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Shakugan no Shana (c) Yashichiro Takahashi & Noizi Ito

Melancholic Star




The sacrifice begins and there is nothing she can do about it.

Trapped with a seemly clear, murky puddle beneath her boots, Kazumi Yoshida leads her brown orbs to the sky to see the Master Throne Hecate floating while illuminating a blue aura, and commences to slowly fly up to the God of Creation. While Kazumi witnesses all this, she hears from Sydonay of the true purpose of the Master Throne—which is despondent.

Hecate is nothing more than a sacrifice to the God of Creation in order to fulfill the creation of Xanadu, a world similar to Earth, which will become a paradise for the Crimson Denizens that they always wished for to see. And once Hecate will fulfill her duties, another will be reborn and replace her when the God sleeps once again.

A tool for desires.

It's not delirious, terrifying, or even interesting, it's depressing.

What a twisted, piteous fate.

Yet Sydonay claims that they respect her for that, for being a tool.

While Hecate flies up to the vessel, she notices Kazumi staring at her with her brown orbs of solemnity. Hecate's blue orbs reflects towards her's, and Kazumi views the connection between her and Hecate, remorse emerges from her.

What a depressing fate Hecate must endure.

You don't want to do this. . . Kazumi thinks to herself while looking at Hecate.

. . .do you?

She doesn't.

Why is your expression so resolute Hecate? You won't do anything to stop this?

She wishes to express her true feelings but can't. She must lock them away.

Are you really okay with this?

She wishes to be free, but she can't let go of her destiny.

I'm sorry. . .that you have to go through this. . .

Hecate experiences the bleakness of Kazumi's brown orbs and lets out a very faint gasp. She can see the pain, she knows that Kazumi understands, but she must carry on to the vessel.

Such feelings have to be discarded.

I wish I could help you Hecate.

You seem lonely. . .frightened, despite the icy exterior. . .

Once Hecate is at the vessel, she takes a hold firm of her staff, shakes it, and blue seals wrap around her. Seeing Hecate locking herself in those crawling seals, Kazumi acknowledges that there is nothing she can do to prevent this. Hecate is trapped and claimed by the God, she then transforms into a giant blue orb that illuminates the vessel. The orb shrinks to a much smaller size.

It's time to complete the sacrifice.

. . .you're a Melancholic Star.