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Summary: I got this idea from Shadowlord Ookami (who I regret to say I've been neglecting, very sorry Ookami) Also, I didn't feel like writing angst. In which Castiel secretly gathers blackmail.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. If I did, bad things wouldn't happen to people like Kevin.


It's one of those rare occasions wherein all four Archangels (plus Balthazar and Castiel) are all together in one space and Gabriel is starting to remember why these occasions are so rare.

To put it lightly, his brothers are horrible.

As usual, Michael is strict and rather uptight (Gabriel puts it down to him being the eldest and presumably the most responsible. Feh). His manner of speech is stiff and formal and Gabriel has the nearly unbearable urge to shout obscenities just to annoy him. He won't though because Castiel is sitting next to him, innocently drinking his liquified ambrosia (weird how that's the only way he'll drink, though Balthazar insists otherwise) and he wouldn't dare ruin that pureness that runs so deeply within the fledgling. Then again, Lucifer and Balthazar are being complete asses and Gabriel is quite sure they're going to be Castiel's ruination one way or another. At least Raphael attempts to remain relatively casual. Not that he's succeeding much.

"... and that one time Michael's face turned redder than Aneal's hair when you asked him where human babies came from", Lucifer cackles, earning a self-satisfied grin from Balthazar and a somewhat unimpressed glare from Michael.

Gabriel sighs at the immaturity of it all, wondering how or even why Lucifer and Balthazar are bringing up everyone's most embarrassing moments and how he had ended up being the mature one. Then again, Michael does have a lot of embarrassing moments. Lucifer had been there for most of them. Then again, when one's younger brother has the audacity to bring up embarrassing memories around impressionable little fledglings, one tends to act very defensively, Gabriel muses. Castiel hardly seems to notice their bickering though, too busy kicking Raphael's ass at whatever human game they're currently playing.

"At least I didn't go around with a sign on my back that read breeds with the mouth of a goat for an entire week without noticing."

"No one noticed it!"

"Yeah, because your wings were nothing but fluff at the time."

Michael and Lucifer glare at each other with flashing blue eyes, Balthazar half-heartedly hides snickers behind his hand, Raphael is muttering curses Gabriel hopes (for Raphael's sake) Castiel can't hear, and Castiel calmly sips at his ambrosia, completely oblivious to the world around him. Gabriel, deciding he's getting quite bored (being the 'mature', 'responsible' one is not all it's cracked up to be) puts his own two cents into the conversation. Also, someone needs to shut Balthazar up.

"Are we not going to talk about how Balthazar practically slept with a teddy bear when he was a fledgling? Or how he still has said teddy hidden somewhere in his nest?" Gabriel pipes up, sharp smile on his face. Balthazar shoots him an 'I-will-destroy-you' look and Castiel asks what a teddy bear is. Raphael takes this as an opportunity to land a decisive blow to Castiel's side. Internally, Gabriel wonders if Castiel will be even slightly deterred.

"Says the one who adopted a rock and cried when it 'died'", Lucifer snarks, whether to defend Balthazar or simply embarrass Gabriel remains unknown.

"At least I don't have a totally irrational fear of spiders!" Gabriel retaliates. Now it's getting personal.

At this point, Raphael seems very uninterested in the battle he's having with Castiel (or whatever it is they're playing, he's losing either way) and highly attentive to the argument going on among the other angels. Castiel, the lovely, innocent child he is, simply destroys Raphael at whatever they're playing and sips away at his seemingly endless cup of ambrosia. Not a soul pays him any mind as he records the following events into his memory, etching every little detail into his mind. He somehow knows that every bit of information revealed in the next few moments will be crucial to his future. The older angels don't suspect a thing.

Gabriel finds himself raising his voice, lashing out insult after insult, taking in just as much damage to his pride as each of his embarrassing little quirks is picked at. The other angels fair not much better, Michael looking as red as the marking on Lucifer's wings while Balthazar appears to be choking on his own laughter. Raphael is opening and closing his mouth rapidly, looking something akin to a fish out of water. Lucifer's wings are puffed out and Gabriel is oddly reminded of a threatened cat puffing out its tail.

Death threats are thrown about, phobias and moments that were never meant to be uncovered are thrown mercilessly at each other and at some point Gabriel swears he feels a game piece thrown at him. It is at the point, however, that he realizes there is a child in the room. He freezes, looking down at Castiel, who ever so innocently drinks up the last of his ambrosia and moves a piece on his game board. Turning large, unsuspecting blue eyes at him, he yawns, his face scrunching up adorably.

"Gabby", he murmurs, the perfect show of innocence, "I'm tired."

The nest is now oddly silent as all eyes land on the young fledgling, some wide with horror, others (cough-Balthazar and Lucifer-cough) bright with amusement. Michael's hands are clasped particularly tight against his mouth, Raphael is glaring at the game board (Gabriel can't quite tell if it's from the shame of having acted this way in front of an impressionable young fledgling or if he's trying to figure out how he managed to lose to a child less than half his age). Lucifer and Balthazar (the immature bastards) are snickering behind their hands, only mildly embarrassed about losing their cool around Castiel. It's not like he's going to tell anyone, right?

Okay, I think it's time for us to go", Gabriel mutters, carefully picking up the lightly dozing angel and settling him on his hip. Raphael grudgingly picks up the game he and Castiel were playing and follows them out.

Even though he's sure this particular 'family get-together' won't be forgotten soon, Gabriel's confident the other won't try for any blackmail favors. Michael is Michael and would much rather swallow his own flaming sword after cutting off his wings with it than use blackmail as a way to get something. He believes he's above it. Raphael is far too prideful for that. He has just enough on Lucifer and Balthazar that they won't try anything, though they have just enough on him that he won't be able to try anything either.

As for Castiel... well, Gabriel doubts that he even paid that much attention. Even if he did happen to catch what was being said, Gabriel finds it highly unbelievable that sweet, young, pure-hearted Castiel would do anything as dirty as blackmail. The other angels are thinking along these same lines. Besides, no one had ever seen anything but sugary-sweetness in Castiel's big, brilliant, ocean blue eyes.

unknown to anyone, a tiny, almost nonexistent smile tugs at a young angel's lips, his eyes slip open ever so slightly, revealing eye that glow a dangerous blue.

No one suspects a thing.

It's many years later and Castiel is riding peacefully in the backseat of a black 1967 Chevy Impala. He's content to listen to the music currently roaring from the speakers and the mindless chatter of the two brothers in the seats in front of him.

There was no Apocalypse, he thinks proudly, mind flashing to the tense confrontation with elder brothers and their blanching faces as he quietly reminded them of certain events in their childhood. The tiny smile that makes it's home on his lips does not goe unnoticed by the green-eyed driver (though Castiel is quite certain the man should be keeping his eyes on the road).

"Say, Cas... What the hell did you tell those two that got them to back off?" asks a genuinely curious Dean. Sam immediately takes interest in the topic and turns to Castiel, looking something akin to a curious puppy.

A large, unbidden grin appears on Castiel face, his brilliant blue eyes shining with rare mirth.

"It's a childhood secret", he answers vaguely, highly aware of Sam's incredulous look and Dean's baritone laughter.

He honestly can't believe his older brothers would be dumb enough to throw around so many pieces of blackmail worthy information and not expect it to be used against them one day.