enough to wake him up, so he sits down gently on the bed and stares at his daughter.

"Laura," he tries out. "Laura Nicole Hale. You're perfect. You're going to be spoiled rotten in no time."

After a few hours, Stiles begins to wake. "I wanna hold her."

"Shhh… Can you sit up?" Stiles sits up and yawns. Derek transfers the sleeping girl into his mate's arms and then crawls behind him to help hold him up. Stiles lets his head fall back on Derek's shoulder.

"I love her already. She's perfect, Derek."

"You're both perfect."

They kiss each other.

"I love you, Stiles."

"I love you, Sourwolf."