I'm writing out my maddian/finale feelings since I figured out there's wolflood fanfiction, which is so cool by the way!

"There's that look again" Daniel nodded outside of the window to where his daughter and Rydian were eating lunch.

Emma glanced up from where she was loading the dishwasher to see Maddy brush a piece of lettuce from the side of Rydian's mouth.

The boy gave her a small smile and continued to stare as she looked away.

"Should I go and break it up?" Daniel cocked his head to the side, a hint of something in his eyes.

"Oh leave them be, they're doing nothing wrong. It's proably just a harmless little crush" She handed him a dish cloth and sent him to work on the plates that were drip drying on the counter.

"You remember what you were like at that age"

"Yeah, sniffing round every girl I could find"

Emma snorted, hanging up a couple of pots and pans before wiping her hands on a tea towel.

Hope you enjoy these, I'm not sure if I'll continue, I do have some more ideas but they may not get anywhere. Any way thanks for reading!

Love Rosie