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Author's Notes: This is story is rated Mature due to sexual situations and descriptions. I would like to thank kismet4891 who convinced me to write this, agreed to help me with it, and is basically awesome in every way.

Katniss stood silently in the doorway watching him work. Peeta was sitting at his desk hunched over spreadsheets and financial reports. It was late and everyone else in the office had gone home. Somewhere several offices down the hall Katniss could hear the sounds of a vacuum cleaner as the cleaning crew went about their nightly activities. Peeta had his dark blue suit coat hanging on the back of his chair, he had loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button, and rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt. He was wearing a light blue tie that Katniss loved because it made his eyes so much more radiant.

Feeling her eyes on him Peeta looked up from the papers on his desk. "Katniss, I'm sorry but I am almost done. You're early."

"Actually I am twenty minutes late." She answered with a grin. Peeta looked down at his watch and rubbed his tired eyes. Katniss new that with fiscal yearend there was a lot of pressure on Peeta to get the financial statements in order. He had been working late nights for the past two weeks, tonight was supposed to be a 'date night' to help him relax and take his mind off of work.

"Sorry, I must have lost track of time. Tell you what, give me five minutes and then I am all yours."

"Alright, but I am holding you to that Mellark." Katniss walked over and sat in one of the guest chairs in Peeta's office, while he turned his attention back to the ledger that he was looking at before. Katniss kept a close eye on her watch, and when five minutes had passed she looked over at the accountant who hadn't stopped working. He was lost once again in his work, his hair hanging in his eyes slightly as he scribbled on the ledger.

Katniss thought for a moment and then slid off the chair. She crawled on her hands and knees over to his desk which had an opening in the front providing access to his legs, but was covered from the doorway. She crawled under the desk and slivered in between Peeta's legs. Smoothly she unzipped his slacks. Peeta jumped slightly at the unexpected touch. "Katniss, what are you doing?"

"Deal was five minutes, and then you are all mine. Your five minutes are up, I am taking what's mine." Katniss gave him a wicked grin from under the desk as she undid his belt. Peeta tried to stand and stop her, but Katniss used the opportunity to pull his slacks and boxers down. Peeta quickly sat back down to keep his lower half hidden behind the desk.

"Katniss, what if someone sees us?"

"Peeta, don't worry about it, no one's here." She lightly slid her finger along the length of his cock, then gently took it in her hand. She smiled as he responded to her touch, and stiffened in her hand. "Besides, it doesn't look like you mind too much."

Katniss leaned her lips to the head of his cock and lightly kissed the tip. Peeta let out a slight sigh. She leaned closer and ran her tongue up his length from base to tip, then gently slid the head in between her lips. Peeta couldn't help the gasp that escaped. Katniss took him slowly into her mouth. Peeta could feel the moist soft warmth of her tongue against his sensitive skin. Katniss raised her head, and then lowered it again, taking even more of him that the first time. Peeta began to roll his hips in time with her mouth. He closed his eyes and felt his tense shoulders relax.

"Mr. Mellark?" The voice of the cleaning woman at his office door made Peeta jump. Katniss whimpered quietly at the quick movement. "Sorry Mr. Mellark I didn't mean to startle you, I thought everyone was gone."

"Um, yes, well no." Peeta stammered finding it hard to believe he was stuck in such an awkward situation. "I mean, I am still here. Just me."

"Ok, Mr. Mellark, we'll go clean the other offices." The cleaning woman turned and left. Peeta looked down at Katniss who was trying hard to stifle her giggles.

"Oh, so you think this is funny?" Peeta said in a hushed tone. "Come on, let's go before they come back again."

Katniss looked down with a playful pout at the fact that Peeta had softened a little. "Do you really want me to stop?" She cooed.

"Yes Katniss, I would rather not be caught with my pants down in the office."

Katniss looked down at the half erect dick in her hands, and trailed the tip of her finger along the side. As if responding to a command Peeta's cock stiffened to attention. "Well, Peeta, it doesn't look like you actually want me to stop." Peeta's cheeks flushed a slight pink, that matched the flush of his manhood. Katniss didn't wait for Peeta to actually respond, but rather swirled her tongue around the head of his dick. He groaned, she moaned, and then took him into her mouth again. Peeta lowered his head to the table and breathed heavily. Katniss increased her rhythm and began to gently caress his balls with her hand. Peeta groaned loudly this time. He rolled his head back and closed his eye relishing the feeling. Katniss moved her hand to follow her mouth in its repetition over his cock.

Peeta struggled to keep his composure, after all the cleaning lady could come back. He tried to force himself to look at the papers in front of him, but all he could focus on was the gorgeous woman under his desk. Her tongue applying soft pressure as her head bobbed up and own. "Oh, fuck." Peeta groaned out.

Katniss could feel muscles in his thighs tense. Peeta took several sharp breaths and then with a grunt gave in allowing himself to spill into her mouth. He shuddered slightly as her lips brushed against the sensitive skin around the head of his cock while she removed her mouth.

Instead of backing out of the desk the way she came in, she pulled herself up against Peeta's body and kissed him lightly before standing and brushing herself off. "Peeta, why don't you pull your pants up and let's get out of here." Peeta stood, pulled his pants up, tucked his shirt back in and re-buckled his belt. "I know we were going to go out to dinner, but what do you say we just pick up a pizza and head home. You said after five minutes you were all mine, and I not done with you yet." Katniss gave Peeta wink as she head for the door. "The other things I plan on doing with you require more space than I had under that desk." Peeta quickly turned the light off on his desk and rushed to meet up with Katniss.