A/N: Okay, I know I've taken down a lot of stories in the two months I've been on here. I've posted stories, and then when I look at them, I hate then, but I promise it will stop soon. So, here is my new Ib story. I hope you enjoy.

Fire and Ice

Chapter One: The Gallery

To start this story, there's one thing you must know. All of these events, no matter how horrible, or weird they sound, have actually happened. And if this is actually posted, then wow. Somehow, one of us must have made it out. Just please, read.

I closed the window on my computer. I had finished watching Pewdiepie play Ib, and I was tired. It was ten at night, and time to go to bed. I shut the computer down, and made my way to my room. I put on some PJ's and got into bed. I closed my eyes, and let sleep take over.

"Fawn, my little flame." A voice said to me. A small girl with blonde hair and blue eyes appeared. It was Mary from Ib. But, she's not real, right? "Aw, you don't think I'm real, do you? Well, you're horribly wrong. You're my key to being real. To being alive. So, come on, come to me. Just remember, I'm everywhere Fawn. Everywhere." And with that, she was gone.

When my eyes opened, I wasn't in my room, I was in some art gallery, on a bench. I looked at my clothes. I was in a miniskirt and a short sleeve. 'Stupid miniskirts.' I thought as I looked around. For some reason, these paintings looked familiar.

"Guertena." I read the artist's name. 'That name... I've heard that...' I thought for a minute. 'That's the guy from Ib, right? Does that mean I'm... in the game?'

Most people would be freaking out right now. Not me. I would do anything to get out of my life. I won't tell you why yet. That's something that'll be explained later.

Anyways, upon finding out this information, the lights went out. When they came on, everyone was gone. I looked around the gallery some, when I found a small girl. She looked nine years old, about half my age.

"Are you lost?" I asked the girl.

"Have you seen anyone else in the gallery?" She asked me. Her hair was dark brown and came to her shoulders. Her eyes were the color of rubies. "I can't find my parents." 'She's surprisingly calm.'

"I'll help you look for your parents." I offered.

"Alright. I'm Ib." She said as she held out a hand.

"Fawn." I told her as I shook it.

We looked around the whole gallery. That's when we came to a giant painting. It was called 'Fabricated World.' "There's paint dripping out of it." Ib said.

"Weird, isn't it?" I said. The paint changed until it formed words. "'Come downstairs girls. I'll show you somewhere secret.'" I read.

"Should we go?" Ib asked me.

"We might not have a choice." I told her. We went downstairs and looked around some more. We came onto a painting named 'Abyss of the Deep.'

"It looks like water." Ib said.

I reached over and touched it. "It is water." I breathed. I tied my blonde hair up. "Should we jump?"

"I don't know." Ib said. I took her hand.

"We'll go together, alright?" She nodded and stood next to me. "3-2-1." I counted down before the two of us jumped into the water.

Instead of hitting the floor hard, we were dropped lightly. The two of us stood up and took a look around. The walls and floor were blue.

"Left or right?" I asked Ib.

"Right." Ib said.

We were led down a long hall. 'Come' was written across the walls. At the end of the hall was a vase with two roses in it. One was deep red, and the other was a fiery orange. I hesitated a little, but took the orange one in my hand. It was almost too beautiful to be real.

Ib took the red one. "Yours matches your eyes." She told me.

"So does yours." I said with a smile. I pushed the stand out of the way of the door and walked in.

Ib took the key that was on the ground. I looked at the painting and read what was underneath it. 'When the rose dies, you die too. This is sick and twisted.' I thought. "Let's get going Ib."