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"Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present goods number 3241. Please note her developed curves and flawless skin. At five feet and one inch, weighing a mere one hundred and eight pounds, she is a perfectly proportioned petite. She is a crown jewel to any collection with dark brown locks, green eyes, unaltered breasts and an intact innocence. Devoid of any tattoos or discoloring, she is a perfect specimen of natural beauty."

I concentrated on my surroundings and a wave of terror washed over me. I was naked with the exception of a see through lace bra and panty set. I was also wearing nude colored heels that made it hard to stand in the empty circular room with mirrored walls. I noticed an iron chain around my ankle that was securing me to the floor.

"Before we begin the bidding may I remind those gentlemen just joining us now that in order to bid you must flip on your light switch to indicate your consent to the bid. The bidding will escalate until only one light remains. That bidder has won the auction. The bidder will then have fifteen minutes to inspect their merchandise and if the bidder consents to buy, all purchases must be made on the premises. All sales are final. Should the bidder choose to forgo their purchase the next highest bidder will be approached. We will start the bidding at four hundred thousand dollars, a steep price to begin, but we are offering a virgin after all."

All at once I watched as numbered lights began turning on around the room. I now understood that I was not in an empty room but rather on a stage surrounded by one way mirrors. I was the goods they were referring too. I was only half conscious of what was going on around me. I was still discombobulated from whatever drugs they must have given me. I focused on keeping my expression void of the fear that was coursing through me. I was able to hear the announcer shouting out numbers, 600,700, 800, 850… I was so startled by the sums being thrown out around me that I didn't notice the single solitary red light until the announcer screamed, SOLD! To bidder number 21 for one million dollars! Before I had time to wrap my head around the fact that I was just sold into slavery a door opened and two large guards rushed me through it.

I was locked in a round room with a small pedestal in the center. My ankle was attached to another iron cuff with a chain to the floor. I dared not speak, as it was clear that I would receive no help from anyone in the room. Their actions were too methodical for this to be anything but another typical day at work for them. The thugs left the room and immediately lights turned on illuminating me from above and below. I took this time to examine myself. I appeared to be uninjured, as a matter of fact my body was polished and my skin was soft to the touch. Try as I might I could not remember how I got here. It must have had something to do with signing the papers for the life work program. The program would ensure my family's lifetime welfare by supplying a large monthly stipend, and all health and education costs in the future. The condition was I would work abroad. I knew that it was the only guarantee I could provide for my sister's welfare. I had signed the papers but that was all I could remember.

The sound of an electric door opening snapped me back to the present. A man entered with a receding hairline and oily black hair followed by two tall men I could not easily make them out as the lights were to bright and it made it hard to see them clearly. The oily man raised his hand in a showing gesture to the two men behind him.

"As promised she is completely untouched. Notice her supple breasts and cheeks. She is indeed a worthwhile investment gentlemen. I commend you on your excellent taste." The oily haired man kept his eyes fastened on my breasts the entire time he spoke to the men behind him.

One of the men opened up his cell phone and immediately made a call. The other began to speak in a heavily accented version of English I had never heard before.

"Well done Mr. Felding. She is in fact the precise piece we were looking for."

The man began to walk around the pedestal examining me from all angles. I felt him run his cold hand down my back and curve around my bottom cheek.

"I assume she speaks only English? No matter, she fits all the other specifications I doubt it makes a difference even if she can't speak the language. She's not going to need to talk much as it is. We'll take her. Make sure she receives the number three package as we discussed before transportation."

My eyes widened at this comment. I wondered what they would possibly have me do if the ability to speak was not a requirement. The man identified as Mr. Felding broke out into a seedy smile and asked,

"Should I bring in the papers for the final sale agreement?"

The tall man who was listening intently on the phone gave his heavily accented accomplice a sign of confirmation. The men left the room without looking at me again. The second they left the door I had entered through opened and I was unchained and escorted through a dim hallway to another room. This one was much larger in size but more industrial in nature.

I was sat on a stool in front of a lighted mirror as a woman got right up in front of my face holding a clipboard in her right hand.

"Let's see, it seems you were specified to receive the number three package. Well that makes sense, you're a relatively pretty thing even if you are COVERED in hair. Marazin, Fiona, she needs the full number three package, I don't want to see a single hair anywhere but on her head. This is a big purchase and needs to be executed perfectly!"

The one called Fiona pulled me over to a table by the corner and ordered me to lie down.

"We can have that done for you in six minutes Ada"

I was strapped down to the table when I finally gathered enough courage to say something.

"What are you doing to me? Where am I going?"

The one called Marazin walked over holding a bowl of something neon green and began spreading it on my legs as she replied.

"How on earth do we know where you're going? Our job is simply to get you ready for transportation. So you're aware we're waxing off all that disgusting body hair and adding a full body polish that's long lasting for traveling. I think someone is going out of the country!"

I didn't have time to ask any more questions as Fiona ripped the green goo away from my body causing me to scream out in pain. I felt tears prick my eyes as they continued doing this in rapid succession. The pain was so acute I felt as though they were ripping off my skin and not just the hair. When the ripping finally ceased a shimmery gel was poured over my entire body. The gel was cold and I was filled with a sense of relief from the burn in my skin.

"Finished and ready for transport!" Marazin sing-songed happily

That's when fear set back in and my fight or flight instincts kicked into high gear. I was being released from my bindings. I was gearing up to run when Mr. Felding entered. He saw my shaking fear and roaming eyes, and guessed correctly at my escape. He gripped my face hard with his hand and I was forced to look him directly in the eye.

"Don't even think about running. First, you'll never get out of here alive. Second, if you try to escape we will kill your entire family. We just sold you for a million dollars. You're one of the biggest sales we've ever had. If we hear even one complaint there will be dire consequences in store. Do you understand? Now make sure to be obedient to your new master. After all he just paid a ton of cash to fuck you blind."

With that he walked away and I was lifted into a cool enclosure. It felt like a coffin and I began to panic. I had claustrophobia. I began to scream to be let out when a pain began in my upper arm. I had been injected with something. The world went black after that.

I woke up disoriented and cold. The first thing I did was splay my fingers out feeling something soft beneath me. When I opened my eyes and looked around I was lying down on a bed of large silk pillows. The sun was shining into the room through a set of glass doors that looked as though they led onto a balcony. The room was a soft green color with paintings of vivid landscapes adorning the walls. There was no one else in the room. I made my way to get off of the bed when I felt a tug on my ankle. A golden cuff was attached to my right ankle and seemed to pull me back whenever I attempted to move off the bed. I began to remember what happened before I arrived here. While I was still afraid of my unknown surroundings, at least it was better then the underground system I had found myself in the last time I had blacked out. I heard voices coming down the corridor outside my room. They were talking fast in a different language and it sounded like arguing. As I listened the voices grew louder clearly approaching my room. Before I had time to decide whether to attempt to hide or not the door burst open.

"Ta Dah! There's your surprise! No need to thank me."

I was incredibly confused, my brother told me he got me a gift while in Panem. Why was he gesturing to a terrified looking half naked girl lying down on my bed….. That's when it clicked.

"Tell me you didn't buy me an escort for the weekend, that's seriously disgusting Damien. You know I would never sleep with a hooker and even if I would why would you feel the need to bring one from Panem of all places?"

I was really getting frustrated now. Ever since my accident left me with only one leg my brother had gone out of his way to try and get me things to make me happy. This was one seriously misguided attempt to far.

"No, No Peeta, She's not a Hooker! She's yours! Bought and paid for. A steal too! She was only a million dollars can you believe it? She's a beauty, just made for riding. And we know how weird you are about the hooker thing, that's is why we got you a Virgin! Just think Peet, you can do whatever you'd like and she'd have no one to compare it to! For all she knows its normal to only have one leg in this country. See Peeta, your very own sex slave! Enjoy my brother you deserve it."

I was speechless. I couldn't believe Damien would do this. I mean he's done some pretty insane things before but participating in the rampant Panem sex trade? That was an entirely different level of crazy. Before I could even ask if this girl was a willing participant he had walked out and closed the door behind him chuckling to himself. I ran my hand through my hair wondering what the hell I was going to do about this. I looked over at the frightened girl lying on top of my bed and said quickly,

"I don't know where you came from but I'm going to take an educated guess and say you didn't sign up to sexually service a cripple."

I looked back over at the girl and saw that confusion was playing across her face along with her evident fear at being left alone with me. That's when it hit me. She's from Panem. She must speak English…well I guess it's a good thing she ended up in this household.

"You're from Panem, right? Sorry I should have known to speak in your language, I'm Peeta. I'm not going to hurt you. There has been some mistake but don't worry I'll send you right back home."

Expecting to see the girl relax, her eyes grew round and she began shaking her head violently,

"No, No! Please, No." Her voice was filled with fear and I could see her eyes glazing over with unshed tears.

Only wanting to calm her down I did the first thing that came to mind.

"Shh, shh, okay I won't send you back, I won't." I made a move to go and comfort her and she flinched back.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I let out a slow breath before looking back at her. She was on the other side of the bed now and was looking at me wearily with the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. Her hair fell in long loose waves past her breasts. She seemed to have strategically hid them with her hair and her right arm. Her left hand was splayed over her thighs in an attempt to cover herself. She was beautiful, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen with her smooth skin and soft delectable curves. Just looking at her was making me a little hard. I needed to do something fast before I embarrassed myself. I walked over to my dressing room and went in to grab her a t-shirt. As I came back out, I walked over to her slowly with the t-shirt stretched out in front of me. She took it cautiously and would not make eye contact as she said a quiet "thank you". After she pulled the t-shirt over her head she seemed to relax a little more and slowly made eye contact.

"What's your name?" I asked her wondering if she would tell me. She didn't seem like the type to willingly volunteer information.

"Katniss, my name is Katniss."

"Katniss? I like that. Well like I said, I'm Peeta you don't have to worry about me I won't hurt you ya know. Quite frankly I didn't actually know anything about you until about five minutes ago when my brother said he had a surprise for me. The next thing I knew here you were lying on my bed. I really don't know much else besides for that but I'll help you in whatever way I can. I would just let you go but it would be extremely dangerous for you here, not knowing the language and being from Panem and all." Katniss looked up at me, confusion clearly evident in her eyes.

"Where am I?"

This was interesting; Peeta just assumed she knew she had left the country. "Your in America."